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by Jeremy Wilson

Dust jacket notes: "Lawrence of Arabia -- the name conjures up swirling visions of desert sand and galloping camels, of epic victories and horrific personal sacrifices. But behind the heroic legend and the haunting images the reliable information is surprisingly scarce: Just who was T.E. Lawrence? In the pages of this book lies the answer -- or, rather, the answers. Lawrence was a medievalist who became a modern-day knight as leader of the Arab Revolt against the Turks; he was a British secret agent who became the most celebrated yet misunderstood military genius of World War I; he was an obsessed writer whose autobiography, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, is now world famous; he was an intensely private man whose name became a household word. His exploits mesmerized the general public, while his character deeply impressed those who knew him. And, at last, he has been effectively captured in print, in this landmark biography by Jeremy Wilson. Until now, such a project was impossible, as certain British Government papers relating to this role in the Arab Revolt were unavailable. By 1975, however, most of the relevant documents had been released, and Wilson was authorized by A.W. Lawrence (T.E. Lawrence's brother and literary executor) to write the official biography. This unique status gave him complete access to photographs, letters, and other documents never before researched, but allowed him freedom to publish whatever conclusions he reached. From Lawrence's promising Oxford childhood and early years as an archeologist, to his diverse military and diplomatic roles during and after World War I, Wilson -- drawing substantially on contemporary records -- provides an authentic account of Lawrence's later years, the years of supposed isolation (in reality, 'Aircraftman Ross' was often consulted by the famous and powerful), which saw the growth of Lawrence's literary ambition and renown...."
Download Lawrence of Arabia: The Authorized Biography of T.E. Lawrence epub
ISBN: 0689119348
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Category: History
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Author: Jeremy Wilson
Language: English
Publisher: Atheneum (May 1, 1990)
Pages: 1188 pages
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Rating: 4.3
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This is an exhaustive, not exhausting, biography written in a distinctly academic manner which should satisfy those who wish to experience the world of T E Lawrence. I say the world because this account gives an extensive account of the world, historical, and cultural events which shaped the life and actions of Lawrence. You will probably get a better idea of the political machinations affecting the middle east and the post WW 1 era and the dying British empire in a few chapters than anywhere else.

What the book does best is to refute the many myths, legends, calumnies and misconceptions about Lawrence without resorting to the lurid, baited breath tell-all style that plagues so many of his biographies. On the other side is the problem of knowing and understanding Lawrence. This book does about as much as can be done and it does it well. However Lawrence is so complex and secretive a character that the reader can never say that he feels he knows him. Unless new primary source information becomes available there is little more than can be said as he stands in clouds of fact and myth. The book is as fascinating as the man, tortured psyche, soul and all.
Incredible. I wish every Statesman and Pundit read and understood this book; the Middle East would seem less of a Mystery.
Included are guidelines for understanding and communicating with the Arab peoples which in today's society seem an enigma.......if only this knowledge was as respected and as easy to obtain as an excuse not to.
If you want to understand who TE Lawrence was, read this book. If you want to understand the Middle East, read this book. Completely objective and thorough in its approach to history and alternative accounts presented by others in the past, this is one of the best biographies I've ever read. Outstanding work.
Great book
It is pretty heavy reading, but if you are fascinated by the man- then get the book and enjoy.

From the looks of the book ratings, Michael Korda's book is also a consideration. I have not read that yet.

This book proved to be very intriguing as far as the man and the times he lived in.

If you have the patience to move through a large book because the subject matter interests you -this is the book to get on this legendary man. It is a bio- but it is also a lot of history as well.
Comprehensive, balanced, even has some reference material in the appendices
a concise and historical biography on a fascinating man.

if you are into historical books, nothing could be more informative.