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by Dan Kurzman

Pinnacle MM paperback
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ISBN: 0523412630
ISBN13: 978-0523412634
Category: History
Subcategory: Americas
Author: Dan Kurzman
Language: English
Publisher: Pinnacle Books (April 1, 1978)
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Rating: 4.4
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Dan Kurzman’s non-fiction epic details the twenty-eight day battle, of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Kurzman includes a detailed bibliography, complete with notes and also snippets of Jewish history in Poland, before WWII. The book is explicit and graphic in detail, depicting a realistic view of life in the ghetto, of the atrocities committed by the German’s and an account of each individual day of the twenty-eight day battle that took place between the highly organized, highly trained Germans and the poorly equipped, starving, exhausted Jews. Very few of the brave men and women of the Warsaw Ghetto fighters survived. The book includes pictures of the fighters, of the ghetto, and of confrontations with Germans soldiers. Recommended.
This books is a real roller coaster of a read. You go from the highest of highs as you learn about people being braver than it seems possible for actual human beings to be, to the lowest of lows as you read about the most despicable acts I can ever remember reading. In turns I found my self unable to put this book down and unable to pick it up. It's hard to find a book on history that can have such strong emotion tied to it.

Much of the book is based on memories, since, for very obvious reasons, there are few records of the events within the Warsaw ghetto (except for the Nazi records). Some of the memories must be a bit colored with time, but it's clear that Mr. Kurzman was very thorough in his research and pulled from many sources.

It's a bit difficult to recommend this book because it really is a difficult read due to the subject matter. However, this is a truly important work and it tells an important story, so you should try to read it.
I was inspired to pick up this book after seeing Polanski's "The Pianist." This book is an overview of the Warsaw Uprising (the first one occurring in the Jewish Ghetto in 1943).
Through what must have been exhaustive interviews with the survivors, many of whom may no longer be alive, Kurzman meticulously provides the details of the inspiring 28-day uprising, but in such a way as to absolutely captivate the reader. There may be biases or omissions of which I am not aware, but there was enough to give me a broad background on the uprising and its context -- and to keep me riveted on the struggle.
One disappointment was the production values of the 1993 Da Capo Press edition, which is a republication of Putnam's 1976 edition. From the look of the type and photos, it appears they may have actually shot the plates for the present edition from a printed copy of the original edition! -- the photos especially are of unforgivably poor quality.
But this doesn't detract from the tale of the uprising, which is told with compassion, and absorbed me totally for the better part of the 2 days it took to finish.
After reading Leon Uris' fictional account of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, "Mila 18", I decided to read a historical account of the uprising. "The Bravest Battle" is taken from actual accounts by survivors and from the memoirs of the Nazis involved.

I found the seller's description of this used book was exactly what I received in the mail, an excellent copy!
Who should read this? Everyone! So many people today have lost sight of the horrors and hardships of a people occupied by evil tyranical cowards who will stoop as low as it takes to please their leaders.

For Americans confused over how important their 2nd Amendment is.... From the 1st Day of Uprising..

"....Chaim fired from his balcony with his Mauser. The Germans and Ukrainians were stunned, confused, panicky. The air filled with cries and shouts as they raced each other for cover behind gates and in devastated stores, the Germans pushing the Ukrainians out if there was no room for both. But the jews opened up on these hiding places, and the enemy, trapped, fell like tenpins.

"Juden haben Waffen!!!" one German yelled as he managed to scramble into a doorway. "The Jews have weapons!"

Chaim felt a thrill of satisfaction. For hours that cry would ring in his consciousness: "The Jews have weapons!"
............Yes the Jews had weapons.

Across the street, at Zamenhof 32, Masha Glytman fired her pistol from a window, then ducked inside the room before the Germans could respond. But one of them had apparently seen her.

"Hans, eine Frau schiesst!" he shouted. "Hans, a woman is shooting!"

Masha felt a certain pride in adding to the German humiliation. The Nazi Superman was cringing before a Jewish woman........"

These Heroes did not have that right, their guns confiscated at the very beginning of occupation. It took the brave souls risking their lives to smuggle a few, mostly insignificant arms back in to make up the difference. NEVER let that happen to your community! History has proven time and time again that registration leads to confiscation every time.

This book portrays the horrors the populace will endure when their nation is controlled by a monster and they initially comply with orders believing the propaganda.

This did not stop in WWII, it has continued across the globe, in every decade, to this very day. Today Allies of the Nazi's are hunting down and exterminating Christians in Egypt, Syria, and the Sudan that have peacefully lived among them for Centuries..... when will it stop?

Arm yourselves, and learn how to defend Yourself, your Family, and your Community. For those that believe that this could never happen to them, soon are forced to believe that if they only comply and don't make waves, everything will be fine.... History tells us that that is never the case.

“RJ Rummel, who wrote the book, “Death by Government” states that prior to the 20th Century; 170 million civilians were murdered by their own governments. Historians tell us that during the 20th Century perhaps as many as 200 million civilians were murdered by their own governments.

Some of the Nations where the mass murder of civilians occurred during the 20th Century include Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, The Congo, Uganda, Armenia, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Nigeria, Laos, China, Cuba, Manchuria, Iraq, Iran, Biafra, Rwanda and many others. The slaughter of civilians by governments appears to be as common as not.”

The Bravest Battle: The 28 Days of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, by Dan Kurzman...... Read It, make sure your Children read it!! Those that ignore History will be doomed to repeat it!
Dan Kurzman is one of the best authors I have read on many subjects. The Bravest Battle is the only work that clearly outlines the historical struggle of the Warsaw Ghetto. The book clearly shows this struggle was NOT a revolution, and NOT a fight for freedom. The fight was to send a message to the world that Jews will fight for their dignity. Kurzman spent much time with the few survivors of the battle. He obtained first-hand accounts from the participants. If you enjoy this you will also enjoy his book Gensis 1948. This book will cure the amnesia that plagues the world in recent times about why Israel exists.
Great account of the Warsaw uprising and extremely challenging to read. I also appreciated all the stories of people who fought bravely in the rising - just inspirational!!