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Download The Treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire 1915-1916: Documents Presented to Viscount Grey of Fallodon by Viscount Bryce (Gomidas Institute Books Series) epub

by James Bryce,Arnold Joseph Toynbee

This is a critical republication of the original 1916 British Parliamentary Blue Book on the Armenian Genocide. The original work has been introduced and annotated by Ara Sarafian with reference to United States archival records.
Download The Treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire 1915-1916: Documents Presented to Viscount Grey of Fallodon by Viscount Bryce (Gomidas Institute Books Series) epub
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Author: James Bryce,Arnold Joseph Toynbee
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The sad point about some of the reviews is that they just decline it saying that the Blue Book was a propaganda means.
Those who have read ANYTHING from Arnold Toynbee should not doubt the meticulous academic integrity of that historian who was one of the greatest 20th century historian in the world. And if the book was a propaganda tool what would the deniers say about Johannes Lepsius' accounts, Henry Morgenthau's history, the German and Austrian officers' accdounts of which there are THOUSANDS in the German and Austrian archives. By the way, the Germans and Austrians were allies to Turks. So where they talking propaganda too?
Every Genocide Scholar knows this sad story. Justin McCarthy is not taken seriously by most of the historians. How can it be possible that people from the deep inland of Turkey (NOT NECESSARILY THE BORDERING REGIONS WITH RUSSIA) were deported as potential danger to the Turkish defense. And how could children, women and old people be so scary to the well armed Turkish army? Why would people close to the Syrian border and away from military battlefields be deported? how would you term a deportation of hundreds of thousands, bare footed, without clothes, without food escorted by militia and army servicemen into deserts? is this a deportation or an organized crime, war used as a pretext to get rid of a whole people.
How can a reviewer here write that Eastern Turkey was the homeland of Turkey? may be, there is a need to study history better? The Armenians were indigenous people here for more than 3 thousands of years. At least read Greek, Roman and Arabic sources and histories. Read for example, Herodotus, Xenophon, Strabo, Dio Cassio, Plutarch, Pliny, Tacitus, Suetonius, etc. Read history. How come that there are 5-th century Armenian churches in eastern Anatolia? and why are they bombarded by the Turkish ARmy, at least until 2000 they were systematically destroyed. So who is barbarian?
Instead of reading, learning and apologizing, many people do not read, no not learn and naturally are even threatening further. Plato once said that 'malice rises from illiteracy'. I believe it is true.
So intelligent people would definitely read various sources and would learn history of Armenians from all accounts, sadly also from the Blue Book!!!
Five starts for the book; a silent "1 Star" for the extortion racket that is the obscene cost for these valuable resources. Almost a hundred bucks for a friggin' paperback?!?!

Go to places like The Oxford Journal or the International Journal of Middle East Studies and they want 30 to 39 freaking dollars for a god d**mned article.
Deodorant for your language
Although the Armenian Genocide is a well known fact in the nations of the old Ottoman Empire, the official Turkish State has yet to admit it and say they are sorry. The NY Times reported it as well as a number of other international publications back in 1915. This is a good book to read about the Turkish State that massacred a million of it's own citizens and a good example of why that Country has a long way to go before it can become a real candidate for the European Union.
This is also a good read to understand why in the current divvying up of Iraq, the Northern Kurdish elements don't want anything to do with Turkey intervening.
One link:

No more propaganda, please. Every doubt about the first edition of 1916 of this invaluable book stating the atrocities commited against Armenians in 1915-1916 is explained in the above link.
It is remarkable that this material, known informally as The Blue Book, is being paid attention to, in this day and age.
Harold Laswell (PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUES IN THE WORLD WAR, 1927) wrote the purpose of the Allies' extensive propaganda campaign was to portray enemies as "inhuman creatures." WWI British official Arthur Ponsonby (FALSEHOOD IN WARTIME, 1928) pointed out "strict accuracy was not essential," and "Atrocity lies were the most popular of all... no war can be without them. Slander of the enemy is esteemed a patriotic duty."
"It is impossible to describe all the types of atrocity stories. They were repeated for days in brochures, posters, letters and speeches. Renowned persons, who otherwise would be hesitant to condemn even their mortal enemies for lack of evidence, did not hesitate to accuse an entire nation of having committed every imaginable savagery and inhuman action."
The purpose of the Blue Books was to show the enemy as monsters. U.S. War Correspondent George Schreiner (THE CRAFT SINISTER, 1920), a genuine eyewitness to Armenian relocations in 1915, wrote: "Of the real causes the world knew nothing, and still knows nothing really worth knowing. The press everywhere had been used to mislead readers, and when the warring governments began to deluge the world with 'colored' books, most of us took their contents to be gospel truth."
Lord Bryce, known for his Armenophilia since 1881, was placed in charge of Wellington House, Britain's propaganda division; intentions were to attempt to force the USA to join the war with the Ottomans, create an Armenian state and to further justify the UK's Ottoman-land grab scheme after the war, secret treaties firmly in place. Neither Bryce nor Arnold Toynbee were actual witnesses to the Armenian massacre stories, provided by Armenians and missionaries... and delivered to Wellington House primarily by US Ambassador Henry Morgenthau (as the book's editor, Ara Sarafian admitted: "a significant number of these reports came from the U.S. State Department"). The ultimate source of the information was doctored by Morgenthau's Armenian aides, Arshag Schmavonian & Hagop Andonian... as Morgenthau confessed in his diaries.
While Toynbee could never openly admit the dishonesty, he at least characterized the Blue Book as "war propaganda!" and offered semi-apologies in later books. In ACQUAINTANCES, the historian "remembered the atmosphere of animosity against Islam and against the Turks in which I had grown up," and of his mother's strong Turkish prejudice.
Very important: the 1916 Bryce-Toynbee reports could not be used by the British themselves as evidence during the "Nuremberg Trial" of WWI, the Malta Tribunal (1919-1921)... when the British invasion administration in Istanbul arrested 144 Ottoman Turks.
While Ara Sarafian pays lip service to valuing "the highest Academic standards" (In his Armenian Forum, feuding with Rouben Adalian over the "10,000 drownings" story, a typical fabricated tale of Turkish inhumanity) he actually goes on to endorse the credibility of the Blue Book. Sad.
It's not difficult to find the lies in "Treatment"; Toynbee wrote with a straight face: "There was no Armenian revolt at Van." (Even the anti-Turkish New York Times documented Armenian rebellion at Van in "ARMENIANS FIGHTING TURKS, Besieging Van," November 7, 1914... ONLY FIVE DAYS after Russia had declared war). Another example: Toynbee suddenly found the Armenian Patriarch's 2,100,000 pre-war figure for Ottoman-Armenians credible when one year earlier (NATIONALISM AND THE WAR), before Toynbee became a propagandist, Toynbee himself estimated less than half!
The lies of the "German" Blue Book (bayoneted babies, people made into soap) resulted in a British apology to Germany in 1936. The British Parliament needs to similarly apologize to Turkey, especially since this groundless work continues to poison minds.
This evil book published in 1916 forms the bases of the Armenian genocide claims. It's a pity British House of Lords members were present during the P.R. campaign of the book's reprinting in England, by Armenian propagandists.
"Very few have opposed the continued propaganda against the Turks. The lies that were told during wartime have had half a century and more to incubate. Now they are the accepted wisdom. Everyone thinks they know what the Turks did. In fact, what they know is what the British Propaganda Ministry and the missionary propagandists wanted them to believe. Those of us, whether historians or not, who care that the truth be known have a duty to try to right this historic wrong, to make sure that the propaganda of long ago finally dies in our own time." - Professor Justin McCarthy.
This book tells the truth about the Ottoman Turks. Don't believe the negative reviews by the turks on this site.