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by Bob Bothwell

Canada is in many ways a country of limits, a paradox for a place that enjoys virtually unlimited space. Most of that space is uninhabited, and much of it is uninhabitable. It is a country with a huge North but with most of its population in the South, hugging the American border.

Canada's history, eminent historian Robert Bothwell argues, is more than simply regional or national. In some respects Canada makes most sense when viewed from the outside in. The world has always seen Canada as a terrain for experiment and a land of opportunity. The colonies and regions and disparate populations that became Canada derived from and were connected to a larger world. At first Canada's survival and, later, its prosperity depended on links with the world outside—the technologies that drove steamships and trains across oceans and continents; the armies that battled for North America; the furs, wheat, and gold that bought Canada a place in the world's trading system.

Canada is unusual in other ways. Its inhabitants had to compromise deeply held beliefs about religion and nationality in order to live together. Compromise came only with difficulty, and the process of working out a tolerable system of government and politics has repeatedly produced painful confrontations between French and English, East and West, natives and non-natives.

An uneasy and difficult country, Canada has nevertheless defied the odds: it remains, in the twenty-first century, a haven of peace and a beacon of prosperity. Erudite yet accessible and marked by narrative flair, The Penguin History of Canada paints an expansive portrait of a dynamic and complex country.

Download Penguin History of Canada epub
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Author: Bob Bothwell
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I recommend this book to all readers, but particularly to fellow US citizens for its invaluable gift of relating Canada's history to our own. There are ways in which it tells us more about pre-revolutionary and revolutionary history than you will find in most US texts.

For Canadians, this flyover may do insufficient justice to some critical aspects of the nation's history, but it still serves as an important overview. It is not just a political history, but delves deeply into the economic and social changes that shaped the Canada we know today.

Few history books qualify as page turners, but this comes close.
The history of a country like Canada does not seem at first glance like it would be terribly interesting, but this book actually engaged my interest from beginning to end. The author contends that the secret to Canada's success is that it is a vast country that is greatly underpopulated, so that resource distribution has never been a major problem. Still, with such a large immigrant population, it seems remarkable how Canada has managed to avoid the ethnic tensions that have plagued the United States; perhaps there are a few things we Americans can learn from our northern neighbors.
Read this at my History Book Club (Politics & Prose in Washington DC). There were a few who really enjoyed it. I rate it OK at best. The work is a tantalising survey. There is a lot that doesn't get the coverage that I had hoped for (Canada's first nations being one example) and the focus is definitely on the political. So this work has nothing to say about, say, cultural history. It would then better include "Political" in the title. Whenever an interesting issue was raised, the discussion was, as is necessary in a work like this, over before it could be developed. Perhaps this wasn't a book that I should have chosen although the US history version is much better.
Good reference. After taking many trips to British Columbia and Alberta plus one trip to Quebec and Ontario, I wanted to learn more about Canadian history.
Excellent summary of Canada's history. Read it before you travel there. I didn't. But this book provided insight to the many physical and social questions I asked myself while enjoying this beautiful country.
Can't wait to return. Much more to see and experience.
I had always wanted a history of Canada and I took a risk with this book and the risk paid off. This book was well written and very informative. I am very happy I have this book and will definetly look into more of the author's works.
I basically wanted a book that would give the overall history of
Canada and the events in the Provinces. This was more
of a political history which I wasn't that interested in. Probably
a Canadian college history book was more of what I was
interested in reading.