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by James Lear

Best friends and sometimes lovers Edward "Mitch" Mitchell and Harry "Boy" Morgan have been in terrible jams before ― their adventures of murder, mystery, and unstoppable sex have made The Back Passage and The Secret Tunnel international bestellers. In A Sticky End, Mitch must face the possibility that Boy is involved in the chain of events that led to the suicide of his own colleague and secret paramour, Frank Bartlett. To absolve Boy, Mitch races around London finding clues while bedding the many men eager to lend a hand ― or more. The policemen, working class gigolos, steam room bathers, embezzlers, and blackmailers that Mitch comes across create a tasty mystery and satisfying erotic romp.
Download A Sticky End: A Mitch Mitchell Mystery epub
ISBN: 1573443956
ISBN13: 978-1573443951
Category: Gay and Lesbian
Subcategory: Mystery & Thrillers
Author: James Lear
Language: English
Publisher: Cleis Press; 1 edition (May 4, 2010)
Pages: 200 pages
ePUB size: 1542 kb
FB2 size: 1874 kb
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 197
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Mitch Michell is summoned by close friend and f-buddy, Boy Morgan, to help solve the mystery of a dead man in his bathroom. The fact that Boy had been having a lengthy, torrid affair with the man does not sit well with Mitch, who had assumed he was the only male in Boy's life. Lear uses the traditional locked-room murder as a springboard to a fast-paced, action-filled, M/M mystery. The action occurs with just about every encounter Mitch has as he interviews colleagues and family of the dead man. Sticky, indeed! Lear has developed into a skilled writer of gay mysteries that would hold up with the best.
Was the hottest and most complicated mystery out of the series (and possibly the last)!!!!

<spoiler> In the end, Boy and Mitch parted ways after Boy was found innocent. But because of the situation, Belinda found out about his "other activities" and made him choose. Boy chose to be with his wife, stay faithful and ignore the past. Mitch on the other hand decided to confess his cheating to Vince, who already knew but had forced himself to accept it. I truly enjoyed the ending: with conversation, crying, truthful statement and making love between Vince and Mitch. We are left uncertain of their future, but I'm hopeful that they stay together. It needs to follow the pattern, as in the previous books, that at least one couple get there happily ever after which I is Mitch and Vince in this novel. If this is the final in the series, I am happy. But if not, I would like to see more of Vince in the future. <spoiler>
After a couple of enjoyable romps, it seems clear that the "Mitch" Mitchell series is at an end. While the mystery is more intriguing, the erotica is almost prefunctory. There's very little joy in our hero's horizontal encounters. The rift between Mitch and his best friend "Boy" Morgan permeates the entire effort. The fact that Mitch could think his lover / friend of such cruel intentions as blackmail, two-faced dealings and even possibly murder springs from a bitterness and guilt over his own relationship that was not present in the first two outings. Where was the humor, the joy, the fun? One could argue that this book is a more mature effort but for me, the leap just didn't ring true for these characters at this stage in their lives. I look forward to Lear's next novel but I'm not sure we'll be visiting Mitchell again.
Love anything by James Lear ! This was no exception. Excellent story with a wonderful ambience.
Just not a very satisfying ending t the series. Boy and Mitch didn't need to end up together but to completely walk away from each other was ridiculous.
Edward "Mitch" Mitchell is back for this third book in James Lear's mystery series consisting of "The Back Passage" and "The Secret Tunnel". In the first book "The Back Passage" we meet Edward Mitchell -studying to be a doctor. In this book he is spending his vacation at Drekeham Hall, the home of his college chum -Harry "Boy" Morgan. The "Back Passage" begins with sexual fireworks as Mitch and Boy are diddling each other in a closet where later a dead body is found. Mitch is on the case with his obsession with being the Sherlock Holmes of homosexuals. Sexually charged and fascinating erotic, "The Back Passage" will leave you craving more of Mitch and his "Boy" Morgan. In book 2 "The Secret Tunnel", Mitch is back, this time as an MD in training having graduated from Med School. He is on a trip to London to meet with Boy Morgan who is now a married father -still not over his attraction to being "manhandled". On the train trip another murder mystery needs the steady hands of Dr.Mitchell to find out who killed who and why. Even more racy, titilating and jaw dropping erotic, "The Secret Tunnel" will leave it's readers sweating, panting and as ravenous as a wild beast starving for the next Mitch Mitchell Mystery. James Lear aims to please as he feeds his voracious audience this third installment, "A Sticky End" where once again we are in the masterful hands of our beloved randy MD with a hobby for gum-shoeing. Now a Doctor, Mitchell is on his way back to London from Edinburgh -where, since "The Secret Tunnel" he has been sharing his life, his bed and his apartment with Vincent West, the former secretary at Drekeham Hall in the book "The Back Passage". On his way to meet with Boy Morgan on a supposed emergency which Mitchell thinks is only Boy's way of expressing a serious cock-withdrawal, Mitchell walks first thing, into another mystery. James Lear has done it again, with another fantastic adventure where he takes his audience through an investigation rife with interesting facts, suspects and sexual escapades that would make the most experienced person blush. With references to both Freud and Wilde, Lear shows us (his readers) that he is not just a writer of gayporn, but an intelligent author writing a intellegent piece that just so happens to make fans sweat and say "OMG" alot. With watersports in Chapter4, the bathroom 'swordfight' in Chapter6 and the random medical examination in Chapter12, James Lear is truly the Marquis de Sade of the 21st Century. I look forward to reading his other books: "Hot Valley", "The Low Road" and "The Palace of Varieties". Thank you Mr.Lear for your contributions to Gay Culture.
This book traveled well, had a realistic mystery, and had entertaining and enjoyable characters who were realistic as well. It was rather light-reading, but still something with which to easily pass as afternoon.
A fun continuation of Lear's Mitch Mitchell series. Lear has hit his stride with the character and the sub-genre, that being a pulpy blend of murder mystery and hot erotica. "A Sticky End" veers towards formulaic, both as the third book in a series and within its type. But fun and hot nevertheless. A good bedtime read.