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by Lou Paget

The title says it all!
Download How to Be a Great Lover epub
ISBN: 0965086488
ISBN13: 978-0965086486
Category: Fitness
Subcategory: Sexual Health
Author: Lou Paget
Language: English
Publisher: Random house (January 1, 1999)
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Rating: 4.7
Votes: 384
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First off, this book is amazing! I have a boyfriend that I love more then life itself. He's the kind that will shovel my whole driveway, my neighbor's driveway, and then have a hot bubble bath and a cup of tea waiting for me when I get home from work. Yeah. I'm freaking lucky. In any case, what better way to express my gratitude than by unleashing my sexual prowess? Sadly, I found my experience wasn't sufficient in giving him the kind of pleasure I wanted to. I realllly wanted to give him an orgasm during oral sex, but found it to be freaking impossible with my technique. I was really, really depressed. I'd never, ever had that kind of problem before, and I wanted to fix it NOW. So, I went to every single book store in town, and couldn't find a single resource that wasn't severely lacking. There wasn't a single technique mentioned that I wasn't already aware of. Just plumb disgusted, I stomped out of the book store and pulled up Amazon. I love the rating system here, and I have to admit it is dead right on this book. I had not heard of a SINGLE technique in this book, and every single one that I have tried so far as yielded AMAZING results. Happy girlfriend, happy boyfriend, and the world is saved by the Kama Lou-tra. I can't give this book higher praise. I read the whole thing in two hours and the very next day gave it to my best friend to read. Amazing.
Exceptional!!!!!!!! Do you want to be a better lover? Want your man to be happy? Want both of you to be happier? Want to feel good about yourself knowing YOU are a great lover? Excellent, excellent. Worth your time and money. It's extremely detailed and graphic, so if you don't want this, don't buy this book. But if you really want to learn different techniques for oral sex, vaginal sex, want to learn about kegels and the importance of them, you will love it. I really, really recommend it to you.
I like her writing as I have read several of her books. This was very informative regarding a woman pleasuring a man. Lots of techniques given, so I learned a few more things and it kept me reading! Enjoyed reading comments from her conference attendees. A very good read.
My best friend grabbed this off the book shelf and took it away on a weekend trip with her man. She came back with one request "can I have a copy for Christmas?"

2005 was one of the easiest shopping experiences of my life. I just ordered 5 more copies from Amazon for my close friends.

After Christmas I was getting very good feedback, we were all sharing what techniques our men liked the best.

It is a book that both partners can enjoy. Women become more confident and Men just sit back and enjoy. I think my friend's men liked me more that year than the girls!

With so many books on the market filled pictures of two models in a pose that looks more like they are playing a game of twister, poor instruction and authors who assume everyone is as flexible as contortionists, Lou's approach, diagrams and directions were accessible!

I highly recommend this for women who can enjoy getting some tips and education and also have a laugh.
Trying to spice up the ol' married sex life, I decided to check this book out (I bough Lou's companion book, How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure) for my husband. Well, there are a few new tricks this old dog can learn (such as some very intersting hand techniques), and it's fun to give them a try on your unsuspecting partner, but some of the descriptions of said techniques seem so convoluted that I felt like I should have the book open beside me while I was executing them (I did NOT give into this temptation, though). I thought some of the drawings were a bit hard to follow--perhaps a video would be better?
There's a good bit of information on safe sex and STD's, pages I thought could've been better used by adding some illustrative photos. Overall, not the hot sex manual I was looking for.
My husband thinks it was a very enlightening book for me, he was very “satisfied” with the “happy ending”.
Perfect just what i was hoping for! Thank you
It's fantastic for people like me who have little to no experience. Wouldn't recommend for people who are superior at sex and relationships and know the large majority of everything their is to this type of stuff.