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Download The Life Audit : It's Time to Lead the Life You Want epub

by Caroline Righton

Download The Life Audit : It's Time to Lead the Life You Want epub
ISBN: 0340836784
ISBN13: 978-0340836781
Category: Fitness
Subcategory: Psychology & Counseling
Author: Caroline Righton
Language: English
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton (December 31, 2004)
Pages: 256 pages
ePUB size: 1810 kb
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Rating: 4.1
Votes: 883
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I don't write reviews on books but this one was very disappointing. I bought a kindle version and couldn't read any of the charts. The information was unimpressive and generic, although I say this having not finished the book. Seriously the first thing in a life audit is to get rid of time wasters and this book is one of them. If I could return it, I would do so _ that's always the problem with kindle books.
Skip the book and go to the website. Okay - the book was wildly successful, but a lot of self-help junk is. There isn't really anything helpful past the first 35 pages or so, and the website will give you that and not ask you to make hundreds of photo copies. I personally would skip it all together rather than read this woman's words as she prattles on. I really want to give the book 2 stars because "I don't like it", but that wouldn't be fair. If it helps you, it helps you; but if it annoys you - don't say I didn't warn you.
Ms. Righton has worked as a journalist and in politics. She created for a system for her personal use to identify a more efficient use of her time and went on to publish that system complete with a website dedicated to it to help other transform their lives. Ms. Righton’s approach is to encourage people to track every hour of their day for at least a week to obtain a picture of where there time goes. The “audit” is then to painstakingly evaluate the priority level of the time spent on various life categories in order to ascertain if too much time is spent on unimportant things, places and even people. Ms. Righton specifically suggests doing a life audit during an important life change, such as a career change; however anyone is sure to be enlightened through use of the system. It is rather daunting and one must be diligent with the system.

I particularly liked her analysis of past mistakes by identifying the true desire of the failed venture. It gave an entirely new perspective of where I was when I made the mistake by telling me where I really had wanted to go. Ms. Righton was also completely frank about auditing people from our lives. Our time is limited and precious. It is not efficient to spend time on people who are not a priority. It takes time away from those who are. I did not agree with Ms. Righton that cutting back on sleep was a way to obtain more workable hours, but overall I found her system worthwhile.
A lot of self-help books I've encountered start with a particular premise--for example, overcoming procrastination. The advantage of THE LIFE AUDIT is that you don't have to know where the problem lies before beginning the book--the book will help you identify that. If you like methodical programs where every step is thoroughly explained, this book may be for you. And the idea of the book--an audit--just makes me grin, it seems so original.

Be forewarned (and this is a plus and a minus): this program is time-consuming and it is NOT a quick fix. Think of it as the Weight-Watchers equivalent of dieting-you have to write EVERYTHING down on the enclosed forms. If, however, you are willing to commit a half-hour every day (that's what the author says it will take to fill in the forms), the thoroughness of this program could be very beneficial.

Final note about photocopying: as an earlier reviewer mentioned, the forms are very lightly printed in the back of the book. However, by setting my home photocopier (one of those printer/fax/photocopier ones) to photocopy a little darker, I've had no problem copying the forms. They come out a little light, but perfectly usable.
I'm a self-help book addict. Some are dopey. Some are excellent. The Life Audit book is excellent. It's a work book, exceptionally well written. It's not too psychological, more of a work book to take stock (her phrase) of your use of your life and time. Even if you don't use her tear out sheets and follow the principles. This is the second such book from the UK I've read. Maybe they are less apt to be snake-oil types over there. Or maybe no one publishes their snake-oil folks here. This book is a class act aimed at sensible people--not for the Dr. Phil fans.
Before you rush out to buy this book, let me caution you. A big part of this book is to work with it by photocopying pages from the back. After you do this, you are asked to fill in the blanks in order to audit your life. Problem is, the pages don't copy at all well. The printing is not black, but blue and green, and faint. The pages also are apparently done in graphics (so my computer expert friend tells me) rather than being done in fonts. So when I tried to scan the pages, same problem as with copying, and besides that, the information got scrambled and I couldn't make any changes to it. I went on line to [...] where it said I could, by registering, download all the forms of the charts that I wanted. I eagerly registered, then clicked to download the forms. Then I was told I had to become a member in order to get the forms, and all I needed to do was pay [...]. I contacted the author, Caroline Righton, through the website. She told me she was sorry I was unhappy, but the publisher assured her the forms were photocopyable. And further, that they had to charge to download the forms because the charge paid for the website and she didn't get any money for it. I feel really ripped off. In order to work with the book as intended, I will have to type each of the charts into my Word program. If I had known this I would never have bought the book. I'm sure there are as good, if not better, books out there.