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by David Keirsey

Rev. ed. of: Please understand me. 3rd ed. c1978.
Download Please Understand Me II: Temperament, Character, Intelligence epub
ISBN: 1885705026
ISBN13: 978-1885705020
Category: Fitness
Subcategory: Psychology & Counseling
Author: David Keirsey
Language: English
Publisher: Prometheus Nemesis Book Co; 1st edition (May 1, 1998)
Pages: 350 pages
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I think the greatest value in understanding Myers-Briggs types is actually to use it as a self-discovery tool. I've always known I was a weirdo, but I was still shocked at realizing things that I thought were universal are actually particular to my type. Apparently, not everyone is burdened with the nagging feeling that they aren't living up to their full potential.

I love Myers-Briggs and this was a great guide to the types. Totally recommended for anyone trying to figure out their families or coworkers or looking for a little more self-understanding.

His explanations of the different temperaments were certainly clear enough for me to begin typing people I live and work with. In effect, I began to realize that we all have things that we are good at (and not-so-good at) and that the world would not turn the same way without them. I began to have a deeper appreciation for the people around me--the world needs all of us.

My mom gets super annoyed at the whole personality typing thing and won't even read it (ha, ha). So as long as you don't treat it like a parlor game, it can help smooth out relationships and promote tolerance and cooperation. It's a complex theory, though, and as with many things, sometimes with this "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing". It needs to be read a few times, and supplemented with a few works by different authors on the topic.
This was an eye opening book. It's organized very well and is much more thorough than a simple online test. I wish I had this book in high school. If I could go back in time and take Keirsey's words into consideration as I made decisions towards a career path, my life would have been completely different. Not saying things would've been easier, but who knows, maybe things would've made more sense. I truly believe my life wouldn't have been so roundabout if I really knew who I was in high school. Everyone may think they've become self realized, but at such a young age, I was a fool to believe I'd solved all my own riddles. This is a life changing book without a doubt.
Originally purchased as a character development tool for my writers shelf. Recommended by: Jeff Gerke, this book is a great resource.

Keirsey simplifies the Myers-Briggs Temperament types (INTJ, ENSP, etc.) with an easy to take test. You fill out the test and then turn to the correct chapter to find out all about your characters personality. This is invaluable for writers, as it takes a lot of guess work out of makeing believable characters. I do confess to using it on myself. I took the test and read the corresponding pages to my Myers-Briggs type. It is scarily accurate. Everything right down to my three dates rule is outlined under INTJ. I'm a little sad to learn that i'm not quirky but actually quite normal. But then the book told me to expect that too.
I've found this book very helpful for self introspection throughout several major life transitions over the years. I first found it in college and have returned to it many times. It is interesting to see how the understanding I gain from this book evolves as I mature and age. I've purchased this book multiple times because I keep loaning it to friends who also find it useful.

Please Understand Me II has been a great resource as I struggled to find my career path and in understanding my significant other from our early dating relationship to our marriage. It has also been useful in understanding how I interact with my friends and raising my children.

It has given me a clearer picture of myself and others and lead to a greater appreciation for the differences in strengths and weaknesses we all have.

One thing to caution, the personality quiz is highly subjective and the results should not be viewed as hard and fast. It should be used to guide you in the right direction, but might not be entirely accurate right away. It is more important to read and understand the differences of the personality types and contemplate how they reflect who you are.

Anytime I am in a challenging transition in my life I have been able to use this book as a tool to understand myself on a deeper level and find clarity. It is easy to read and I highly recommend this book.
I love this book. After reading it, I understand both myself and those closest to me in a much more authentic way. For instance, I now understand why my ENFP husband's face goes green at the idea of planning for a vacation, and he understands why his INTJ wife will spend weeks planning out every detail, accounting for every possible hiccup. It feels like all one's quirks and idiosyncrasies are validated by an objective third party, without judgement. I also found some of the information quite funny. As someone who is fond of the MBTI approach, I have found it to be the single most helpful book to better help me understand my spouse. The book creates a great talking point from which to jump. I found the information on ENFP's being the "Advocate" to be particularly insightful. It helps me understand how my husband sees the hopeful potential in people, which is not always my strong suit. In fact, I am frequently in awe of his ability to instantly build relationships with people.

MBTI has helped both of us develop a framework for better understanding the hows and whys of the choices we most consistently make, and it has led us both to developing a better rapport with each other. My husband now just winks and smiles when he sees me pouring over travel blogs, making spreadsheets, asking him which activities he would prefer, and planning our vacation 3 months in advance. He knows that from the moment we arrive at the airport, he can just sit back and enjoy the trip, because every detail has been accounted for well in advance. And, more importantly, he understands that I can relax and enjoy the trip precisely because I have put that much time and effort into making sure everything goes smoothly.

This book is a MUST READ for those who find the MBTI to be a valuable tool for understanding both oneself and another.