» » Seeing Through the Visible World: Jung, Gnosis, and Chaos

Download Seeing Through the Visible World: Jung, Gnosis, and Chaos epub

by June. Singer

A hardcover with dustjacket dealing with psychology, Jung, Gnosis and chaos.
Download Seeing Through the Visible World: Jung, Gnosis, and Chaos epub
ISBN: 006250780X
ISBN13: 978-0062507808
Category: Fitness
Subcategory: Psychology & Counseling
Author: June. Singer
Language: English
Publisher: Harper & Row; First Edition edition (1990)
Pages: 230 pages
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Rating: 4.1
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Soul-work really doesn't change from one era to the next. What has changed is our alchemical container painstakingly formed by our modern approach to life as more liberated women (and men, as my son reminds me often). Singer has written an admirable work for the feminine and masculine aspects of today's women. This is an aspect of Jung's opus that needed balancing. Thank you, Ms. Singer.
Absolutely an fantastic journey
Very good specific read
Chaos = melanin????????
Good Book
Although the title implies that this is a book that will benefit women only, it's actually a book for everyone who is searching for some understanding of how to find order in the often chaotic world within our modern souls.

With an accessible blend of intellectual reasoning, Gnostic spiritualism and creative interpretation of dreams and fantasy, Jungian analyst Singer provides excellent suggestions on how to integrate the material and non-material worlds in our lives. She doesn't provide any answers to our concerns and anxieties, but she does encourage acceptance of ourselves as we are, with all the disparate parts that make us unique individuals. "One life," she points out, "is too short to achieve perfection and the most we can hope for is completion."

I found this book reassuring, optimistic, inspiring and comforting. Reading it has left me hopeful that mankind will evolve spiritually as well as physically. Singer makes me believe that the potential of the human spirit will conquer those external divides, which are merely a reflection of the fractures within our own souls; and that, although differences between people will always remain, by changing the way we look at those differences we can overcome them peacefully.

Our external reality can't change, but our perceptions of that reality can change for the better and that, in turn, creates a change in the external reality. Singer doesn't gloss over the fact that this slow inner journey - which ultimately benefits the external journey - will be hard, requiring much personal sacrifice and discipline.

By combining faith, science, psychology and poetry, Singer has written a book that offers us a way to make a difference in the world, even if that difference comes from healing ourselves before we try to heal others or the greater world in which we live.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants good advice on finding a way to inner peace and who is willing to work towards integrating their inner conflicts.
Jungian analyst June Singer gives us in this book a perspective of the spiritual paths open for us in the times we live. She links these spiritual paths, through the point of view of Jung's analytic psychology, to some of the most original religious practices in christianity, namely the gnostics, but also to scientific knowledge and rational values. The aim of the book is ambitious, since the author wants to present study and knowledge, but also self-study and self-knowledge, as a whole, as doorways which can lead us, if we are not blind to the possibilities open before us, to connect spirit and reason, unconscious and intellect. Although the book is addressed to "modern women", the author does not really write about women, but her advice can be used by any person, man or woman, which is alright for me. In the realm of the spirit we won't find the superficial gender distinction. And this realm the author urges us to enter through our ordinary daily activities and routines, through or usual studies and pursues, commiting ourselves to look at them from different points of view so that we see further than what only our senses tell us. She urges us to make this commitment in order to learn about the world, about ourselves, about the spirit... and thus change the world. Study, spirit, self-knowledge as a militancy. According to the gnostics, the greatest sin is ignorance.
It's good for an overview if you're a beginner who's never heard of any of these concepts before. From the title of this book and the reviews I thought it would be a fantastic read, but it's just a summary of the title and that's it. It does not go that far in depth at all. Skims the surface of everything mentioned on the cover. If you're new to this, get it, otherwise don't waste your time. I was let down and disappointed at the lack of depth.