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Download Skratch Labs Feed Zone Cookbook epub
ISBN: 1934030767
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Subcategory: Nutrition
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Really love this cookbook. New twists on old ideas and more importantly you don't have to have a lot of unusual ingredients to accomplish.
I took a chance on this cookbook, but glad I did. I'm dumping a few others to make room for this one on my cookbook shelf.

The intro was very inspiring. If you watch the Tour de France at must wonder like I do, what and how do these guys eat to fuel the 4000 calorie burn each date. Inspired me to cook a little differently. I made eggs with rice, Siracha sauce, an Asian spice I had....and it was to die for. All ingredients I had on hand and just a few more minutes than my regular breakfast.

I also bought the FZ Portable and Bar books. I'm training for an Ironman and 'm tired of eating GU crap on my long bike rides. This cookbook has opened up a whole new way of prepping and assembling food. There are no real odd items here, just fresh ingredients assembled smartly. Yes, you have to prep/make the food, but no more artificial flavors etc. I found the recipes simple to follow.

I've amped up my bike workouts with Zwift and in conjunction with this cookbook I'm dropping 2 pounds a week and have never looked or felt better.
I'm 57 and now below my high school weight!!
My daughter's high school mountain bike race team turned us on to this cookbook and we *love* it. We are vegetarians and many of the recipes (other than things like baked salmon!) are easy to adapt with vegetarian protein such as tofu, chick peas, seitan, fake meat, etc. And the recipes are delicious and quick to make. It can be really hard to find interesting, easy recipes that fit the athlete diet with lots of carbs and protein, but still healthy. This book does it all: can't recommend it highly enough! We adapted the chicken tikka masala with tofu and topped it with the cilantro chutney: great!
First, this is a beautiful book. The recipes are very practical suggestions for kinds of things you can make at home and then take with you for hiking, biking, camping, runs, and even just being on the run. I am especially appreciating the savory takes on bars as a change from the typical almost-candy bars which are commonly available.
Great cookbook. My son who is a cycler wanted it - it didn't really interest me, but after he checked it out at the library and made a few of the recipes, we ordered one to have for ourselves. The recipes, although they didn't sound good to me, after trying them, are DELICIOUS! There are 3 different cookbooks by the same author and we now have all of them and use them quite frequently.
Great recipes. For awhile I was just following recipes of friends who had this and decided to get it for myself. I've turned a few people onto it that questioned some of the dishes.

Long term results.....couldn't tell you. Blew my mcl right after buying it. Just got off crutches and beginning the long hard road out of ....

I will say I know several cyclists, tri people, and runners that use this or very similar recipes.
Good, quick recipes. My only complaint is that a few of the recipes are just variations on the same base (ie. they have three pizza recipes where the only difference is the topping). Still worth it though. The pizza dough and pancake recipes are far superior to what comes up in a google search and their specialty recipes (on the bike snacks) are gold.
This book is a game-changer. As a competitive, one-time pro cyclist and current endurance athlete I have trained intelligently and scientifically for almost 25 years. When I was young I ate whatever I wanted and felt great, but as an older athlete I can't do that anymore. The recipes in this book are vetted on professionals, nutritionally balanced and easy to make. As a bonus, after cooking from this book for a few weeks I began to notice that I had most of the ingredients on hand for other recipes. They re-use some of the ingredients so that a little planning can have you out of the grocery store for $50 for a week's worth of delicious, clean meals.

The section on Portables is so great they even have a second book out on just that - and it is as good as this one.
I've had this book a couple of weeks, have tried several of the recipes, and all have been fantastic so far. The best thing is this is not a diet book, there is plenty of bacon, sugar, sausage, brown sugar and other good stuff in a lot of the dishes. As a result the food is flavorful, no tofu to be found anywhere.

The recipes are easy to follow and adjust to your personal tastes. If you want to use a sugar substitute or turkey bacon feel free to do so. You can customize most of the ingredients, but if you're looking for good, flavorful, calories leave them as is. There are a few vegetarian dishes and gluten free ones as well but they are not the main focus of the book.

The introduction is very informative and the lists of food staples and kitchen "equipment" is very basic. Nothing exotic that you have to go to 5 different stores to find from a food standpoint and a rice cooker, crockpot and blender from an equipment standpoint.

Highly recommend it for any athlete that is looking for some good food to eat while training and competing.