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Download The No OM Zone: A No-Chanting, No-Granola, No-Sanskrit Practical Guide to Yoga epub

by Kimberly Fowler

If you've ever wanted to try yoga but felt intimidated to walk into a class—or maybe tried it but were put off by complicated poses, foreign terminology, or chanting—The No OM Zone is for you. The No OM Zone, a practical guide designed to make yoga accessible to everyone, is based on the pioneering program by former professional triathlete, Kimberley Fowler whose pioneering Yoga for Athletes® Workout and DVD introduced everyday people to yoga with a fun and fulfilling approach. The No OM Zone offers a range of yoga workouts as well as excellent information on: *The benefits of yoga, from improved posture to increased energy and lower stress *Injury prevention and rehabilitation through yoga *Types of yoga and yoga styles, from Kundalini to Power Yoga, and which one is right for you *Breath work and meditation *Poses that target specific muscle groups and areas of the body *Sports-related benefits and sports-specific poses to help you excel at your favorite event or pastime Designed to get you off the couch and onto the mat, The No OM Zone can help you enjoy the amazing, lifelong benefits of the ancient practice.
Download The No OM Zone: A No-Chanting, No-Granola, No-Sanskrit Practical Guide to Yoga epub
ISBN: 1605296740
ISBN13: 978-1605296746
Category: Fitness
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Author: Kimberly Fowler
Language: English
Publisher: Rodale Books; Original edition (July 6, 2010)
Pages: 240 pages
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Over the years I have read numerous yoga books and when I saw this 228 page soft cover book (The No Om Zone: A no-chanting, no-granola, no Sanskrit practical guide to yoga by Kimberly Fowler) on Amazon for a bargain price I decided to purchase it.

The approach in this excellent guide is non-mystical but has all the traditional basic yoga asana (postures). The appealing thing about this book is it provides numerous short 10 minute yoga routines for all parts of the body. The author also aimed this yoga book at those who may be involved in other sports and physical activities but would like to add some yoga exercises in their personal fitness program. This text is fully illustrated with numerous black and white photographs showing each yoga asana.

The fourteen chapters cover the following material: An introduction explaining the approach taught in this book. Head, neck, shoulders, upper back, chest, arms, hands and wrists, core/abs, lower back, hips, legs, knees and ankle exercises. The last chapter gives tips on what to wear and other things.

In conclusion, this is an excellent basic text for anyone interested in adding yoga exercises to their fitness routine.
Rating: 5 Stars. Joseph J. Truncale (Author: Chair/Seated Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga for seniors and the physically challenged).
I took hatha yoga classes for about six months in the past (a few years ago), and now I'm getting back into yoga mostly at home. I definitely subscribe to the no-Om philosophy of yoga. I don't do yoga because I want to hear about my sun and moon energy - I do it to build strength and flexibility. This book does a good job of explaining how to do the poses, the benefits of each pose, and how to move from one pose to the next. The book includes a good variety of basic and intermediate poses. They make a point of avoiding the "human pretzel contest" but they do include some more challenging poses. This book is a quick read but I refer to it regularly in my home yoga practice to find new poses to address a problem (tight lower back, or tight chest, for example) or to review a pose that I haven't done in a long time. It lives in my yoga corner now for easy access!
On the one hand I appreciate that this book is a simple and easy to follow guide to yoga. She separates the workouts into different body parts. The problem is that each workout is only 10 minutes long, and she gives you absolutely no instruction on how to put the workouts together if you want a longer workout. It seems like it would have been easy to just explain how to order the workouts so you can get a longer workout, but she failed to do this.
Written to filter out all the eastern mysticism and religious overtones that too many Yoga instructors want to inflict on new students. Gets right to the meat of using breathing and Yoga postures to good effect for exercise and rehabilitation healing.
Little Devil
This is a short spurt, non-fad yoga book with clear instructions, pictures and alternate poses. It is even broken down into chapters to target specific body regions. Extremely practical. Tends to be mostly yang as opposed to yin yoga for anyone who knows the distinction (active, more strenuous style versus passive, more deep tissue stretching).
Great book!!
I borrow a lot of books from the library, and if I find myself wishing I didn't have to return them, I feel good about going ahead and purchasing a copy. From the layout of the chapters to the targeted routines, the only thing I would change is to have a few more routines, which incorporate more than one target area, laid out somewhere in the book. I suppose I can give up that bit of laziness though and do it myself. ;-)
As advertised, all the techniques without the mystique. The why of each pose, what is does for the body and why it works