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by Judy L White,Debbie Sartwell,Jeremy Sartwell


New research reveals the biblical perspective on the shocking hidden agenda of yoga. Actions do speak louder than words.

Where did yoga originate and how do the ancient Indians claim it entered the world?

Who created yoga's active vocabulary and what exactly do the postures communicate?

Does yoga bridge a union between practitioner and the spirits?

This and more answered in The Heart of Yoga Revealed.

Download The Heart of Yoga Revealed epub
ISBN: 0984318909
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Category: Fitness
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Author: Judy L White,Debbie Sartwell,Jeremy Sartwell
Language: English
Publisher: Truth Cross Publishing; 1st Edition edition (January 1, 2010)
Pages: 201 pages
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The book is well researched on the source and real nature of yoga. What is uniquely valuable is the revelation that all gestures in yoga are positions of worship to Hindu gods. It was already known that the meditation of yoga is emptying one's mind, and definitely opens a gateway for demons to enter. It was also known that the controlled breathing of yoga is communing with the pantheistic greater self (Brahman); since the word "breath" in Hebrew is ruah, the same as "spirit," it is also a spiritual union with a false god, thus a gateway for demonization. However, many Christians still maintained that yoga as a simply physical exercise is harmless. Now with the knowledge from this book, even that minimal level of involvement with yoga is harmful for Christians, who should not pay homage to any gods other than the LORD, knowingly or unknowingly.

This is book is surely going to generate two extreme reactions; we can see from the many 5 stars and 1 star in the comments. The natural reaction from Christians who have been involved with yoga is disliking, hatred, and contempt for the book and its author. The Holy Spirit who lives within the regenerated believers can testify whether the feeling is from God or the demon. If one realizes that it is not from God, he/she should immediately stop practicing yoga, repent the sin of worshipping other gods (even though unknowingly), ask God for forgiveness (which He already dispensed on the cross), and pray that God will cleanse any demons which might have attached to the person. If one is willing to give up any power acquired by the practice, God will oblige and cleanse him/her, who can freely worship the true God, and strive for maturity. Then He/she should ask the Holy Spirit to fill him/her, and by faith in God's word (Eph 5:18; 1 John 5:14) believe that he/she has been filled with the Holy Spirit.

If one need to learn on the delivery, he/she can consult Neil Anderson's Steps to Freedom in Christ, Victory over Darkness, and Bondage Breaker; or Rebecca Brown's Prepare for War.

To be fair, the book has some slight inaccuracies when it mentioned yoga as part of Taoism. Yoga is from India and strictly Hindu (pantheistic); Taoism is Chinese, and is dualistic (Yin and Yang). Despite the efficiency, I am still giving a five star for its important contribution. This is a must have for believers and pastors who face spiritual warfare and wants to be clean.
A good starting point.
You should be aware that increasing numbers of Christian leaders are packaging Hindu and buddist practices into Christianity in the form of *enlighted* spirituality. Unsuspecting congregations are oblivious.
This book is a good starting point for discovery on this issue.
I recommend also the works of Carol Matriciana, Johanne Michaelsen, Ray Yungen, and Warren Smith.
Many of these people have come out of the new age movement and know how to recognize its signs within the church.
As this book points out, 50 years ago, many in the U.S. had never heard of Yoga. Now one cannot watch a TV
program, read a paper or magazine or drive through a town without seeing references to Yoga. It is being
included in most curricula as well. Yoga, for Christians, is the worship of a false god. One cannot be faithful to
Christ and practice Yoga. Most think it is a form of exercise, but if you want the truth about Yoga, you need to read
this book.
Great book, especially considering how many people think this is somehow casual stretching
Shocking information that is well documented. I went on and purchased one for a friend.
right at the dot!!
This is an excellent, well researched and well written book. Every Christain should read it and be informed. If someone has not "dabbled" in yoga themselves, they probably know someone who has. I recommend the book with all my heart.
This is a very thorough report on the spiritual powers that lie behind Yoga. Though many Christians see Yoga as harmless when just using the exercise aspect, Judy White will show you why that is not the case. An eye opener!