» » The Importance Of Physical Activity And Exercise: The Fitness Factor (Obesity Modern Day Epidemic)

Download The Importance Of Physical Activity And Exercise: The Fitness Factor (Obesity Modern Day Epidemic) epub

by Autumn Libal

Discusses the importance of physical fitness and explores the role of physical activity and exercise in solving America's obesity crisis.
Download The Importance Of Physical Activity And Exercise: The Fitness Factor (Obesity  Modern Day Epidemic) epub
ISBN: 1590849450
ISBN13: 978-1590849453
Category: Fitness
Subcategory: Exercise & Fitness
Author: Autumn Libal
Language: English
Publisher: Mason Crest; 1 edition (July 20, 2005)
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Rating: 4.5
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Great book. A must reading for students, teachers, parents, etc.
I originally picked up the first book in this series (America's Unhealthy Lifestyle: Supersize It!) from my local library in August of this year while browsing for reading material for a "set" about obesity, diet (as in eating habits, as well as over viewing various "diet" books), and general health and well-being. I figured why's a book aimed at teens...why not see what is being published for them about this issue. This is my second in the seven volume Obesity: Modern-Day Epidemic (it's technically the fourth book in the series, but currently the Ohio Public Library system only has volumes one and four). The Importance of Physical Activity and Exercise is a broad overview of what is being called the obesity epidemic these days, obviously focusing on why physical activity is just as important as what we are eating. In many ways this series is like Fast Food Nation or Supersize Me! but with out the gross stuff on animal slaughter (FFN) or the throwing up (SSM).

In my first review, I didn't think teens over the age of 15 would be very interested in it...but having read this second book, I'm really warming up to the series and hope that my library will be getting more of them in! Coming in a just over 100 pages (including index, recommended reading and glossary) it is heavy on splashy graphic layouts which I think will appeal to the target audience a great deal. Covered in the 7 chapters of The Importance of Physical Activity is a general overview along with chapters covering what excess weight means for your health; what exactly are the foundations for good health; getting started on adding exercise to your life; risks of fitness obsession, and much more.

What I found particularly appealing about this book is its emphasis on individuality and personal identity...telling the reader in many different ways that it's not realistic or desirable to try to look like the media images of beauty. Additionally there wasn't any pushing for only one weight or one BMI or even one type of fitness routine. This book goes out of its way to ensure that the reader understands that it is activity and movement that is important and that each individual should find activities that he or she really enjoys and add them to their life as often as possible.

Overall, a good read that I think would make a great addition to any school or public library and I would encourage them to add this to their shelves without hesitation. That said, I honestly don't see this series winding up in many personal libraries with a price tag of nearly 25.00 per book. Additionally this book is aimed at teens, but I'd guess that older children 9-12 (ish) might like this book (and series) as well; it would be easy to read and understand. In the world of kiddie books, this is about a B-. The information is solid, I like that it pushes positive body image while still allowing for personal preference, it's got a table of contents, index, glossary (bonus), AND recommended reading (always a good thing) while not being overly long or too technical for the target readers. It's interesting if you buy into the obesity as a national epidemic or just want to give your kids a solid grounding in what is wrong with eating a lot of fast food and why physical activity and exercise are so important to their health and well being.