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Download Back Sense: A Revolutionary Approach to Halting the Cycle of Chronic Back Pain epub

by Dr. Ronald D. Siegel,Michael Urdang,Dr. Douglas R. Johnson

On occasion nearly everyone experiences short-term back pain from sore or strained muscles. But for many who come to treat their back gingerly because they fear further "injury," a cycle of worry and inactivity results; this aggravates existing muscle tightness and leads them to think of themselves as having a "bad back." Even worse is the understandable but usually counterproductive assumption that back pain is caused by "abnormalities"–bulging disks, a damaged spine, and so on. However, these abnormalities are frequently found in those who have absolutely no pain whatsoever. In reality, most backs are strong and resilient, built to support our bodies for a lifetime; truly "bad backs" are rare.Drawing on their work with patients and studies from major scientific journals and corporations, the authors of Back Sense–all three are former chronic back pain sufferers themselves–developed a revolutionary self-treatment approach targeting the true causes of chronic back pain. It is based on conclusive evidence proving that stress and inactivity are usually the prime offenders, and it allows patients to avoid the restrictions and expense of most other treatments. After showing readers how to rule out the possibility that a rare medical condition is the source of their problem, Back Sense clearly and convincingly explains the actual factors behind chronic back pain and systematically leads readers toward recapturing a life free of back pain.
Download Back Sense: A Revolutionary Approach to Halting the Cycle of Chronic Back Pain epub
ISBN: 0767905814
ISBN13: 978-0767905817
Category: Fitness
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Author: Dr. Ronald D. Siegel,Michael Urdang,Dr. Douglas R. Johnson
Language: English
Publisher: Harmony; Reprint edition (April 9, 2002)
Pages: 256 pages
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I have not read a page of this book. This is a review from the point of view of a spouse of someone with back pain. For months, my wife's neck was causing her so much pain she became unable to do almost anything. She couldn't lift our son, she could barely drive her car, she couldn't sleep, etc. As the husband, seeing her go down that hopeless spiral made me pretty scared. She went as far as to get X-rays and MRIs to see if anything was causing it. She went to physical therapy and returned feeling worse. It was a miserable time for us.

Then, one night I saw this book in our shopping cart. I rolled my eyes to myself, but knowing how much pain she was in, I played along. She read it. She started feeling better within 2-3 days. Weeks later and it was as if she never had back pain at all. I tell her all the time, "I LOVE BACK SENSE!" I don't even want to know what's in it for fear of somehow messing with the mojo. I think this book is worth a shot for anyone.
I don't want to give this book a bad rating, because the content is excellent, but the print is very small, and the print quality is very bad, making it very hard to read. I'm going to buy the kindle version because I can't read the print version
As much as I like and respect Dr Sarno and his work, I have to say, Back Sense is better! Fantastic book, I'm not exaggerating; this book really spoke to me in a way Sarno's great books didn't. For one thing, Sarno speaks as a medical doctor, but not a psychologist, so when he covers the psych parts, I am sometimes doubtful, thinking he is just rehashing Freud. But when Siegel, a psych prof at Harvard expresses much the same ideas, I am more accepting. And Siegel also has the two MD co-authors, so the physical part is also credible. Sarno was the pioneer and will be remembered as such long after he is gone, but his intellectual heirs, including Siegel and others carry on and fine-tune his work. Meanwhile, laboratory and clinical science is everyday finding the evidence to back it all up.
I read this book in one day and it saved my life. This approach, along with the Sarno book Healing Back Pain, should be read by anyone suffering from chronic pain. Please read this before your next doctor's visit. You may want to cancel.
After so many doctors, MRI, chiropractor.... a 10$ book did the job.
This is a must read for anyone with neck/back pain....
This book will help your back. It's a great book in so many ways and Ronald Siegal (the book's author) is ahead of his time. Buy it.
Great book suggested by my doctor. Has helped many people with chronic pain conditions and is sitting on my shelf as part of my army against my pain.
I have been suffering from back pain since 2009 due to a car collision.

After going to doctors and having MRI's and Xrays I was told I had damaged spine and what I used to do no longer could.

Well, this book change my perspective completely, now I know the cause of my back pain and neck pain the "real cause" I have been an athlete for my entire adult life, I am 65.

I am doing all the things that I "could not do"
Following the advise of this very well written book
about the causes of back pain.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that has such problems.