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by Gwen Shamblin

You can now join the thousands who have discovered a liberating new weight control plan and are turning to God to take away the desire to overeat. The Weigh Down Workshop, a remarkable program which already has thousands of support groups across the country and has gained national attention in media from "A Current Affair" to Woman's Day, is now available as a book. What makes this ground-breaking approach to weight loss so unique is that participants can eat any kind of food-including fats and sweets--and be able to stop in the middle of a candy bar when their stomachs are full.People who have known no end to fullness and who have no control over their late-night binges have learned through the Weigh Down Method that God can remove the seemingly irresistible pull of the pantry and drive-thru restaurants. With this approach, participants can reduce the volume of food they want to one-third of what it used to be and yet still eat with fulfilled satisfaction. Yet this is not a diet like others you've seen. Dieting only increases chewing whereas with the Weigh Down approach, you will chew less food, but more importantly, with God's help-want less food. Quite simply, this approach equals weight loss. Weigh Down gives back hope; hope to dieters who will learn that they are not a failure. Stop torturing yourself. God did not put chocolate or lasagna on earth to torture us--but rather for our enjoyment! Hallelujah!
Download The Weigh Down Diet epub
ISBN: 0385487622
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Author: Gwen Shamblin
Language: English
Publisher: Doubleday Religion; 1 edition (February 17, 1997)
Pages: 336 pages
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I have read and re-read this book, her Weigh Down at Home, Rise Above, and completed her "Exodus Out Of Egypt" , Weigh Down Basics, and Revolution class. I ALWAYS return to this book when I'm struggling.
I DO NOT...repeat DO NOT starve myself AT ALL. I feed my body ON DEMAND. I DO use smaller plates, but I was already doing that. The difference is that I do not go back for extra food if my body is not asking for it. This program is helpful for anyone who needs to learn how to retrain their thinking. I know that (as a believer) it was WRONG for me to turn to FOOD for comfort rather than God. For ME, it took some time to find the balance between overeating and starvation, but I gradually began to see the pounds come off. I eat a VARIETY of foods (as she recommends in the book) and sometimes it IS a salad with REAL blue cheese dressing (or balsamic vinaigrette) or it might be pizza and cheeseburgers. As someone who personally struggled with CHRONIC IBS and who ate organic, avoided gluten, grains, etc, (while STILL suffering from IBS) I found that I was able to return to gluten and grains and that as long as I ate the APPROPRIATE amounts for my body, I no longer suffered from IBS flares. I consistently read the Bible, so I KNOW that there are scriptures in there that deal with GREED, so I have no heartburn over that. I found it difficult to lose weight AT TIMES because I struggled with surrendering. I WANTED to overeat, I held on to my rebellion in that area. The principles of eating when hungry and stopping when full are not new. That's the way humans are designed to function. What happens is things creep in to distort our eating habits and then we turn to food for comfort. I don't think anyone could argue that point, religious or otherwise, as many psychiatrists, psychologists, etc are helping people overcome this area. FOR ME, I like taking the spiritual approach, because I truly believe that my God cares about ALL of my struggles, as Gwen notes in the book. She also gives practicals (which may come off as legalistic) to HELP people get started on this path. Cutting food in half, for example, helps people to see what a "normal" portion looks like. We come from a society that serves LARGE portions in restaurants and you won't likely see this overseas. I am not going to throw out all of the good teachings that I find in this book just because I don't ascribe to her "theology". The same could be said for LOTS of things, as I KNOW that some of the money that I am paying for ANY GIVEN PRODUCT MAY be going to support SOMETHING that I do not necessarily agree with. However, I still believe that God can and IS using this book to help others overcome their eating issues.

I wanted to address some of the things that are being stated about the book:

1) Gwen says do not exercise. FALSE. What she says is that EXERCISE will not stop the heart from desiring MORE FOOD. She mentions that nothing can replace exercise when it comes to toning and bone strengthening. She quotes the scripture that states that exercise has SOME value. She simply discourages becoming ENSLAVED to exercise (and calorie counting, weighing food, ANYTHING that COULD become an idol) as many people eat something and then run to the treadmill as if to punish themselves for doing so.

2) Gwen doesn't support nutritious eating. FALSE,. She mentions that sometimes she likes Haagen Das and sometimes she likes baked fish with whole wheat bread and a salad. As she puts it, "That's the way most 90 year olds have eaten." I have to agree with that point. I have LOTS of elders in my family and they haven't a CLUE about Paleo or avoiding food group X, Y, or Z unless it makes them SICK. Moderation is the key and most nutritionists that I have encountered will tell you this. She stresses ENJOYMENT of food rather than labeling foods good or bad, which produces guilt and self-condemnation.

2) Gwen says fat people aren't going to Heaven. I do not remember reading this in the book, but she DOES quote the scripture that talks about idolators, the greedy, immoral, etc NOT going to Heaven. Gwen did not write THAT. She is using this scripture to show that God has concern over ANYTHING that would take HIS PLACE. She is basically talking about the HEART and that is something that the individual has to work out between themselves and God.

At the end of the day, don't assume that the fact that she has started a movement that you don't support means that the book is all wrong. I LOVED reading about her relationship with a dependence on GOD. VERY inspirational!
Gwen's (well, not that she invented these methods but she does emphasize them in the book) basic principals of eating when hungry and stopping when satisfied are very effective. Obviously, if you need to lose weight you need to quit eating so much.

BUT anyone reading this book should be very careful. Gwen feels that overeating means that you're being disobedient to God. And being disobedient to God will block your entrance into Heaven. Thus overeating will cause you to be rejected by God (you will not be accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven).

One must also be careful as this book is part of a full program, WeighDown Workshop, which is basically a tool for recruitment into Remnant Fellowship, Gwen's church (that's pretty much a cult).

However, if you follow the basic principles you will lose weight for sure. I did lose weight but I also picked up some really bad habits (like I stopped exercising and started starving myself instead (I was so weak I had to take a nap everyday for atleast 2 hours) to lose the extra weight). But if you speak to the people who lost a lot of weight and they are truly honest with you, they will admit that they eventually turned to starving themselves. Gwen suggests that you shouldn't exercise because then you are "helping" God take the weight off of you and you're not being totally obedient by fully relying on God. So by not exercising one has to eventually just start starving themself in order to lose the extra weight. By the way, Gwen sees carrying extra weight as sinful (this means you're being disobedient).

Bottom line, I would probably try some of the other spiritually focused books that talk about the same principles (eating when hungry, stopping when full). I do think the spiritual aspect is very important as that gives you the extra support you need to accomplish such a hard task as losing weight.

I have not read it but it's been suggested to me by ex-WeighDown members to try ThinWithin (same principles but with God's SUPPORT not God's VENGEANCE). It's on it's way in the mail now so we'll see!

If you're a Christian, pray before ordering anything and He'll let you know what you need to do. Then listen and DO IT! :)
The author has some good tips about eating only when hungry and not feeding your emotions....just your stomach, but this book is much more than about eating. It is all about the Church of Gwen and her bizarre theology. What is tragic about this book is that it is missing something monumental.....GRACE!!

I would suggest that you educate yourself extensively about the author. INSTEAD OF THIS BOOK: Check out the grace-oriented weight loss & lifestyle approach of "Thin Within" or "Faithfully Fit".