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by Antonia Blyth,Mike Dow

Junk food is as addictive as cocaine. Find out how to kick your bad food habit with in Dr. Mike Dow’s diet book. Food is the most socially acceptable “drug” out there. When you eat fatty or sugary foods, your brain releases a surge of the feel-good chemical dopamine or serotonin (dopamine for fatty foods and serotonin for sugars and carbs). If you eat like that consistently, your brain eventually depends on you to provide them instead of regulating its own supply. And as with addictive substances, it starts taking more and more serotonin and dopamine to just feel normal. In Diet Rehab, renowned addictive-behavior expert Dr. Mike Dow explains how to stop this dependence on “bad” food and start eating healthy without quitting cold turkey. The Diet Rehab philosophy is simple: use gradual detox to harness the power of your brain chemistry so that you’ll no longer feel like a victim to your fluctuating moods and cravings. After twenty-eight days, you’ll find that your brain is getting natural and healthy boosts of the feel-good chemicals you crave, instead of relying on the foods you’ve become addicted to. Diet Rehab is more than just a book—it’s an easy-to-follow lifestyle overhaul that will help you lose weight and feel better overall.
Download Diet Rehab: 28 Days To Finally Stop Craving the Foods That Make You Fat epub
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Author: Antonia Blyth,Mike Dow
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My doctor told me on my last visit that I am headed for diabetes and/or a heart attack. Sugar not only contributes to metabolic syndrome and diabetes, it causes inflammation that affects the liver and circulatory system as well. I joined a gym the second week of January and according to the body fat analysis I had 43% body at 135 pounds (five feet tall).

I have known for a long time that I need to get a handle on my eating, but my resolutions last about 12 hours... or less. The cravings for carbs and sweets are so powerful, I have feel out of control and desperate.

I have been working on the program in the book for about 5 weeks now and have lost 6 pounds so far. That doesn't sound like a lot but for the past six months I would spend 6 to 8 days to lose a couple of pounds then gain it all back over the weekend.

I have also lost inches from my waist, thighs and arms. I haven't actually implemented all of the "booster" foods and activities yet. I have been thinking about an iced sugar cookie from the mall food court for over 24 hours now, but at least I haven't hopped into the car and gone to get it. Hopefully as I continue with the program The obsessive thoughts will fade away.
I have been going to O.A. meetings for over a year and this book helps me form a good healthy eating plan. It doesn't make anything off limits. I just need to watch how much of the 'pitfall" foods I eat. I love the "booster" foods and activities. I'm trying new foods, new meals, and new actions.

According to the book, I'm both seratonin and dopamine deprived. I have noticed that by week three I feel much more peace, and happiness. I'm actually getting to places on time, and really enjoying life.
It explains brain chemistry and what I can do to help myself to raise that chemistry.
It is supportive because it shows me why I am addicted to certain foods. It explains clearly pitfall foods that will lead me back to cravings of more.
A lot of this is based on ayurvedic traditional knowledge. But that fact is not brought up in this book. Serotonin and Dopamine 'diets' have long been recommended in Ayurveda.
This book follows that Ayurvedic tradition, but leaves out a lot of it (thankfully) and pares it down to simplify it so westerners can use it.
But what Mike Dow adds to the Ayurvedic wisdom is a list of activities I can do to uplift my mood. And also it has a diet plan which is 'brilliant' because it revolves around adding serotonin and dopamine boosting activities to your calendar. The theory goes, that if I add these activities gradually, I will increase my chemistry of feel good chemicals. Then I can begin to decrease my sugars and fattening foods. All this is done gradually so that the addictive substance- in this case sugar and fat- can gradually leave the body and the addiction will wear off and also not be triggered anymore.
The best part of this book is the part where the author gives you the HOW. HOW in the world am I going to give up my trigger foods? No other "diet book" does this. He provides real life solutions to deal with those moments that you just want to give up an go through the drive thru. Take a deep breath..... and remember that it"s NOT YOUR FAULT. The food companies and fast food conglomerates spend millions trying to hook you. This book helps you unravel the pieces and create a realistic game plan to once and for all conquer your addictions. Best of Luck to you! You CAN DO THIS.
This book has helped me immensely with eating healthy and enjoying it, too! Dr. Dow really knows what he's talking about, and his advice could help a huge population, if they only read his book. I'd recommend it to anyone.
A good book of tips on how to change you eating habits.
This book is most definitely worth reading. It has a lot of great information. It is a welcome addition to my bookshelf.
This is a great book into understanding the chemistry of food and the brain. It is very clear and upbeat and has great ideas and recipes.