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by Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre

Detailing the essential roles of meditation and breathing exercises, strategies to develop powers of concentration, and in-depth advice on a healthier diet, including more than 40 delicious recipes, Yoga: Your Home Practice Companion will help you achieve a strong, flexible body, mental alertness and inner serenity through the practice of yoga using the Sivanada Yoga Vedenta School method.
Download Yoga: Your Home Practice Companion epub
ISBN: 0756657296
ISBN13: 978-0756657291
Category: Fitness
Subcategory: Alternative Medicine
Author: Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre
Language: English
Publisher: DK; 1 edition (December 28, 2009)
Pages: 256 pages
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Rating: 4.4
Votes: 901
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I started taking a Sivananda Yoga class three months ago. Since then, I have come to enjoy yoga so much that I am trying to develop a home practice. Although you can easily find the Sivananda asana sequence online, this book is a must. Why?

1. The text is easy to understand.
2. This book is not super in-depth, but is just enough to not overwhelm you as a beginner but still able to carry you through your practice as you advance. In other words, it provides a great foundation and reference tool.
3. The photos are beautiful and clearly demonstrate the progression of each asana.
4. There are variations provided for each asana.
5. The routines are shown through photos, not just the pose name. I like this because I'm more likely to have the book open and USE it during my practice.
6. It shows common mistakes when performing a pose. I realized I have a lot to work on. :)
7. The chapters on breathing and meditation are simple but good.
8. While this book does cover Sivananda Yoga, I really think that it is universal in the information that it provides.

I like that this book covers the pose and counter-pose sequence thoroughly, diet, meditation, breathing, and overall health. It briefly mentions chakras and energy, but doesn't really explain much. I kind of liked this because I know quite a few people who like yoga as an exercise, but wouldn't be interested in the rest of it. So, while chakras and energy are mentioned, it is up to the reader to explore the yoga world more through other texts as well.

Overall, I heartily recommend this book to anyone interested in yoga. This book is a keeper and has earned a spot in my yoga bag next to my mat.
I have been practicing yoga for about 11 years and am a recently certified yoga teacher. I was looking for a yoga book that can help provide me with more information and guidance. This is one of the best yoga books I've found. It starts off introducing you to yoga and what it is about so you get your basic yoga education. Then it talks about pranayana (breathing), which is usually skimmed over. Then, it goes into the different poses and the best part is that it gives you step by step instructions with PICTURES. My biggest irk with yoga books is that they do not include step by step pictures and for beginners, it is bad because then you don't now what the "correct" posture is. It also points out the common faults that people make. It shows the beginner postures and the more advanced ones. At the end of the asanas chapter, it gives you a possible schedule to follow for your day to day yoga practice in 20, 40, or 60 minutes for beginners, intermediate, and advance. It also talks about meditation and the different methods. Finally, it talks about yogic nutrition and provides you with a possible daily meal plan and best of all recipes. I highly recommend this book for anyone except really advanced yoga practicioner who might find the information redundant and too easy.
When there is no sivananda yoga school situated at where I am and no yoga studio teaching this style, this book makes a very good way for me to practice sivananda. It details the entire sequence....but it is lacking the skill and techniques required for going into some of the asanas. If this can be included, this will be a perfect book.
I was introduced to Sivananda Yoga in May 06 by my Shiatsu masseuse. I had several sessions of Shiatsu for back pain relief. However, a few days after the session the pain returned. My masseuse told me that if I practiced Sivananda Yoga once a day it would significantly reduce my back pain. She covered the basic asanas with me in two sessions. I ordered "The Sivananda Companion to Yoga..." and "Yoga 101 Essential Tips". I began performing the asanas on my own using both books as my guide. They are easy to read and fully explain the asanas.

"The Sivananda Companion to Yoga..." is more detailed. It gives a great (but brief) history of Yoga along with breathing, meditation, diet info. and health benefits (in detail using photos). My favorite part of this book is the chart for 30m or 90m sessions and also additional asanas as my routine advances. I use this book when I have more time to experiment with new asanas or as a reference.

"Yoga 101 Essential Tips" covers every basic asana and briefly touchs on diet, meditation, etc. I use this book daily because it covers a complete session.

I am a newby at yoga and highly recommend both books. As a result of doing yoga from them for approximately 3-4 weeks my body feels great, my back pain is relieved and I have either toned or lost inches around the abdomen and thighs which has always been difficult for me. My sugar cravings have decreased (once a daily user of Coca Cola and Haribo Gummies) and coffee is not desired. I am also working on a better diet from recommendations in the book.

Good Luck!
I purchased yoga mind and body, yoga your home practice companion, and the sivananda companion to yoga. I have done yoga sporadically for 10 years, but wanted to start at the beginning because i've had three kids and that changes your body. I liked the yoga your home practice companion the best because its basically the same info as mind and body but the hardback lays flat and open in front of you and there are more pictures. The sivananda companion was too advanced for me.
A terrific manual. One of the best. I initially got this from our library and had to buy one for myself. Can't stress enough how beneficial this book is. Excellent and large illustrations. Poses shown in 1-3 levels, so you can progress your Yoga practice. Wonderful narrative in beginning of book on topics such as meditation and breathing. One of the BEST books on Yoga and I've been practicing for years
This is one of my favorite yoga books. It illustrates every pose and shows step by step how to perfectly execute any given pose. It also explains the various benefits of each pose. I especially like that the authors included several yoga routines that are divided by duration (20min, 40min, 60min) as well as by expertise level (beginner,intermediate and advanced). Very helpful in establishing a regular home yoga practice.