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by Janet Goodrich

A guide to improving vision without the use of glasses, which describes a range of exercises and vision games to improve eyesight and develop eye co-ordination, with advice on combatting the problems encountered with both short and longsightedness.
Download Natural Vision Improvement epub
ISBN: 0890874719
ISBN13: 978-0890874714
Category: Fitness
Subcategory: Alternative Medicine
Author: Janet Goodrich
Language: English
Publisher: Celestial Arts (November 1, 1995)
Pages: 218 pages
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Rating: 4.1
Votes: 108
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Maybe there's some merit to all this "Find inner peace and your eyes will begin to clear" stuff, but I was a bit disappointed with both the layout and the approach of this material. I was expecting more of a 1, 2, 3 Follow-the-yellow-brick-road approach to better eyesight through a battery of physical exercises. What I got looked more like an 8th-grade textbook (complete with an array of cartoon illustrations similar to what would be found in such a textbook), lots of "Embrace the love" New Age philosophy (or so it seems) and a mere handful of useful exercises. I moved on and found something that was more my style.
This book is not what i was hoping for. Not very many exercises. Its more of a meditation book than an eye book. 90% seems to be about how to calm the mind and flush out worries. Waste of $5...
good book
Ordered this book based on favorable reviews here on Amazon, and I couldn't disagree more. Written from a new age perspective, it totally fails at laying out a systematic program for vision improvement. A much better choice is a second book I thankfully ordered at the same time called "The Program For Better Vision" by Martin Sussman, an outstanding book that does lay out a systematic plan to achieve vision improvement. As for "Natural Vision Improvement" by Janet Goodrich, save your money. Would have rated it 0 stars if that was an option.
Wonderful! Bates Method with all the Modern Natural Vision Improvement treatments.
Left and right brain hemisphere activation, integration, improving memory, imagination and its function with the eyes, shifting, central fixation, close and far swings, astigmatism removal swings... Many relaxed, easy natural practices, games to achieve clear vision at far and close (all) distances.
See Janet's other 2-3 children's books and Carina Goodrich's (Janet's daughter) new book; The Practical Guide to Natural Vision Improvement.

All of their books also contain effective treatments for Strabismus; cross, wandering eyes and practices to bring back vision in a eye with dim low vision. Sometimes the brain will shut off the image in a crossed, wandering eye to prevent strain, confusion in the visual system. Lack of correct movement, use of the eye also lowers the vision. This book corrects all these conditions.

The only thing I do not like that they teach is the artificial 3-D fusion exercises 'stereograms'. Janet had eye movement problems and she cured herself so maybe she knows what she is doing, but for myself and others doing these without a eye doctors direction and sometimes even with the doctors help it can result in strabismus, double vision. I had to reverse the problems stereograms caused by returning to only the old Bates Method.
So, keep the information on stereograms but use that part only if absolutely needed and only with your eye doctor's directions. Many teachers are now advising this.

The plain old fashioned Bates Method can correct all eye, vision conditions, including strabismus without using the additional stereograms artificial 3-D.

Janet and Carina have the Bates method in her books.
by Janet Goodrich

I have owned this wonderful book since the late eighties, when I started to have an ardent desire to learn more about the eye-brain connection. I have deliberately bought it despite its new agey connotations.

I have learned that, whatever we learn in a lifetime, as much as 90% will enter us through our eyes. Our brains are stimulated more by visual cues than any other senses. Our eyes also form a very significant part of our brains, some two-thirds of which are fully dedicated to vision & associated processing. Jokes aside, sexual attraction relies greatly on vision! Despite its comparative size, each eye ball has more significant moving parts than the Columbia space shuttle!

I love to read & I am an avid as well as a voracious reader. (From early '92 to mid-2004, I actually owned a small bookstore. It fueled & bankrolled my reading pursuits.) Naturally, I want to keep my eye balls in peak condition.

I was introduced to the book by chance. I did not buy the book on the grounds that I had wanted to get rid of my glasses. Today, I still wear my glasses, only when I drive or watch action movies on TV. When I read or work on my laptop, I don't need my glasses at all. This is inspite of the fact that my laptop screen display has been configured with small font size, especially my Internet Explorer, which allows me to read large chunks of information at one glance.

The most productive learning experiences I got out of this book are the 'natural vision improvement' exercises introduced by the author. They are:

- Palming exercise;
- Sunning exercise;
- Near/Far Focus exercise;
- Peripheral Vision exercise;

I have done these exercises for more than fifteen years. Oftentimes, I could amaze myself - & my friends - particularly when I could read relatively small prints on distant sign-boards or posters. I have also combined the vision exercises with some of the 'Brain Gym' exercises, namely, The Owl, Neck Roll, Cross Crawl & Brain Buttons. Additionally, I do a lot of diaphragmatic breathing exercises. I find all these exercises very useful in maintaining my active physiological frame of mind as well as my sharp mental focus when I read.

I have also taught these exercises to professional adults in my creativity classes, as well as to students in the schools. I have also shared them with my own friends. The feedback from them has always been positive.

Of course, from the book, I have also achieved a much better understanding of the eye-brain connection. If you are interested in this book, my suggestion is to read it with an open mind!

Frankly, if you want to keep your eye balls in peak condition, learn & practise the natural vision improvement exercises in this wonderful book! They have been field tested by me for more than fifteen years!