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by Ran Knishinsky

Complete information on this natural and gentle dietary supplement that is effective in treating a wide range of illnesses. Contains complete, up-to-date information on choosing the appropriate clay and how to use it for specific ailments. Discusses the science and history of clay ingestion and its nutritional value. Resource section includes information on where to buy clay supplements and health products. An exceptional source of minerals, clay has been ingested as a nutritional supplement and detoxifier throughout the world for thousands of years. This book reveals the benefits of that ancient wisdom and the use of clay powders, capsules, or liquid gels to address numerous problems. Naturally absorbent and extremely gentle on the system, clay can treat ailments affecting digestion, circulation, menstruation, and the liver, skin, and prostate. Clay also remedies symptoms of arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, gum diseases, and migraines. The Clay Cure contains complete and up-to-date information on choosing the appropriate type and form of clay, how and when to take it for your specific complaint, the science and history of ingesting clay, and the value of minerals contained in the many varieties of clay.
Download The Clay Cure : Natural Healing from the Earth epub
ISBN: 0892817755
ISBN13: 978-0892817757
Category: Fitness
Subcategory: Alternative Medicine
Author: Ran Knishinsky
Language: English
Publisher: Healing Arts Press (April 1, 1998)
Pages: 112 pages
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Rating: 4.3
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I had read previously about the practice of eating clay to detoxify the digestive system and wanted to learn more. Ran Knishinsky discusses cultures around the world that traditionally eat clay for religious and dietary reasons, as well as to supplement scarce food supplies during times of famine. It turns out that eating clay has a long and rich history, going back to the Roman physician Pliny, the Taoist healer known as Mud-pill Ch'en, and even Mahatma Ghandi. Prestigious journals such as The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and The Canadian Journal of Microbiology have published findings on the health advantages of eating clay. According to the author, just one teaspoon per day mixed with water or juice, or sweetened with honey or essential oils, can cure any kind of gastrointestinal problem, from poisoning to influenza to cholera to dysentery! The author says it's also helpful for treating hay fever, arthritis, tooth decay, viruses, bacteria, acne, circulation, eczema, cleansing the liver of toxins, and many other conditions. Easy to read and very informative: I tore through it in two days.
We had been doing research on the many benefits of clay including discussions with several people who use clay as part of their overall body health. When I first heard about eating clay, I was very skeptical and a disbeliever but now I've been converted as I've has seen the improvements in others including our son (with ADHD). This book does an excellent job in explaining why and how clays work, which clays to use, and different ways to use it. If you're a new dirty eater like us, highly recommend you read this book to help you get more educated on why clay is good for the body. It's a quick read (took me less than an hour) and worth the investment.
The books provided information on multiple uses for clear and resources where the clay can be purchased for internal use. I am currently using the clay and it works beautifully for allergy (hay fever with congestion, sometimes runny nose, and watery eyes.). It clear the problem up within 2 days. I was taking one-half teaspoon a day and stopped. After 2 days the symptoms returned. Within one hour of taking the clay, my sinuses were clear. I highly recommend using the clay. Great book.
Love the information in this book; it makes so much sense!. And it seems to work. Having been sick (chest cold) haven't been able to fully follow the regime because the clay would negate the effects of my medication. Hope to follow the plan as soon as I'm done with meds.
This book is about the history of mud. It is somewhat interesting, but most of the information you can find on the internet. I was purchasing it so that I can get recipes but it doesn't have it. And even says in the book that they don't have recipes.
Loved this book! It's a small read really (at least for me) but this is a nice introduction to whoever is wanting to dive into the edible clay world. If you are looking for something more of external clay use then this may not be your book, though Ran Knishinsky goes over it but very briefly. He even recommends to purchase The Healing Power Of Clay: The Natural Remedy by Michel Abehsera if that is what you're looking for. The only thing that I would have really liked more is having the resource guide updated but overall this book has been an eye-opener!
This small book told me everything I wanted to know about clay. I love how direct it is and didn't take more than an hour or so to read it and absorb the great info.
Not much more than a history clay. Does not have the promised descriptions and recommendations for specific types, making it rather useless. There are simple "recipes" for common ailments but without mention of specific kind of clay, you're left in the dark. Even the website recommended for up-to-date information is curiously non-existing. Save your money. You will find more information on the side of any clay you purchase and the rest you can google. Never been so disappointed in a book. A total ruse. I don't know what book the other reviewers received.