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by L. Ron Hubbard

An advanced species of aliens discovers Earth and fears that its developing technology can someday endanger their empire. Thus begins Mission Earth a spectacular series following the aliens' intricate infiltration of Earth society to bring about its downfall. The Invaders Plan begins the paperback publication of this blockbuster series.
Download The Invaders Plan (Mission Earth Series, Vol 1) epub
ISBN: 0884042820
ISBN13: 978-0884042822
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Science Fiction
Author: L. Ron Hubbard
Language: English
Publisher: Bridge Pubns (January 1990)
Pages: 615 pages
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Rating: 4.8
Votes: 174
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I think Galaxy Press missed the boat on marketing this series. Calling it "Satire" doesn't do this brilliant work justice.

Jules Verne invented the atomic submarine/

Arthur C. Clark invented the communications satellite.

My old friend Frank Herbert invented Earth Day.

Piers Anthony gave me the idea for THE ULTIMATE COMPUTER VIRUS, on which I have blogged since 2010.

BUT IN JUST VOLUME ONE of INVASION EARTH, L. Ron Hubbard envisioned in 1985:

1. He invented the SMART WATCH

2. He envisioned the damnable spell checker screw ups possible from a robotic/universal translator.

3. He forecast CIA (Coordinated Information Apparatus) spying on the masses.

4. He explained how a bureaucracy can turn a $3 million appropriation into $300 million without batting an eye.

5. He projected the value of stem cells for personal regeneration.

6. He invented foot apparel that pulses light (those damnable blinking tennis shoes kids now wear)

7. He invented the ultimate city defense: Use a black hole to project the city 13 minutes into the future.

8. He invented detailed games (yet to be monetized).

9. He invented hi-tech party masks that print onto your face (yet to be monetized).

10. He invented musical instruments like the "chorder beat" (yet to be monetized).

Okay, I'm hooked. Smart guy, Hubbard. No wonder he started his own religion (and by the way, I'm a practicing Mormon and not a Scientology apologist).

I can't wait to absorb the follow-up books in the 10-volume set.
This entire series is intended as satire, primarily of the government and multi-national corporations. This first book sets up not only the plot, but also develops the characters a bit, mainly the narrator, who is also the villain of the series. This first book is a little slow as there are some necessary plot devices to set things up for later, but overall a good read. How good? I got this book two weeks ago, and I'm already halfway through the third book. The pace really picks up a bit in the second book, and so far the third book is the best of the three.
Besides being a great science fiction story about alien invasion from the invaders point of view, the story is a great satire of our American civilization. Nothing is left untouched. Not the Bankers, Rich Elite of Earth, Drug Abuse, Sex and of course the sins of Psychiatry and Psychology. Read it for the sci-fi, read it for the satire or read it for both. A very entertaining start of a great space opera about a planet known as Earth which doesn't exist.
I love this whole series of Mission Earth. This second volume of the ten volume series is very funny and well written. It has a background tension/problem which sets the pace and keeps my interest in how it will all work out. Excellent to read...very entertaining.
This reminds me of the "Road Runner and Coyote". Constant underhanded attempts by Soltan Gris to cause Heller failure resulting in Heller to always comes out on top in one form or another just like the Road Runner verses Coyote.
There are parts that are bleeping funny then you go bleep this is a long bleeping book I wish the bleepard would have edited a few of the bleeping chapters out. It is for the most part a good book but you have to at times slog thru it. In the other 9 bleeping books the satire of the bleeping news organizations are dead on and the willing lemmings of the population to believe them. He takes Hits at the IRS ( which is becoming more true all the time the bleeping bleep turds), Shrinks, Law Enfocment, The Goverment in general etc.

All swearing is Bleeped out by a Goverment censor AI. So every time a character swears in the book it is bleeped out by the bleeping AI.
I read these in hardback when they first came out. I am in the process of rereading them on my Kindle. Being older and maybe more mature, I pick up the comedy aspects a lot better now which makes them even more enjoyable.
The Invader's Plan is one of the most entertaining science fiction works I've ever read. I didn't know what I was in for but Hubbard really delivers in this first one of a series of books he put out some decades back that honestly predicted the future, or was it a look at the past? Science Fiction writers have a way of doing this, but Hubbard is the best one I've ever read. I will be buying the whole "dekology". I will never ever forget this piece as it so cleverly takes satiric potshots at our current "culture".