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by Marc Thompson,Paul S. Kemp

The second novel set in the Old Republic era and based on the massively multiplayer online game Star Wars®: The Old Republic™ ramps up the action and brings readers face-to-face for the first time with a Sith warrior to rival the most sinister of the Order’s Dark Lords—Darth Malgus, the mysterious, masked Sith of the wildly popular “Deceived” and “Hope” game trailers.Malgus brought down the Jedi Temple on Coruscant in a brutal assault that shocked the galaxy. But if war crowned him the darkest of Sith heroes, peace would transform him into something far more heinous—something Malgus would never want to be, but cannot stop, any more than he can stop the rogue Jedi fast approaching.Her name is Aryn Leneer—and the lone Knight that Malgus cut down in the fierce battle for the Jedi Temple was her Master. And now she’s going to find out what happened to him, even if it means breaking every rule in the book.From the Hardcover edition.
Download Star Wars: The Old Republic - Deceived epub
ISBN: 0307879321
ISBN13: 978-0307879325
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Science Fiction
Author: Marc Thompson,Paul S. Kemp
Language: English
Publisher: Random House Audio; Unabridged edition (March 22, 2011)
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Rating: 4.9
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Im a big Old Republic fan and despite all the negative reviews of this book it is a good read in itself. Now giving them that little bit of credit if you are a long time big hearted fan of the KOTOR games and you're looking for an epic closure for Revan then there is definitely going to be a big let down. Im not going into grave detail because plenty of reviewers have done far better than I could with that and I wholeheartedly agree with them because I was pulled hard into the games. They are by far my favorite games and I hope they will one day remake them for the newer consoles if they can do so without ruining the game. Now back on topic, this books closure of Revan and the Exile is indeed a grave let down im very disappointed. I'd rather go back to letting my mind wonder on what happened to revan than let this be the end of the story.
I have played both KotOR games hundreds of times growing up, and Revan is my favorite Star Wars character of all time, so of course I had to read this. (I do not play TOR)

It was a page turner and a great read over all. It is definitely worth to read just to piece together the events between the first and second games.

However, this book isn't that great as a standalone, which is what I was expecting. I didn't want to get into reading and entire series to find out the true ending. If you're like me and hoping this is a standalone, prepare yourself for a mediocre ending.

I still recommend this as it was mostly entertaining, I just couldn't help but be disappointed with an otherwise anti-climactic finish.
After playing the MMO "The Old Republic" (TOR) on and off for a few years, I finally started to get into the lore of the game. Outside of the game the first place I looked - after some player reccomendations - was "Revan." The novel "fills in the blanks" between not just Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) 2 and TOR, but also between the first two KotOR games. "Revan" sets the stage for SOME of the storylines in TOR, but nothing too earth shattering.

I read this in hindsight, and unfortunately the novel's short length doesn't allow for a whole of additional "meat" than, say, a Wiki entry. I'm sure at the time of the release of the novel - and before players could truly get into TOR - this novel would have been a great addition to the game's lore (and a great setup to a few of the stories, as mentioned), but after two and a half years if playing I just wasn't too enthralled with it. It does a great job at what it was supposed to do (fill in some of the blanks before players could explore the TOR galaxy in-depth), but as a Star Wars title, Revan definitely does NOT stand on its own.

I'd recommend this to anyone who has played the original KotOR games and is thinking about trying TOR, but for anyone without an interest in that era/those games I would avoid the title. Even if you're not a fan of the games, there is one title - "Annihalation" - that I strongly recommend if you're just looking for a Star Wars novel that can stand on its own merits.
This review is more a critique on the character of Malgus than anything else.

One of the big complaints about the Star Wars books that focus on Luke Skywalker is because he's so powerful at this point in his life there is little drama with him. Since Luke always wins and since Luke is so powerful the battles are over before they even begin which removes all sense of anticipation and intrigue. I find it ironic then that everyone in these reviews raves about Malgus. I find the virtually invincible Sith Lord who mows down scores of Jedi Knights without even breaking a sweat as annoying and boring as "the goodie two-shoes Mary Sue" Luke Skywalker. There is no drama. In every fight Malgus comes out on top. Every time. Easily. Even the ones that end in a draw have more to do with the opponent practically running away than it does with giving Malgus a decent challenge.

Malgus can be summed up in one word. RAGE. In battle Malgus calls on unlimited stores of RAGE to defeat his enemies with ease. Malgus's RAGE nearly consumes him when he's dealing with other Sith Lords. Malgus commits a horrible act against his lover for the sole purpose of generating pain to feed his RAGE. He then uses the memory of that act in battle to intensify his RAGE even more.

Despite the fact that Luke is dealing with a headstrong teenage son and is still reeling from the death of his wife he's regarded as "boring" but Malgus who is one dimensional with a crush on his slave is "deep" and "complex" and "nuanced" and "fascinating".

The book itself honestly wasn't that bad. However, knowing that Malgus would wipe the floor with every opponent he went up against sucked all tension out of the battle sequences. Seriously, with the sheer power this guys RAGE generated there was NO WAY he'd ever lose any of the fights in this book. As I started each battle sequence I said to myself "let's see how long the author drags it out before Malgus and his unstoppable RAGE destroys everything in his path. . .well that didn't take long."

For what it's worth the only guy in the book I found remotely interesting was the smuggler archetype Z-man. He's the only guy who actually seemed like he had something to lose.