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by Elliot S. Maggin

Vintage paperback
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ISBN: 0446911968
ISBN13: 978-0446911962
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Science Fiction
Author: Elliot S. Maggin
Language: English
Publisher: Warner Books; First Edition edition (May 1981)
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Rating: 4.6
Votes: 249
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OOPS! I goofed and actually typed my review here for "Last Son of Krypton." Let me fix it.

This novel drags a bit in places, so I don't love it as much as I love "Last Son of Krypton" which includes Einstein as a main character. But that has not stopped me from purchasing and reading it twice. Just like many other novels, the book lets us have a much better understanding of the main characters, and for that, I am happy to give it four stars.

Most of this novel is written in the third person, but some parts, being extracts from one character's "future diary" are, obviously, in the first person. This book introduces us to two new characters, a historian from the future, and one of Satan's demons, which Lex Luthor accidentally releases from Hell when Lex escaped, once again, from maximum security. The demon makes it his goal to corrupt Superman, and while doing so, takes over the body of the historian, who studied everything about Superman, including his secrets, before traveling into the past to find out exactly what happened on Miracle Monday, the holiday that they celebrate in the future to celebrate what doesn't happen until the end of this novel. (That is quite a convoluted paragraph, isn't it?)

The first Superman novel, The Adventures of Superman by George Lowther, starred Eben and Sarah Kent as Clark's new parents. In this book, we see the modern names, Jonathan and Martha Kent. Of course, flashbacks let us see scenes of young Clark and young Lex.

I highly recommend this Super-Novel to you. I have read it at least twice, purchased twice, and will read it again in a year or so, then again a few years after that.

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I first read this book when it was originally published in 1981, and I've re-read it every year in May since then. It had long been out-of print, so I treasured my copy, and, whenever I found another copy available online or at book resellers, I'd buy it and give it to a friend, like an evangelist passing out copies of sacred scripture. I purchased this re-release when it came out in 2017 (on Miracle Monday, the third Monday in May!). I love Mr. Maggin's comic book writing, and I think he has an excellent sense of who Superman is, at his core, as well as an understanding of Superman's supporting characters, but one of the things I most enjoy is the way he writes Lex Luthor, as someone who knew Clark Kent in Smallville when they were boys (and friends) together. Even when Lex becomes Earth's foremost criminal, he still has some sense of honor and integrity.
The overall story involves Superman's battle against evil in the form of a demon from Hell, and how he fights that battle without losing himself in the process. It all comes down to an idea: There is a right and a wrong in the universe, and that distinction is not hard to make. Superman will always make that distinction, because that is who he is.
One other note I'd like to make. One of the main characters, Kristin Wells, is a great favorite of mine, and she appears in a few Bronze Age comic book stories which take place after this story, as a superhero in her own right, inspired, as many of us are, by the Man of Steel.
Miracle Monday by Elliot S! Maggin is quite simply one of the best versions of Superman you'll ever read. This novel (which has no connection with the Donner/Reeve film, despite its concurrent initial release) may be the first work of superhero fiction that takes both the subject matter and the reader seriously, and should be considered required reading for anyone claiming to love the character, or simply loves compelling writing. I could go on about how this elevation of tone, story, and especially modern, realistically emotional chacters predates the work of the great Alan Moore in taking things that seem silly and making us see them in a new light, but rather than take my word for it, listen to the great Mark Waid (you know, KINGDOM COME, SUPERMAN: BIRTHRIGHT, that guy?) who just last week on a Facebook thread called "Miracle Monday" his "Bible for writing Superman."
This new edition is gorgeous, with previous editions typos corrected, and at larger, more legible size, I appreciate that I can enjoy it without my reading glasses. Hopefully a reprinting of Maggin's other equally enjoyable novel "Last Son of Krypton" is in the cards soon as well.
Elliot S. Maggin did a great job with this novel. I wish the next stand alone Superman movie would tell this story from the 80's. Superman does not kill, not even the devil, period. If you're a Superman fan from the 80's then I think you will enjoy this time capsule inspired by the first Christopher Reeve film. Superman vs C. W. Saturn would be a great film, especially for Legion of Superhero fans.
A true Tour De Force(s). I have long wanted to say that. No spoilers. Most enjoyable. I cannot discern whether Elliot Maggin is prescient or so attuned to the culture that he's able to foretell vernacular, meme, and "history" more than a generation ahead of time. I am glad that he didn't change the original manuscript. Well worth reading.
I bought this novel used for the collector's sake. When I picked it up I couldnt put it down. The author knows the Superman character well and gives some Clark kent background to the story as well as Lex Luthor's. The villian C.W. Saturn is a baddy and wants to take down Superman. Superman's confrontation with Saturn isn't till the very end and thats when the villain reveals his purpose, which reminded me of the Joker's plan for Batman in the Dark Knight movie. What do you get when an unstoppable force hits an immovable object? And this book predates the movie by a couple of decades! Superman shines in this exciting adventure. Elliot S! Maggin should be writing Superman today! The story is stuck in the times as references to disco and some slang dates the story a bit and Clark Kent as a TV news reporter, which he was in the comics at the time. Great Read!!!
Excellent examples of how Superman sees the world and his place in it. It is the traditional Superman with invulnerable suit and cape.