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by Robert A. Heinlein

Download I Will Fear No Evil epub
ISBN: 0450010015
ISBN13: 978-0450010019
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Science Fiction
Author: Robert A. Heinlein
Language: English
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd (April 1, 1984)
Pages: 416 pages
ePUB size: 1548 kb
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Rating: 4.8
Votes: 465
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This has to be one of the strangest books I've ever read. It has been a long time since I've read any Heinlein, but a friend recommended it and since I had not read it, I had to give it a try. On the surface, it seems like this is a book that speaks incessantly about sex but has no sex scenes. While this is true, the book is about so much more than that. Reading it 47 years after it was published, revealed more about the author's brilliance than it would have had I read it in 1970. His prophetic ideas about technology as well as modern culture are quite simply amazing.

He writes of a time in the future when all the computers are connected and talk to each other--an idea that would have been laughable by all but the most brilliant people in 1970. But then he explores the very idea of sexuality. A time when homosexuality would be considered normal. A time when illegitimacy is a dead word, and gender is nothing more than a social construct. And the concept of trans-sexuality is at the heart of the entire tome. But while the entire story unfolds, there is a suggestion of a dsytopian society looming outside. Does any of this sound familiar. He doesn't appear to take position on any of these matters, he just presents it from the view of those who live it.

If you're looking for deep sci-fi, it's probably not your book, but if your a fan of Heinlein and his political slant, you'll enjoy this book.
I read this as a girl, decades ago, and several of the phrases, such as 'tell it bang', stayed with me... It has the most memorable first chapters and amazing last few pages of any of Heinlein"'s books. The book is set in his future history, where Earth is pretty finished,with crime out of control, over population, widespread depletion of resources, and governments both intrusive and inefficient. Settlement of the Moon has begun, though, and the hero/heroine and his/her extended family finally join this. Unfortunately the book ends there, with a heart stopping conclusion . By that time we have spent too many pages in Heinlein's later works' fantasy territory : free love, free sex, nobody jealous, all relations loving and life enhancing, so that we end up with the extended family cum commune that does, actually, nothing at all. The sex is wonderfully '50s, as are the women, veils, sensationally curvy bodies, long legs, and body paint. Jane Russell would be great as Eunice,the heroine. As other reviews have mentioned, Heinlein is not great at female characters, with the exception of Friday,who is actually clever, in fact a genius. The heroine (I try to avoid spoilers here ) spends her time learning to be a woman, which means shopping, make up, yoga, seduction and finally a baby. In the background is a very , cynical and experienced old man, and at times the dialogue between the two is interesting, , but most of it is pretty yucky and should have been cut to ribbons. OK, so over long, short on content, but nevertheless
worth reading for the futurology, (pretty accurate) and cynical social comment. And for those magical moments at the end. The old master could never be dull.
This was the most controversial book of his second phase of book writing
He was pilloried by many critics for the controversial content in this book. But, he also opened up the whole field of Sci-Phi for other authors to explore the full gamut of sexuality and the family.

What does having a brain transplant mean for the recipient of a new body and the donor. How does a male react to being a beautiful 20+ female? What are the legal consequences for the first recipient of a new body? These and other important questions are asked in this book. Between 'Stranger In A Strange Land', 'I Will Fear no Evil', and 'Time Enough For Love', Heinlein thoroughly severed his ties to his Mid-West Bible Belt upbringing. Enjoy this masterpiece from the Grandfather of Sci-Phi.
This is the best Robert A. Heinlein book I have ever seen. Rightly I say that, since I did see it; he wrote it so well I couldn't help but see it; he wrote it real. This is Heinlein charging ahead with his favorite topic of sexual practices, politics, and innovations. You name it, guaranteed, he's showing it and more. There's a whole cast of colorful characters. They're living on an overpopulated, dangerous, and decadent future Earth. But there's hope, they can escape. They can immigrate to the colonies of Luna.
One of Robert Heinleins best books. It takes the science fiction realm to a new level exploring such things as brain transplants, wearing paint as clothing and an inherently absentee government that allows violence to become a part of every day life where only the rich can truly afford safety. Most importantly though it explores the idea of self in a way that is both boldly sexually open and strangely surreal. Worth a read if you liked Stranger in a Strange Land for sure.
It was one of Heinlein's first books for adults instead of children. I love it as a teenager but when I had Mother read it many years later she was shocked because it had too much sex in it. Had she known I never would have been able to read it without a discussion was her comment. I still love the "crazy" years.
Heinlein is my favorite author. It is unfortunate that he passed away when he did. I am sure he had more stories to share with us. I purchased this one for my wife who liked this particular story but doesn't like to read small print. This way she can enjoy the story.
This was the first book by Robert Heinlein that I ever read. It's only the second time that I've read it, I first read it in Jr. High. That was a long time ago. There is so much more about the story and character development that I don't remember that it's like reading it the first time. Heinlein was at his professional height when he wrote this book, approximately the same time period as "Stranger in a Strange Land" and "Time enough for Love". I am very happy with this seclection.