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Download Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files, Vol. 2- 2000 AD Progs 61-115 epub

by Pat Mills,John Wagner,Chris Lowder

Judge Dredd
Download Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files, Vol. 2- 2000 AD Progs 61-115 epub
ISBN: 1904265839
ISBN13: 978-1904265832
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Science Fiction
Author: Pat Mills,John Wagner,Chris Lowder
Language: English
Publisher: TURNAROUND PUBLISHER; 1St Edition edition (February 2, 2006)
Pages: 320 pages
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FB2 size: 1395 kb
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 321
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I tried so hard to like this, but it's terribly bad. It is as cheesey as the original Superman plotlines, filled with pointless deus ex machina gadgetry in a bad imitation of Iron Man and Batman, and makes the movies look like literary fiction.

Don't spoil your dreams by finding out how bad the original stuff actually was. You're better off not reading it at all, because trust me, your imaginary version of "Where Judge Dredd Came From" is way, WAY better than where Dredd actually came from.
By the time we get to the second collection of Judge Dredd, a featured tale in the anthology weekly comic "2000 A.D.", the stories begin to shape up and become more consistent. This collection does not feature art by co-creator Carlos Ezquerra. I first fell in love with Dredd due mainly to King Carlos' pen-and-ink art, all presented in glorious black and white. The same monochrome is seen here, the ink flowing from such fantastic talents as Brian Bolland, Mike McMahon, Dave Gibbons ("Watchmen" co-creator!), Brendan McCarthy and rockin' Ron Smith. All the artists are outrageously good, the only critique is that Dredd himself looks different as interpreted by each artist, but it's easy to sort that bit out. "Case Files 2" is Dredd's first foray into the Cursed Earth, the atomic wasteland left after war, with only the Mega Cities safe zones of dense population and "normal" humans. All who live in the Cursed Earth have been affected by radiation and other hazardous materials, and considered "mutants" by city-dwellers. The history of Dredd's time is presented here, in raw form. After all, we readers are just being introduced to the world of Dredd as it is being created. Obviously, there was a huge amount of work done on the back story and history before the first prog hit print. Most of this volume is written by Pat Mills, who was the first editor of "2000 A.D." and worked closely with the creators, John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra. Do not expect precise consistency in the first five or six volumes, even though they are darned good at maintaining consistency for the most part. Even so, even minor characters (such as the robots Snap, Crackle and Pop) may well be important in other tales. The robot trio mentioned, for example, are important in "Origins" - a tale told after another thousand or so 8-page stories. (The complete Dredd Collection runs Eighty volumes!) As always, Dredd is no funny-book, it is intended for early teens on up through us elderly types. As with "Origins" or any other Dredd volume, it is a great tale to be read by the whole family with the intent of discussing the issues raised by the stories. It is no fairy tale, some of the stories are quite unpleasant. Each one does inspire creative thinking, and makes us consider the why and how of how we humans use Law to form society. Best of all, it's an ongoing adventure in a dystopic future with lots of action and weird creatures. Probably best to buy three or four volumes at a time (to get the free shipping!).
"Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 2" is the second sequential volume starring "Judge Dredd", the venerable English comic book hero, who has been in print, in one form or another, for well over 30 years. For the most part the series is set in the future in Mega City 1 (nominally New York City and the a portion of eastern seaboard). Judge Dredd is the most well-known (and most feared) of the Street Judges, lawmen who are empowered to arrest, judge, and sentence anyone they find guilty of a crime. Each story runs to a maximum of about 8 pages (due to the fact that they originally ran in a weekly science fiction anthology), but in this volume, most of the short stories are linked into larger, broader story arcs.

In fact, most the book is taken up by two large arcs, "Cursed Earth", where Dredd has to go cross the continental former United States to deliver some life-saving serum to Mega City 2, and "The Day the Law Died", where a meglomaniac judge usurps control of Mega City 1, and Judge Dredd has to restore law and order. The stories, while still somewhat heavy-handed and simplistic at times, show clear improvement over volume 1, as the writers more comfortably flesh out the character of Judge Dredd and his world. While volume 1 was entertaining in its own right, volume 2 is much better and much more representative of Dredd and his world.

As I also noted in my review of vlume 1, Judge Dredd is often not likeable, but his moral compass for right and wrong is unwavering, and at times, it's intentionally too unwavering. The tales have humor, pathos, irony, and a lot of action. If you're a Judge Dredd fan, this collection should be on your bookshelf. Five stars.