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by Alan Dean FOSTER

Download Lost and Found epub
ISBN: 0345461266
ISBN13: 978-0345461261
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Science Fiction
Author: Alan Dean FOSTER
Publisher: Del Rey (2004)
ePUB size: 1947 kb
FB2 size: 1445 kb
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 291
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Foster is a genuis at pacing, this book sucked me up and spit me out four sleep-deprived days later. I could not put it down. The main character, Marc, is kidnapped by aliens and where he finds himself and what he does about it really compel the reader on. I also enjoyed the characters which were unique species and personalities. Very fun. Somehow foster managed to make yellow hairy behemoth poets and mauve ten tentacled geniuses seem normal and totally believable. The language is glaringly overwrought at times. Foster literally invokes Paul Bunyan, the river Styx, and seppuku just to describe a fireplace. Not even an important one. The book, however, is not much deeper than a bizarre and compelling ride through space. There's a lot of potential with a commodities trader being captured and treated as a commodity, but aside from the obvious irony foster took it no deeper than that. I do feel that through the different races (alien) and their diverse values, priorities, and outlooks, Foster is commenting on human values. If we only look at he bottom line we lose our compassion, humanity, and ethics. I love that. But that's it, at least I didn't see a wider message than that. Finally, the main character is flawed, of course, but also a total jackass. I did not like being with this guy. I did care about him, but honestly cared more for his canine companion's welfare than his. He often acts In petty, ridiculous, careless, hurtful, unthinking ways that were frustrating and saddening to read. Yeah, yeah, he's human, but I did not like being in his skin. He was determined, but other than that there is little to prop him up to the status of hero. He totally murders someone for super petty reasons, and that's it. No repercussions, just, he's a total tantruming ass who holds ridiculous grudges. I'm still really mad and unsettled about this (wtf message is that suppose to be?) and that's the major reason for the 3 stars. Petty main hero and a lack of deeper meaning brought me down!!
I've had these three on my Kindle for a while, but just got around to reading them. Being generally unfocused, I mistakenly read the 3rd book, "Candle of Distant Earth" first. I'm not yet finished with "The Light-Years Beneath My Feet", book #3 of the trilogy, but "Lost and Found" and "Candle..." made perfect sense even taken out of order.

I've always liked Foster's mild humor, sense of individuality of all beings, and fine story telling style. Book #3 made made perfect sense as a stand alone novel. However, once I realized my error and went to the beginning of the saga my mind kept going to minor points in the 3rd book that I'd been mildly confused by. I definitely intend to read "Candle ..." again just to pick up on what I might have missed.

I'd recommend ALL of Alan Dean foster's books to anyone who enjoys sci-fi, friendship oriented stories, soap operas, and/or "mirror world" tales. There's a touch of all of that in most Foster novels and short stories.

Why 5 full stars? Heck, Foster has a weird and fascinating way of handling the depiction of alien people and story lines / situations. I've been racing his works, off and on, for nearly 4 decades. I can't think of any that wouldn't get 5 stars from me.
Foster has a gift for words that makes this quirky tale a true delight. Funny and original with sly humor in every description. The aliens and the dog all have zany personalities. I loved the intellectual jokes, and found Lost and Found just as endearing as my favorite Stainless Steel Rat series by Harry Harrison. Thank you, Mr. Foster, for putting this excellent trilogy on sale! I might have missed out of this gem otherwise (starving author myself -- can't afford full price Kindle books).
Alan Dean Foster can be an exasperating writer. Sometimes his books are among the best but sometimes he just bores me. This is not one of his better efforts.

One would be better served by reading any Flinx novel or alomost any fantasy by him. I always thought his best was "Into the Dark" But that's just me. . .you have to find your own.

That said this is an exploration of the "alien capture turns person into a specimen" and it evolves from that premise. With Alan Dean Foster's usual twists on that: a talking rational dog. Much more rational, and funny than the protagonist who comes off kind of an idiot sometimes actually. Etc. It all seemed very familiar to me somehow. I slogged to a halt about three quarters through so at least I won't give away the ending. I never got there. I'm sure there will be something from him that fires up in the future. This ain't it.
Typical Foster engaging, endearing, enticing enthusiastic, read for the 4th time, a simpler hobbit trip with bravado and brash endeavors.
I did enjoy this story until it up and ended. Oops, where did the author go? Where did he go? Is he okay? I guess this is a series. The whole thing should be sold together, in my opinion.
Love all his books. The only thing I could wish for would be more new books. I have read and reread all of his books. I know I will be entertained, engrossed, and loving each book.
Well written, imaginative, exciting and touching, this is a gem! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series!