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by Mark Verheiden,Ed Benes,Tony Daniel

Download Superman: The Journey (Superman) epub
ISBN: 1845762452
ISBN13: 978-1845762452
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Science Fiction
Author: Mark Verheiden,Ed Benes,Tony Daniel
Language: English
Publisher: Titan Books Ltd (April 21, 2006)
Pages: 144 pages
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Rating: 4.7
Votes: 266
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This review is for Sacrifice. (Amazon is putting the reviews for about 4 different books all in the same place.)

This is part of the lead-up to Infinite Crisis and is heavily connected to The OMAC Project (Countdown to Infinite Crisis), so it doesn't really stand on its own. I think the multiple writers hurt the story - there's no flow to it (which was a chronic problem with Superman starting even before the "Death" storyline).

Superman 218 - Superman fights Blackrock. No connection to the OMAC Project until the final panel.
Superman 219 - Superman thinks he's fighting Brainiac.
Action 829 - Next, he's hallucinating an odd boxing match with Darkseid.
Adventures of Superman 642 - The Justice League try to figure out how to deal with Superman.
Wonder Woman 219 - The big fight between Wonder Woman and mind-controlled Superman.
Wonder Woman 220 - The immediate aftermath for Wonder Woman. Apart from the first three pages, it doesn't directly involve Superman and doesn't really fit in this book.
Adventures of Superman 643 - Superman flashes back to when he was fighting Wonder Woman and hallucinating that he was fighting Doomsday. He fights an OMAC and discovers there's a person inside.
Superman 220 - Superman and Superboy (Connor Kent) fight the Eradicator and another OMAC shows up.

A relatively weak, disconnected book. Wonder Woman: Mission's End (which also contains Wonder Woman 219 and 220) was much better.
good book. very good storyline to follow from start to finish...shows the strength of the writers and animators...would recommend highly..
The art isn't the best but this story is paramount in the new DC universe, especially for true Wonder Woman fans.
A great storyline that leads into Infinite Crisis. The art is great as well.
This trade collects:

Superman #218-2002 (written by Mark Verheidan (Smallville) and illustrated by Ed Benes (Birds of Prey).

Adventures of Superman (written by Greg Rucka and art by Karl Kerschl, Morales et al.)

Action Comics #829 (written by Gail Simone and art by John Byrne)

Wonder Woman #219-220 (written by Rucka, art by Morales, Johnson et al.)

This is the collection that is an extension of the OMAC Project. It takes place when Superman is min-controlled by Max Lord and attacks several members of the JLA obviously including Wonder Woman. The story overall is written very well, especially the portions written by Rucka. He really delves into the Superman character and knows what makes him tick. He also captures the relations between the big 3 JLA members very well. Yes, they are colleagues, yes they are friends, but there are certain lines that they are not to cross. The Wonder Woman issues after the big event is also handled very well as she re-examines her friendships with Batman and Superman in light of the recent events and her actions. And last but not least, is the fight scene. Long have comic fan boys (including a younger version of myself) examined the situation if Superman fought Wonder Woman...what would happen? Well, Rucka and a plathora of artists answer the question...and answers it very well. Wonder Woman is no push over and in this book, we see the warrior side of her personlaity fleshed out. She even turns her much-maligned tiara into a deadly weapon.

The only problem I had was with Verheidan's portion of the writing which is basically two issues in the book. His ideas seem all over the place and needs to be tied down a bit more, for the sake of making the story flow a little better. While, Rucka insists on slow and methodical, sharacter-driven writing, Verheidan opts for action...too much of it at times. And that's the only downside.

This book is recommended for those following the Infinite Crisis events and also for those who wants a look at the darker DC universe.
So some people don't like that Superman was beaten by a girl. Or that Wonder Woman took a life. Whatever. I thought it was a good story. I think Wonder Woman did the right thing in taking Maxwell Lord's life and I thought Batman and Superman were both jerks in the way they treated her. I loved the fight between Superman and Wonder Woman. The artwork was a little weak in spots but overall it was good.
disappointing. I bought this book in the hopes of reading about a good fight between wonder woman and superman. That lasts all of 3 maybe 4 pages, the rest is all mostly unrelated plot.
I have been dying to read this! Such a great read!! I'm so happy to have this in my collection!