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by Michael Mulvihill

Rigger 3, the advanced vehicle book revised for Shadowrun, 3rd Edition, offers rules for designing unique vehicles, using state-of-the-art sensors and electronic countermeasures, running a smuggling operation, and everything else that can be done in or with a vehicle. This rules supplement replaces Rigger 2.
Download Rigger 3 (Shadowrun) epub
ISBN: 1555604021
ISBN13: 978-1555604028
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Science Fiction
Author: Michael Mulvihill
Language: English
Publisher: Fasa (April 1, 2001)
ePUB size: 1680 kb
FB2 size: 1341 kb
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 670
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Legend 33
I've played Shadowrun since 1990 and once tried to collaborate on a 'net project to overhaul the Rigger Blackbook. I once argued that GURPS Vehicles (1st ed.) by Steve Jackson Games was the _real_ Rigger Blackbook (only published by the wrong company *grin*).
With that on my resume, I confidently exclaim that Rigger 3 represents a long awaited overhaul and expansion for the neglected rigger. For years, anyone who wanted to play a rigger had to endure weak rules that made play impossible even for those "never say die" fans who struggled to make sense of the anemic and confusing construction rules.
With Rigger 3, the rigger not only becomes a viable player character, but he may very well be the most versitile and dangerous member of any shadowrun team! This book includes outstanding construction rules for anything mechanical and visible to the naked eye, and now your PCs can steal boats, cars or tanks and actually take off without stopping the game to invent rules.
For me the most exciting part of Rigger 3 was the volumes of material on drones - from bug-sized crawling drones, to aerial drones, to remote controlled vehicles. It's wonderful! I love the idea of a rigger and her army of drones (depicted on the cover). Orders can be issued to single or multiple drones or the rigger can "move into" an individual drone or vehicle and take control with a first-hand perspective. Drones rules.
And finally, I'm satisifed they resolved the "ghost-in-the-machine" debate, and that the vehicle is an extension of the rigger's body (heart-engine, oil-blood, wheels-legs) rather than the rigger losing her spirit in the machine (e.g. decker).
First, I'd like to clarify the 3 stars. If you do not have Rigger 2, then this book could get 4 stars. It has rather good information for rigger characters in Shadowrun. I don't recommend it as a general-purpose book, as the Cannon Companion and Man and Machine books are because it just doesn't do enough. From a non-rigger player perspective, it offers very little to be used in any campaign. From the rigger or GM perspective, though, it is a very valuable tool.
The biggest problem with the book, however, is that it differs very little from the Rigger 2 book. Pretty much the only change is the addition of ships and subs and the rules governing them. If you already own the Rigger 2 book, I urge you not to waste your money with this book. While the other 3rd edition books offer good consolidations, reorganizations and even large rewrites, this one really includes none of that.
If you never buy another Shadowrun book, ever, you must purchase this one. It expands the rules covering vehicles and drones in the Shadowrun universe. It changes vehicle pricing and the way certain things work. All in all, it's a great resource to have.
This book is a must for any rigger,street sam,merc,shaman......
add some flavor to your runs this book is great clarifies rules on vehicle combat building vehicles and customising vehicles A great buy