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by E.E. "Doc" Smith

Kim Kinnison of the Patrol uses his children as bait in a desperate plan to prevent the destruction of the universe
Download Children of the Lens (Lensman Series) epub
ISBN: 0586038477
ISBN13: 978-0586038475
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Science Fiction
Author: E.E. "Doc" Smith
Language: English
Publisher: Grafton; New Ed edition (1973)
Pages: 256 pages
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Rating: 4.7
Votes: 968
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Space opera at its best. Yes, today's knowledge of the universe makes a space opera such as the Lensman series quite unrealistic and impractical. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Lensman series again for the first time in 40 years. This book is the grand conclusion to the Lensman series of 6 books. All were most enjoyable. However, if you are a stickler for reality, it's best you take a pass. But if a good space opera is your thing, enjoy!
I really feel this series peaked with galactic patrol. It's kind of repetitive and the characters are fairly two dimensional. Worsel the Velantian is my favorite.
Solid space opera — but not as good as the previous ones in the series. Fun, but you’re not missing much if you skip it. But nice if you’re a Doc Smith fan.
Having started the six book series with Triplanetary and ending here, I thought the series started to trail off after Galactic Patrol. Triplanetary has been heavily criticized as giving away too much of the series and of the pro- and antagonists too soon. However when the Eddorians are finally confronted here I didn't feel as much as a build up to their powers as Triplanetary instilled. In Triplanetary you really felt that the Eddorians were almost omnipotent beings and the task before the Arisians in seeding planets, including Earth, preparing for the eventual confrontation to save Civilization. Galactic Patrol really carried on the beginning of the series with Kimball Kinnison, but I thought the quality dwindled starting with Gray Lensman and the dated 50's slang really picked up then. It's not just because it's written in the 50's, I've recently read several works by Alfred Bester, Arthur C. Clarke, and others written in the 50's and they have no where near this level of 50's slang.

Another thing I started to find unappealing is Smith's heavy regard for the `wide girth' of Kinnison and of his space-ax swinging cohorts. In reality, strong ambition comes often from those that have not been so physically gifted in life and so have to fight their entire lives against people's initial reactions to their appearance. Lois McMaster Bujold's Mountains of Mourning of a diminutive protagonist's personal battle against his grandfather's attitude, and possible disgust, of his physical stature comes to mind. So it is with irony that I can picture some skinny kid sitting outside in the 50's reading this book and `barrel-shaped chests" as the big neighbor kids come up to him and say `hey poindexter, whatcha reading...' or something.

However, the originality, and impact this series had upon science fiction cannot be understated and is why I am giving it a respectable four stars. Several reviewers have mentioned that they can see scenes from Star Wars lifted from this series. What I see even more so is what Star Trek lifted from this series. Even down to small details such as a ship having to lower shields in order to fire a weapon against an enemy. And many other movies, tv shows, and books influenced comes to mind including Alien, The 5th Element, Heinlein, certainly the original Star Trek as well as the Next Generation and Deep
Space 9, Wing Commander and others.

255 Pages, Publ 1954.
This is the climax of the lENSMAN series. Space Opera was invented by E.E.Smith, and for years was the standard by which the genre was judged. Yes, the stuff now seems hackneyed, so what? Doc invented it, and we should respect that . He was writing when computers were unheard of, and the atomic bomb was just a possibility, later a terrifying reality. So give credit where credit is due. Every modern writer, from Heinline to David Weber does.
Been a lensman fan for many years. These are replacement paperbacks.
as posted above- Now own the series and happy to have it in my collection of great Space Opera reads by author.
All good