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by White Wolf Publishing

Book by Brooks, Dierd're, Chambers, John, Woodcock, Lindsay
Download Mage: The Ascension epub
ISBN: 1565044053
ISBN13: 978-1565044050
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Gaming
Author: White Wolf Publishing
Language: English
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing; Revised edition (February 3, 2000)
Pages: 309 pages
ePUB size: 1524 kb
FB2 size: 1493 kb
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 676
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This particular book explains the rules to a game that is very open-ended, very flexible, and works the imagination more than any other game that I've played. I'm aware that there are other games that attempt to do something similar but this is the game I know and it does it quite well. Yes, the rules have a few holes and vagueness that require the group to work out how they want to play it. But for the most part, it sets up a great game world, some characters to play in the world, and then opens it up for you to go anywhere and do just about anything your mind can conceive given the limits of the powers that you have chosen. With a few house rules, Mage can easily become a game of battling super heroes. Or play by the rules and run themes such as horror, espionage, politics, guerrilla warfare, or whatever makes the group happy.
Vital Beast
I think i understand the reasons behind the change of scope on Mage Revised, when i began playing the game (since first ed.) there were a lot of things left to one's criteria, fortunately my troupe of players get along quite well and together we made something great of a system full of holes. Don't get me wrong on that last comment, the concept of the game is the most inovative i have ever played on 12 years, but for newcomers i can understand the despair one could feel at the amount of freedom the system offers. As far as the old revisions went, they got you involved on a great scale war which spanned several realities in conflict, it was very easy to forget about the real place of the fight (Earth) and get involved in petty politicing with astral spirits (Umbrood) or just get lost inside your huge tradition full of all powerful archmages who could do things you would never be able to do in several lifetimes. What they did was to cut the strings and leave all the omnipotent players outside in order to put the low level apprentices (that means you) in charge of saving the world. It may sound fun for those who are new to the system and disapponting for all who have survived titanical battles in the past. They give a simpler (and better) look at magic, the difficulty to pull the legendary rabbit out of the hat increased a lot and is nearly impossible to leave earth now. My advice: Buy this if you have never played the system and if you really like it get the second edition so you can see the difference. If you have already played the game, don't bother and keep surviving under your own system. Why the three stars? If it was the first time i read about this game i probably woud have gone for the five stars, but since i have already looked at two other version of the system i really expected more from White Wolf, if they could do it with Vampire, why not with Mage?
I somewhat disagree with the other posts by the "veterans", however that could be because this was the first Mage book I began on. I mean, yes, I disagree with the fact that some story elements are missing, Mood and the Example Of Play section for example leaves you kind of lost.Call me Technocratic, but I feel that the Paradox system is efficient, and the read overall isn't as confusing as most players can rumor it to be. "It's like rolling dice to a freakin' VCR manual!" I got the substance out of this book, but the actual purpose of a Mage after the Ascension War is still hazy to me...Which actually leaves a player with more reason to become an Ecstatic. Whatever, though. Being the die-hard White Wolf fan that I am, I'm satisfied enough with the Revised publication.
I started off knowing little about the Mage universe, or much of White Wolf, the publisher either. Thanks to this book, as well as others, I AM HOOKED! The book skillfully outlines the basic story of the Mage universe, after the Ascension War is lost by the Traditions, and gives new readers a whole world, with spell ideas, great characters, and a whole of "grey area" for Storytellers to develop their Chronicles with skill and enthusiasm. There are those who don't like the new edition, as it is not as free with some areas as the previous editions were, but I have to say, if your looking for a great direction to take gaming, and are tired of primarily point based, systems, that leave less room for imagination, give this one a try. I also heartily recommend all of the other White Wolf products, for this line, as well as Vampire: the Masquerade, and Werewolf: the Apocolypse.
Having played both Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Vampire: The Masquerade, I honestly didn't think too much about mage till a local person in my gaming group mentioned he ran Mage. So we all got together on a Friday night, and I was quiete impressed with the system. This book is a must have for any player or storyteller running The World of Darkness system. The book is very well written and offers insights on using mage either as standalone system or as part of The World of Darkness.
Bought this as a gift fot my husband. We both play roleplaying games, and my husband loves Mage but didn't have a book. Was amazed at the quality (like new) for the price. My husband was thrilled, he looks at it almost everyday.
Good stuff here!
The book was in pretty good condition, though I do wish there would have been a casing around it. As a collector of these kind of books, it's totally worth it.