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by Lynn Blackson,Jason Durall

They say a ship will bring you work and a gun will help you keep it. Problem is, with all manner of ships sailing the black and more weapons and gear than you can shake a rain-stick at, if you don't know what you're doing you could end up flyin' off in some rust-bucket powered by a Capissen 38 engine, all the while carrying a pistol as like to explode in your hand as shoot straight. But don't fret ... we're here to help. Six-Shooters & Spaceships is an expansion to the Serenity Role Playing Game. You'll find everything you need to get your crew armed, equipped, and flyin' in style. In addition to 26 new ships and pregenerated crews, you'll find mules, robots, guns of all makes and models, and stuff to help you blow things up. Heck, you might even come across some Fruity Oaty Bars!
Download Serenity Six-Shooters & Spaceships (Serenity Role Playing Game) epub
ISBN: 1931567816
ISBN13: 978-1931567817
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Gaming
Author: Lynn Blackson,Jason Durall
Language: English
Publisher: Margaret Weis Productions (February 16, 2010)
Pages: 112 pages
ePUB size: 1528 kb
FB2 size: 1627 kb
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 397
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Fair warning: I draw maps for Roleplaying Games myself.

One of the major reasons that I acquired this book was because of my love of the setting and my frank admiration of the game system. This product is a solid addition to the existing rulebooks, expanding both equipment and ships. The equipment is a smattering of everything, and the authors do a nice job with providing enough detail without being overdone. The sample characters they use for Crews in the book are well-done (as far as application of the system) and well-written (characterization, histories etc.); more importantly perhaps are that the characters themselves maintain the feel of the game. This is the sort of flotsam one would find out workin' the Black with Mal & Company. This kind of consistency with the setting is important and deserves praise.

The deckplans are frankly not my style, but they are both consistent with the deckplans found in the main rulebook and are drawn in a style that is very popular within the industry. In other words: it doesn't have to be my style to be good, and they are good. Other reviewers have commented that the deckplans should have been produced in color, but knowing the industry, that would have pushed the cost of this product up considerably. Nevertheless, while this style of map does not look as nice as it would were it done in color, they still look good and more importantly are just as useful for gaming purposes. That is after all their purpose. What I found useful and very positive were the 3D renders of the ships that accompanied each. They are well done and maintain the feel of the setting. I did have a few quibbles here and there with the plans and their degree of "fit" with the 3D renders, but I think that these are simply artifacts of the 5 foot squares that the game uses and should be considered sacrifices at the altar of playability, which is no great sin. Again, these are for an RPG, and as the deckplans are both well thought out and practical for that purpose: no harm/no foul. My assessment of the deckplans is that they are a solid addition to the product and well worth the price of admission.

The decision to describe the generic "class" of ships, then followed (in a few cases) by more specific vessels "as modified/as in use" (often with their own variation on stats and such) was brilliant. They fact that these came complete with crew (well done as mentioned above) was even better. This both expands the number of ships included in the product and gives suggestions on how GMs can modify other ships in similar fashion.

Well done product, I would recommend for other gamers.
This is a wonderful product. It expands widely on things in the Firefly Serenity Universe. The only small downside is that some of it seems somewhat inconstant with Joss Whedon's imagining of the Verse it is a wonderful product that I have now found to be out of print with the rights rescinded so I would buy it immediately, as the added ships and equipment is a huge plus for anyone that wants to play the Cortex version of the Verse. Additionally anyone who is a huge Serenity Fan would probably enjoy the book as well so get them while you can.
Steel balls
This book arrived early and in excellent condition. While I have not read the book yet, I did go through it page by page and found it to be great quality.
Best West
Honestly I can not state the books good points better than the first reviewer so I will not try. I give this book 5 stars for mxt of the same reasons the other guy did. Have a great day folk.
If you have played the Serenity RPG and lamented the fact that they only have a few ships in the rule book, this is the supplement for you!

The first half of the book covers 'sundries' such as hand to hand weapons, some more firearms, survival gear, basic costs of services, and livestock. It also covers some basics on cybernetics and robots. The second half of the book has stats and 3D images of over 20 ships. In addition to the basic game mechanics information there is also a short description, and several of the ships have deck plans included. Another nice feature is many of the ships have a second listing of a 'customized' version of the ship and an a description of tis crew. This is a nice addition in the flavor of how there is the basic Firefly model ship, and then you have Serenity and her crew.

Several of the ships are small to medium cargo based vessels, offering gamemasters more options than just he Firefly class for a starting crew (also known as 'Millenium Falcon Syndrome' to those who have played the Star Wars RPG).

For me the book is exactly what I wanted- base resource material to give a 'hard copy' of gear and ships so that you don't have to work the numbers out yourself and the players all understand what they are dealing with. Well worth the MSRP of $25 on the back cover, even better pricing on Amazon.
The first 47 pages are devoted to gear. There are prices and stats for all manner of shiny items - clothes, weapons, technical equipment, more weapons and even animals! Just about everything you could possibly want, and some things you didn't know you wanted until you got this book!

Page 48 to page 112 (this is a 112 page book, not 160) are a whole lot of ships, and sample crew! There are 20 new classes of ship to choose from. There are also 6 specific ships, each modified versions of a new class of ship, and each of these has a sample crew (29 sample crew members in total). There is also a small section on ships gear (with ships weapons), some notes on traits and an appendix on ship creation.

I found it disappointing that the interior of the book is entirely in black and white. Some of those deck plans could really do with a bit of colour (the pictures look like they were designed in colour and then greyscaled. A little confusing to look at)! Ideally it would have come with a large colour foldout deckplan insert, or a link to a website where people could download and print off the deckplans themselves. I would also have been more willing to give it a five if it came in hardback.
Fleshed out some thin areas.

I especially liked the Spaceships section. Inclusion of crews was a mixed bag, but readymade resources are always welcome.
Fun Book good stuff but Who in their right mind would pay $1000 for a book that cost $25. Those companies are out of their minds.