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by Larry Itejere

As men gather in a final battle that will determine the fate of mankind in a land torn by war, Iseac looks back on the events that led to this pivotal point as he makes his way with an army of men to the Abyss of Rorrah to fight a being with the power of a god. Born with a gift, unique to a few, known as Anamerians. Iseac learns that he was a counterpoint on events that affected humanity before it happens. Trained by a patron named Gabram, he is given charge of an elite group of warriors known as Ackalans and sent to find three youths that were their hope of stopping an impending war that if not stopped could end in the annihilation of humanity. In his quest, Iseac finds himself in a small town where everyone was killed by creatures that appear and disappear without a trace. He finds an only survivor in one of these mysterious attack, a young man named Samuel who managed to escape and soon they both discovered how tied their fates are to the oncoming battle.
Download Drops from the Kingdom: The Silver Arrow epub
ISBN: 1460916220
ISBN13: 978-1460916223
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Fantasy
Author: Larry Itejere
Language: English
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 29, 2011)
Pages: 360 pages
ePUB size: 1414 kb
FB2 size: 1898 kb
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 427
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I'll admit, my judgement may be a little biased. I didn't check the rating on this one, so dove in expecting something written for adults. This is not the case, and once I had adjusted my thinking, the book became much better. This is one of the rare books written specifically for younger readers. Probably around late grade school through middle school.

The characters are well written, with enough complexity to make them interesting, but not so complex that the younger reader would be put off. The settings are well crafted, though there is a tad bit of redundancy. Again, for a younger reader, the extra description can help them visualize what is going on better. For an adult reader, the pace may feel a bit like two steps forward, one step back because of the descriptions.

The overall story is very well crafted, and even before I approached the writing style with the correct mindset, I was enjoying it. The pace is well set, and flows smoothly between elements and scenes. No obvious jars to kick the reader out of the world being crafted by Larry for this work.

Over all, it is a good book for younger readers, and one I wouldn't mind handing to any of my younger cousins.
I really enjoyed reading this fanasy book. It had a lot of action, even a love story to go along, and a great good vs. evil plot. It kept my interest most of the time and I am very curious to see what will happen in the 2nd and 3rd books. It's a good read.
A thrilling race against the clock to save humanity. The main character, Isaac, learns as a young boy of his special gifts. He belongs to a secret group called Anamerians. Creatures have been killing the people in towns and villages, leaving behind charred, concave rings. The empire is in trouble. It is Isaac's duty to find three youths to help him save mankind. He is given a group of guardians or Ackalans to serve him in his daunting task. He meets Samuel, a fellow youth gifted with powers. Their journey brings them closer together.
Their enemy is Death's Soul, who was once an innocent youth like them. His name was Sullivan. He touched something that gave him extreme powers and a blood lust to acquire immortality. He seeks the keys to creation and has acquired, according to legend, most of them.Once they are all acquired, he will become immortal and indestructible. He descends upon towns with his followers as balls of fire and leave as quickly as the wind. These legends have the people terrified.
Isaac is brave and leads his army with representatives from the Four Kingdoms on his quest to save mankind. There are battles and a love story.
There is enough adventure in the book to keep its teen audience happy and interested.
A thrilling YA adventure of good versus evil with a mixture of fantasy and the supernatural.

The story begins with a young Iseac as he learns his destiny is much greater than he ever imagined. He journeys away from his family’s small village and becomes the youngest member of a powerful group called the Anamerians. With them he learns about his magical abilities that will aid him on his quest. He is trained by Gabram to harness and grow his powers before he sets off to find three others that will help him prevent a great evil from destroying the world.

The plot was exciting and further deepened by the well-developed back story and myths involving the magical characters. The author paints a picture with such detail and imagery it was easy to get lost in the fantastical world he created.

I would recommend this book not only to fans of YA, but to anyone who enjoys an exciting tale of fantasy, adventure, and magic.
Gold as Heart
"The Sliver Arrow" by Larry Itejere

An exciting and action packed fantasy thriller. A couple of young boys, Iseac and Samuel, both with a key in saving the world from the powerful evil.

The story development is solid. The author structures the history well, proving a strong foundation of information to help keep you connected and informed. Yet the history is not overwhelming. I liked that I didn't get lost or bogged down.

The character construction was very good in that you grew with each of the main characters. I found myself developing sadness at the loss of some of the secondary characters. I became clearly connected to the main characters wanting them to be around for awhile.

The story flowed because the sentence structure; grammar and typesetting didn't cause distraction potentially causing disruption or having to reread. The typesetting was excellent in that the font and paragraph structure was easy to read on my device. It didn't require frequent adjusting of the screen. It was consistent.

The author was very thorough, which I liked in describing all aspects of the story, the characters, the interactions and landscape descriptions. I was clearly able to imagine and feel I was there.

Being a fantasy lover, the amount of magic and magical powers created was to my liking. It was comforted to know there was an relative balance, yet slightly in the favor of good. The only part of the story I didn't like was some of the battles were short. I was able to predict the outcome after several instances. I would have preferred to have been surprised or at least led a little further; left hanging on the chain creating a bit of uncertainty about the result.

Overall, I would give this 4.5 out of 5 stars. I am totally looking forward to the next chapter in their quest. If you like fantasy, this story will keep you connected and engaged wanting more.