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by Juliet Marillier

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ISBN: 1439507929
ISBN13: 978-1439507926
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Fantasy
Author: Juliet Marillier
Language: English
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Rating: 4.6
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Marillier continues her pattern with the Light Isles series. The first book, as with the Sevenwaters Trilogy, was beautiful, well-written, and populated by good characters. The characters of Foxmask, like those of Son of the Shadows, are shallow imitations of their predecessors, intentionally warped from their 'too-perfect' characterizations so as to make the story 'new'. Unlike the characters of Wolfskin, the characters of Foxmask are hateful. Creidhe, especially, behaves in a way that is entirely inconsistent with the narration's assertions of her character. Once again, Marillier should have left the series at the happy ending of the first book. Her sequels do not live up to the originals. They only ruin what was good about them.
Juliet Marillier has said that one of the reasons that she wanted to write "Fox Mask" was to continue the story of Somerled, the psychologically and spiritually damaged yet fascinating friend of "Wolfskin's" protagonist, Eyvind - and to demonstrate that there is always a possibility for redemption in anyone's life. The characters here, including Somerled's son Thorvald and Eyvind's daughter Creidhe, are so human - no one ever knows the complete truth about any situation, including war; they need to both listen and communicate with each other to put the pieces together. Sometimes they deny the truth, sometimes they avoid it. Yet somehow, through courage, self-sacrifice, and the help of God, However you name God, each character's story rights itself after it has capsized. Marillier is a seer herself. Her love for each of her characters is luminous, and forgiving; she sees all of their flaws but also all of their strengths. As they argue, love, go to war, she climbs inside the different minds and viewpoints of characters from many cultures and faiths to understand their reasoning so that no character or culture is portrayed as completely evil or completely good. I felt as if I'd climbed inside the mind and heart of God to know them all and care for them all. A beautiful, riveting, and inspiring novel!
I happened to read Foxmask (Book 2) before Wolfskin (Book 1) and it took me a few tries to get into it because it seems so bleak and dark compared to the Sevenwaters series, partially because the windy, stark, cold, inhospitable island scene just isn't as appealing to me as a lush forest. But I'm really glad I got into it. The characters, the mystery, the setting are all so complicated but they pay off in the end. Although many characters start off as cold and remote and you just want the heroine to give up on them and go home, they begin to reveal more of themselves as time passes and you begin to appreciate the depth of the problems. Everyone is trapped in seemingly impossible situations where the right path is very unclear, where they have to choose between loyalty to one's family, duty to one's community, and following one's own heart. It's kind of cheesy to say this but I think part of the reason I was able to get into the book was because at the time it helped me to understand the complicated feelings my dad had towards his own biological father- the emotions are just drawn with such care you can't but help sympathize with what drives people.
Like many people, I enjoy curling up next to the fire with a good book in the winter time. The weather has been more than cooperative this year with colder than usual temps. My chosen reading material was very engaging as well.

This is a great continuation of Wolfskin, the story of Eyvind and the lovely Nessa focusing on the adventure and life lesson of their daughter, Creidhe. Feeling compelled, Creidhe stows away on a boat with her childhood friends, Thorvald and Sam, who set off to find Thorvald's long lost (and maybe lost for the best) father, the banished Somerled.

What they find when they reach the Lost Isles is that nothing and no one is as they seem. The characters are drawn in a way that makes you care about them. They each have good qualities and bad, like real people. Watching the three young people grow and reach a better understanding of the world is a great way to pass the winter weather. There is just the right touch of mysterious magic combined with a good amount of real humans struggling to use the same skills we all have.

I look forward to the next installment in this series.
I felt this story moved a bit slowly after having read the previous one in the series, But the pace picked up fast and the action is terrifying and riveting. I found I could only read a few pages at a time because I had such strong feelings toward a couple of the characters and events were moving toward such potentially dangerous and tragic possibilities. All in all, the story moves along very satisfactorily, with things getting wrapped up nicely even if not totally happily. Marillier leaves you wanting to hear more, waiting for the next book.
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A wonderful story with all the right touches of magic and mystery that Marillier is so good at. She describes the locations, the scenes and the action so well one can almost be there. I love her descriptions of the light, particularly because this story is set in the "Light Isles", and somehow she captures that miraculous quality in words. This is a sequel to Wolfskin and in the same vein. A real fantasy story with surprising but suitable turns and endings.
I could not put this book down! A brilliant sequel to "Wolfskin" the character development is spectacular to read and the imagery of the islands landscape is wonderfully detailed! I am hopeful that Juliet Marillier will continue to expand on this series.
I wasn't sure I was going to buy this book. I thought the first book was just ok. By the end of the first book I was enjoying it more so I decided to to go ahead and order Foxmask. I really loved this book. The characters were well developed and the story kept me wanting more. I would recommend