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by James Clemens

On a fateful night five centuries ago, three mages made a desperate last stand, sacrificing everything to preserve the only hope of goodness in the beautiful, doomed land of Alasea. Now, on the anniversary of that ominous night, a girl-child ripens into the heritage of lost power. But before she can even comprehend her terrible new gift, the Dark Lord dispatches his winged monsters to capture her and bring him the embryonic magic she embodies. Fleeing the minions of darkness, Elena is swept toward certain doom--and into the company of unexpected allies. There she forms a band of the hunted and the cursed, the outcasts and the outlaws, to battle the unstoppable forces of evil and rescue a once-glorious empire . . .
Download Wit'Ch Fire (Banned & the Banished) epub
ISBN: 1841491500
ISBN13: 978-1841491509
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Fantasy
Author: James Clemens
Language: English
Publisher: Time Warner Books Uk (June 2002)
Pages: 512 pages
ePUB size: 1732 kb
FB2 size: 1300 kb
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 825
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The first book of the Banned & the Banished series has a lot to like. Fast-paced fantasy with a mostly-unique setting and solid-but-stereotypical characters, Wi’tch Fire succeeds in almost every regard. This is only the first of five books in the series, and it does feel like the overall story is just getting started here. Despite this being a fast-paced book, with constant action and no wasted space, the entirety takes place in only 2 days. When you try to cobble together an entire Lord of the Rings-esque party of heroes to fight the dreaded Dark Lord, while at the same time introducing your setting and developing a plot, you’re bound to have to cut some corners. Indeed, some of the major character introductions were handled recklessly, and some of the character motivations for wanting to join a rag-tag party with only vague ideas of future direction are quite thin. But if you can suspend disbelief for the sake of a story (and you should not be reading this sort of fantasy if you cannot) this turns into a fun adventure with powerful allies and overconfident enemies. Despite some rather bloody occasions and near-death situations, this is mostly a feel-good fantasy where you expect the good guys to win over steep odds. And the rest of the series should include some really untenable situations, as the Dark Lord of Gul-Gotha (who remains shrouded in mystery but appears to be wholly evil and wholly powerful) will surely stop underestimating the budding power of Elena and her formidable allies.

As far as the apostrophes stuck into common words, I didn't find it bothersome. Clemens was trying to give this world a slightly different feel than some of the other fantasies with elves, ogres, and nymphs. It was gimmicky, but it didn't take away anything from the story itself or distract from the reading. And there are plenty of unique aspects to this world for Clemens to get away with using some of the normal fantasy tropes. Recommended for a light and easy foray into a mostly-typical fantasy world.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I heard of it through an extremely high recommendation from a friend, and he has also gotten several of our mutual friends to read it and all have appreciated it. I have now read through the third book in the series and am liking them. I even got my dad (far more of a fantasy aficionado than I) to start reading the books and he is liking them. I find the story to be clever and really like its development. The main character (a young female wit'ch) is very admirable and the band of characters she joins up with are each unique. I like the way this author (as many fantasy authors do) melds several smaller story lines into a bigger overall picture. I am intrigued by the way the story starts (with it being told by someone after the facts of the story itself) because it leaves you wondering how it's going to end right from the get-go.

I would also like to say, in response to other reviews, the use of apostrophes didn't bother me. Sure, they exist. But once you realize that, you can move on - or at least I could.

The only note I would like to make and the reason my review isn't as raving as it could be is that I have mixed feelings about this series. Whereas I am an avid and voracious reader and normally can't put a book down once I start it (regardless of its quality, honestly!), in this book series I've stopped for months at a time and gone on to other books entirely, which is unheard of for me. I do always pick this series back up (for example, I definitely do intend to read the 4th and 5th books, but it's been many months since I finished the 3rd), but the fact remains that mid reading the books and between each book in the series, I've stopped for great spans of time, which is very unlike me. Normally if this ever happens, I find something I didn't understand that put me off it just before I stop reading a book, but in these books the only common denominator was that each time I left the books was when it focused for any length of time on the bad guy(s) and their thoughts, plans, etc. I found it to drone on for too long and while yes, I think it's important to get a feel for the villains, they do not hold my attention enough for me to want to continue to read and read about them.

So while I absolutely DO recommend this book series to others and am looking forward to finishing it myself, I have slight reservations about wholeheartedly saying you all should rush out (or rush onto the internet as the case likely is) and buy it right now! But for the most part, do I think it's an impressively well-written, highly entertaining piece of literature and absolutely worthy of the 4 stars I'm giving it? Yes!
I don't usually read too many fantasy books. I picked up this one mainly because the author, James Clemens, also writes awesome thrillers as James Rollins. One of the things I like about James Rollins is his superb writing style that always pulls me into any of his stories right from the get go. This story by was no different. The many characters were all intriguing, the action was intense, and the pace was perfect...all of these things are what make, for me, a great story. I really felt a camaraderie with these characters, and wanted to find out what was to happen to them. I felt a little cheated by the conclusion of the story, because things do not end all tied up in a nice neat little package. There is definitely much more to this story. I feel that further reading of the next books in this series is a must, in order to feel fully satisfied. I must also say that many reviewers have complained about all the apostrophes throughout the book...I'm not sure of the purpose of these, but they didn't distract me at all. I am looking forward to the next one!(