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by Diana Gabaldon

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ISBN: 0385257406
ISBN13: 978-0385257404
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Fantasy
Author: Diana Gabaldon
Language: English
Publisher: Delacorte Press; 1st edition (2005)
Pages: 1158 pages
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Rating: 4.9
Votes: 181
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Well, I think this will be my last Outlander book. I started reading them when the first one had just come out and loved it. The next few were also good. Gabaldon is quite a good writer and has a way with words that I really enjoy but this book and the one before it aren't novels, they are a group of vignettes so sewn together with such a thin thread that I don't plan to waste my time on any more of them. I love a good long book that I can really get into but 1500 pages of short stories is not what I had in mind. Plus, its starting to feel like I'm reading the Perils of Pauline, just one trauma after another. The book could easily been cut by more than half and had movement to it, instead, I got so tired of reading it that I began speed reading and skimming the last several hundred pages. This isn't like me at all, I love to read and have loved these books but I've had enough. If I really want to know what happens to the Frasers then I'll watch the TV series but frankly, I don't care anymore. This in itself is a shame because Gabaldon is such a talented writer, she is extremely readable and her attention to detail and historical research is so impressive although she needs to do a little more ornithological research (you don't find mockingbirds and balsam firs at the same altitude). But that is a minor complaint. I have read other reviews and have seen that other people have the same problems I have with these last books. Take note, Diana!!!
the monster
The Outlander series is a commitment and a journey into history with some fantasy and detailed living in very hard times. Book #6 of 8 was a long book (approx 1400 pages). I read on my Kindle and have the mobile app so I can read wherever I am. Book 6 is set in the beginning forming of America. While very exciting read there are some not so exciting parts about how people settled from other countries and the blending of religions and beliefs. Food, medical attention, and shelter and also in discussed in detail which may be boring to some readers, but I find it very helpful in understanding why history evolved as it did back in the 1700's. I loved this book and have started book #7. The author and her team have done extensive research to keep this fictional story on track with the documented history events as they happened. A lot of respect to Diana Gabaldon and her team for writing these wonderful books. Enjoy!! PEACE
Oh, what a delicious delight! This is the sixth book in the "Outlander" series by Diana Gabaldon and we find our favorite time traveler, Claire Fraser, living with Jamie on Fraser Ridge in North Carolina in 1772 through 1776 with the American Revolution hovering in the background--and sometimes the foreground. I think this is the best of the bunch since "Outlander," the first and by far the best in the series. And while you will learn a bit of American history, the book is primarily an 18th century soap opera. And what fun it is! We have kidnappings, murder, revenge, the scandal of unwed pregnancies, wayward young men, fires, hangings, more kidnappings, more name it.

The incredibly addictive soap opera plot aside, this book--as are the others in the series--is really about love, honor and duty. Love for family, love for country, the honor of the clan, the duty to serve others. Reading between the lines, it's advice on how we should live.

A word of warning: You must begin with "Outlander" and work your way through the series in the proper order. Taking this on is quite a reading and time commitment. The books are all long. Very long. "A Breath of Snow and Ashes" checks in at more than 1,400 pages. But they are SO GOOD! This is the ultimate in escapist reading. And when you realize how good it is and wish it would never end...well, it's so long it almost doesn't.
Disjointed read and way to descriptive of things that are so repetitive it makes it ridiculous reading. I love , Dickens, Irving- kings of going overboard with descriptions but this was just an atrocity. I wish she'd use and editor for at least these kinds of things.

While I love the characters and have grown attached and the historical accuracy and admire the research therein- the only great novels of the series were Outlander and The Drums of Autumn.

Too bad. I was so hoping this to be a better read.

I have read all of the previous books in this series and loved them, but had to put this one down for good. To be quite frank, there's a lot of really explicit rape in this book, and it's unnecessary and uncomfortable. The plot is not advanced at all. As always, Gabaldon's writing is pleasant to read, but the content is what was lacking for me. I'm about halfway through and have stuck it on my bookshelf. Part of me wants to know what happens to Claire and Jamie, Bri and Roger, but if I had to read about one more character getting sexually assaulted I was going to be physically ill. Gabaldon should also realize that, with the astronomically high rates of sexual assault, a book including rape scene after rape scene wouldn't go over well.
Why is the audible version of this book not available on Kindle? It is THE ONLY book in the series that doesn't have the option to purchase it audibly as well.

(Of course, I will change the rating to 5-Stars once this is corrected and audible is available for it.)