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by David Gemmell

Download Waylander II: In the Realm of the Wolf epub
ISBN: 0099892502
ISBN13: 978-0099892502
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Fantasy
Author: David Gemmell
Language: English
Publisher: Legend (1994)
Pages: 304 pages
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Rating: 4.4
Votes: 258
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As is often the case when an author has strong male heroes, the guys all seemed to be variations on the same person (ala John Wayne in the movies). Gemmel makes it interesting with other characters and with the worlds he creates. His plots are usually not easily predicted and are interested. Gemmel is always a good read. I have read every book at least once.
In the Realm of the Wolf by David Gemmell is the sequel to Waylander and is the continuation of the Drenai saga. In fact, this is book 5 in the saga. So far, every book I have read by Gemmell has been a joy to read, this one is not any different.

Unlike some sequels this book does not pick up right where the previous one left off. However, Gemmell does a very good job of filling in the years in between with small conversations, and small flashbacks of some of the characters. Normally I don't like the time jump, but in this case it worked out well and probably kept the book to a manageable size versus some of the larger volumes of fantasy work that seem to be the `in thing' right now.

The plot of this book is fairly straight forward, fans of Gemmell will know what to expect with this one. The names and faces have changed a little, but the straight ahead plot is still here. It is a joy to read Gemmell's work from the first novel onward as the reader gets to see his progression as a writer and a thinker. There is the main plot in this book of Waylander trying to find who put a price on his head as well as hunting someone who feels the need to kill. The sub plot, involves Waylander's adoptive daughter from the first book and her progression into a bigger player in the world and what that ultimately means. By reading the book sin order that they were written, not chronologically, the reader is allowed a rare glimpse into the future and what will ultimately happen. The ending of this book really had me sit back and say "Whoa!" It was amazing to see how Gemmell brought everything together.

The characters in this book are fairly stereotypical, kind of the "what you see is what you get" character. There is not a lot of deviation from what one would expect. However, that works with this book. The main two characters, Waylander and Miriel, are written in such a way that the reader feels comfortable with them, yet new enough to hold the reader's interest. There is some character development in this book, but most of it happens with the secondary characters. I think part of this is that Waylander developed so much in the first book there was really only so far he could go. Not a bad thing mind you, just an observation. The Thirty really begin to have depth in this book and Gemmell does a very good job at fleshing out what their order is all about and the internal struggles that they must face each and everyday. To me, one of the highlights of reading Gemmell is the struggles that he puts his characters through. He does a fantastic job of allowing us to get inside the characters heads. It's not simply a hack and slash book, there are definite emotions and feelings associated with his characters.

Overall, I am very impressed with Gemmell and will certainly seek out more of his books. Fans of the fantasy genre should give his first book, Legend, a chance. It has elements that everyone will enjoy. Once you read Legend I am confident you will want to continue of the tale. I highly recommend these books to everyone even remotely interested.
Simply greatness. Before the age of Kindle and social networks. Gemmell is the master. I've only read 2 books twice in my life (other than the Bible). I'm very picky. I've read Waylander and In the Realm of the Wolf twice now! His books and the last of this trilogy are great screenplays waiting to happen. Waylander is an epic character.
I wish I could just give a book so many stars a be done with it. This was three to four stars. I enjoy the Waylander character and have just started to read the books in order. He reminds me of a Conan type character. I’m sure I’ll buy all of his stories in time to see how he ends up
David Gemmell was one of the best storytellers ever. All his books are fast paced, easy to read, very suspenseful and they leave you with a strong desire to read more of his books and adventures. He paints his characters and worlds full of color and makes you feel part of his stories. I have reread all his books many times and they never fail to thrill me and make me want to read them yet again.
Waylander is a terrific character. The great part is Gemmell actually takes the time to develop the character then link him to other great characters. The 'travel' of this book is pretty good, Gemmell takes the story and the characters in several different directions with very cool outcomes that are hard to see coming.
What's to say that hasn't already been said. I have never been disappointed by Gemmell's story telling. I am in awe of the quality and quantity of his work. Thank you David.
Such an outstanding writer! Glad to read the rest of Waylander's story.