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by Dave Duncan

At the end of the millennium, a wicked dwarf-sorcerer controls the world and only Rap and his resistance army can stop the wicked fiend, but they are quickly running out of time.
Download The Living God (A Handful of Men, Part 4) (No 4) epub
ISBN: 0345378997
ISBN13: 978-0345378996
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Fantasy
Author: Dave Duncan
Language: English
Publisher: Del Rey; 1st edition (March 8, 1994)
Pages: 385 pages
ePUB size: 1873 kb
FB2 size: 1540 kb
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 562
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Another exciting and well written book in The Handful of Men series. Dave Duncan is one of the five best fantasy writers ever and thankfully he is still at it. An author with his talent, who actually keeps producing books, is a rare treat these days. Thank you Mr. Duncan.
I love this series of books, can't put them down! part of me is horrified at the level of violence in them, but they are still a fascinating view of an alternate reality. And a really good story.
I loved all of the other books in the Handful of Men series. This one, not so much. A pretty disappointing ending to an otherwise great series. That said, as with all his other books, David Duncan is a great story teller and his books are exciting and very easy to get through.
After reading the first trilogy by this author, a man of his word, the second half of the trilogy was a big disappointment. It was poorly written and I found myself not caring what happened to the characters as their motivations were shallow and not well developed.
Can't get enough of Duncan's series. He always gives the reader a good ride with real characters and great plots!!!! Keep up the good work!
"The Living God" is the fourth and final volume of "A handful of men" which is itself the second of two marvellous fantasy quartets. (Hence this is the last volume in a series of eight books if you take the two quartets together.)

"A handful of men" is a direct sequel to Duncan's quartet "A man of his word" and is set about 15 years after the last book of that quartet.

The full sequence of eight books is:


1) The Magic Casement

2) Faery Lands Forlorn

3) Perilous Seas

4) Emperor and Clown


5) The Cutting Edge

6) Upland Outlaws

7) The Stricken Field

8) The Living God

Each quartet is a full and self-contained story, but in my opinion the eight books work best when read in sequence.

The titles of the four volumes of "A handful of men" are taken from Masefield's poem, "Tomorrow." The lines which inspire the titles are

"Oh yesterday the cutting edge drank thirstily and deep,

the upland outlaws ringed us in and herded us as sheep,

they drove us from the stricken field and bayed us into keep,

But tomorow by the living God, we'll try the game again!"

At the start of "The Living God, the dwarf sorceror, Zinixio, has formed a coalition of wizards known as "The Covin" who are magically compelled to serve him. Zinixio calls himself the Almighty, has enslaved almost all the world's magic users, replaced the rightful Emperor, Emshandir V, with a puppet, and started the most ghastly war between all the races of men and dragons.

The deposed Emperor, and King Rap of Krasnegar, are still fighting against the power of the covin, but their position is desperate. The only way they can hope to defeat Zinixio is with the help of - a living God.

Superb adventure in a consistent and very clever fantasy world: strongly recommended.
Great first 3.75 books and then the ending was astoundingly disappointing and really puts a pall on the entire series.

Spoilers: Three books of building up to this great climatic battle between the protagonist forces and the enemy and....the author has a god snap his fingers and it's all done. What a monumental let down. It truly ranks as one of the worst endings I've ever read. My mind just boggles that this was the end goal.

And the plot holes leading up to it were bad. Demigods are super powerful, but very very few people can handle it. Rap, one of the main characters, used to be a demigod and thus can handle it, but gave up the power. They find one demigod to join their cause, but it's not quite, just make the Rap a demigod again for the final battle and have him give it up again. What the hell, no one thinks of that?
I can still remember reading Dave Duncan's incredible series A Man of His Word. I could hardly put the books down! When I saw that he was continuing the series, I was a little surprised, because I felt that the series had ended with a sense of finality. I purchased the first three books and enjoyed them although they are just not as good as the first 4. I went ahead and purchased the fourth book in hardback as soon as it came out, and I was EXTREMELY disapointed with Mr. Duncan. In this novel, he completely trashes several of the major characters. In the first series, he was the master of the "escape-in-the-nick-of-time", but in this one book, not only do several important characters get stuck in bad situations, but they also do not escape. Mr. Duncan seems to take a perverse delight in abusing the characters that we had come to know and enjoy. I almost went back to the bookstore and demanded a refund, and after 10+ years, I am still very annoyed with Mr. Duncan over this book.

*Edit: After 15 years, I'm still very annoyed with Mr. Duncan over this book.