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by Simon Jones,Robert Newcomb

Epic fantasy found an exhilarating new voice in Robert Newcomb, whose monumental debut novel, The Fifth Sorceress, was hailed by readers and critics alike. And now, for all those spellbound by the tale of Prince Tristan, heir to the throne of Eutracia, his twin sister Princess Shailiha, the ancient wizard Wigg, and the fate of their enchanted land, there is indeed more—much more—to be told. . . .THE GATES OF DAWNFor three centuries, Eutracia was a kingdom at peace, ruled by a benevolent monarchy and guided by a council of wizards. But a horror from the past, long believed vanquished, returned with devastating fury. And when the battle against the bloodthirsty Sorceresses of the Coven was finally won, victory was not without its price. Now, the royal palace lies in ruins; the king and queen, the royal guard, and the Directorate of Wizards are dead; the land is lawless; and Prince Tristan— forced by the Coven to murder his father, the King—is a wanted man.In a cavernous underground labyrinth, once headquarters of the wizards’ council, Tristan has taken refuge with his sister, Shailiha, her infant daughter, the wizard Wigg—the lone surviving member of the Directorate—and the crippled wizard Faegan, returned from self-imposed exile in the forest of Shadowood. Together they face the daunting task of restoring order to Eutracia and winning back the allegiance of her subjects. But suddenly, even these challenges pale beside a truly terrifying turn of events. The sacred jewel that is the source of all magic has inexplicably begun to lose its power. Without its age-old enchantment to sustain their spells, the immortal wizards will perish . . . and magic will vanish from Eutracia forever.At the same time, a mysterious and ruthless mercenary has declared a bounty upon the head of Prince Tristan. And an army of wizards on a mission to rid Eutracia of monsters created by the Coven has fallen prey to an insidious breed of creatures—beings that can only have sprung from forbidden use of malevolent magic. With time and their powers dwindling, Wigg and Faegan desperately seek to discover who, or what, has succeeded the dead Sorceresses in laying siege to Eutracia. But when the shocking truth is revealed, and an evil that transcends life itself is made known, it is Tristan, more than any other, who will be stunned to his very soul. And it is Tristan who will be thrust into the ultimate battle—for his life, his land, and the course of his destiny.From the Hardcover edition.
Download The Gates of Dawn (Chronicles of Blood and Stone) epub
ISBN: 0739304593
ISBN13: 978-0739304594
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Fantasy
Author: Simon Jones,Robert Newcomb
Language: English
Publisher: Random House Audio; Abridged edition (August 2003)
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Rating: 4.7
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After dragging myself through the first book which was ponderous and hard to become interested in, I decided to give #2 a try. BIG MISTAKE! I should have read all of the reviews first, because I would have learned what a slow, poorly written mistake this book was. The hero is a bumbling hothead who gets himself into trouble, and his friends, through amazing leaps of logic, devise the trouble he is in and how to get him out of it without telling him first. The villan accidentally kills himself at the end as the hero lies dying... not much of a struggle, there. It was frustrating to go through all those pages only to find that the characters could have sat on their butts and got to the same conclusion without going through so much trouble. Don't bother.
Not very good
Robert Newcomb is a great story teller, this book is a real page turner.
I enjoyed the book. It followed the events in previous books, and the character development was excellent. Strongly recommend this read.
Wild Python
Fast delivery and great product
doesnt Do You
A good read book 2 in the series of The Chronicles of Blood and Stone by Robert Newcomb sucks you in from the first paragraph
I really loved the first book, and couldn't wait to read the sequal. Newcomb sure didn't fail in keeping the story exciting. I just could not put this book down. The only thing I am disappointed in is that I have to wait til June to read the next book. Great Book!!!!
Volume two of the chronicles of blood and stone was something that as an avid reader of this particular genre I was keen to delve into, with the author's reputation highly recommended. It is a book that has exceeded all my expectations in abundance and which I lost myself within, a tale that is now forever etched within my memory as something utterly remarkable. Eutracia is a kingdom that was once peaceful but is soon to be overshadowed with its past, as a horror that was long forgotten re-emerges into the light once more seeking revenge. The fugitive Prince Tristan along with his sister and daughter and a crippled, aged wizard called Faegan, travel to Shadowood and plan to rid there land of this coming evil. As soon as the sacred source of magic starts to diminish the entire world of wizards is put under threat, and ultimately the use of magic itself. As secrets and hidden truths are revealed to all, the main characters have to decide what to do with the time that is given to them, plunging headlong into the greatest battle of all time that will shape the world's future along with the Prince's destiny. Continuing from the fifth sorceress this next installment within an epic fantasy series is just as spellbinding and creatively imaginative as the first. Being character-driven and full of sword & sorcery, here is a series that will delight many readers who not only love this genre but also who relish in a good fight; a fight of good versus evil. I was completely overwhelmed by the epic scale of Robert Newcomb's creation and his world, characters and take on magic that is comparable to JRR Tolkien at his very best. The complexity of the plot and fast-paced action and drama, make this book gripping and exciting being unable to put down even for a moment. The quest stands on a knife edge that makes you sit tensely on the edge of your seat, wanting to find out along with the characters the truth and how to end this cataclysm waiting to happen. I felt like I was in the middle of the most compelling saga that only had two possible outcomes, which was mesmerizing hence I sat riveted to the spot whilst my mind was lost within Eutracia. Each separate section (the hunted, the stricken, the children, the warriors and the vanquished) was just as intensely rich as the one prior to it, as each section grew in profundity which built more anticipation. I cannot enthuse enough about an author who has written a most masterful work that is a tour de force in this genre, and which sets the standards sky high. Electrifying and intense, I know for certain that you will be hooked for a very long time.