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Download The Farseekers: The Obernewtyn Chronicles - Book Two (The Obernewtyn Chronicles, Book 2) epub

by Isobelle Carmody

In this powerful sequel to Obernewtyn, young Elspeth Gordie-possessed of extraordinary mental powers-has united with others Misfits for refuge on the remote mountain keep of Obernewtyn. Yet the threat from the totalitarian Council to their safety is ever present. Their only defense is to work hard to develop their mental powers before an inevitable confrontation. But when Elspeth is lured off the mountain in a dangerous quest to rescue a powerful Misfit, the fate of the Obernewtyn colony will hang in the balance.
Download The Farseekers: The Obernewtyn Chronicles - Book Two (The Obernewtyn Chronicles, Book 2) epub
ISBN: 0812584236
ISBN13: 978-0812584233
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Fantasy
Author: Isobelle Carmody
Language: English
Publisher: Tor Fantasy; New Ed edition (July 15, 2001)
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Rating: 4.8
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This, purely because of its contribution to a series that manages to be dystopian and intense, but also incredibly rich, mystical, and original. This book continues to follow Elspeth Gordie as she goes on quests for Obernewtyn that bring more Talents to the refuge, help her learn more about the Beforetime, and bring her closer to the big quest. While the author is prone to include a little too much emotional detail in the interest of fleshing out Elspeth as a character, she is adept at weaving a plot that is rich but not too complicated. She weaves many plot threads but brings them all together without making the reader wait too long. The premise continues to be very intriguing, enough to make me want to continue reading.
This is the second novel in Isobelle Carmody's Obernewtyn series about a post-apocalyptic world thrown back into a middle ages full of fear and doubt. Even before the great battles that brought the world to the brink of disaster, science had begun to investigate the possibilities of humans with enhanced mental powers. But the aftermath of the war triggered a massive increase in skills that the 'normals' saw as a great threat. Labeled misfits, they were healers and coercers, farseers and beast speakers, and hated by those who believed that the way to be safe from the mistakes of the past was to destroy any living reminder.

Hidden in this dangerous world are the misfits of Obernewtyn, led by Rushton and Elspeth Gordie they mark the beginnings of a new force in the paranoid world around them, one that that can stand up to the Herder Priests and the Council. But the challenges are many. Elspeth has sworn to discover and destroy the machines that destroyed the world of the beforetimers, but first she must see to the survival of Obernewtyn. And so a small group of misfits sets out to find an ancient library, and to discover more misfits to help at Obernewtyn.

Posing as a gypsy troupe, they seem to careen from danger to danger. First the camp of the Druid's men, then a rescue from herders, and then the threat of capture by the Council's soldiers - danger lurks everywhere. And the land itself is full of threat, tainted and haunted. But they must succeed. To fail means the end of Obernewtyn, and the very really danger that the old weaponmachines will be found again and bring about a second, and final apocalypse.

Isobelle Carmody's world is both threatening and fascinating. The skills of the misfits, animals that can mindspeak, places of darkness and great power, the story tells as if it was fantasy, but it is much more. Carmody displays considerable skill in blending the worlds together and making what you read immediate and compelling. Elspeth is perfect as hero, adventurer, and young woman facing a daunting task. Highly recommended.
This is an unusually well-written series, with unique characters and a fascinating story line. Isobelle Carmody is a gifted writer. I have read a lot of fantasy/scifi, and often the plots or aspects of the plot are similar from one book to another (find a portal, travel to another world/time, etc). This series is not only creatively different, it is thought-provoking. I could not put down each book in the series, reading late into the night (which I usually avoid doing). I will not recapitulate the plot here, because so many others have done so. I do want to contradict one of the reviewers cited above (Publisher's Weekly), who stated that the book was more likely to appeal to adolescent females. I am a 45-year-old woman, and I have found this series to be one of my all-time favorites. There is nothing adolescent about it, except the ages of some of the characters. However, they do not act or think in particularly adolescent ways. Of course, I think the series would ALSO appeal to adolescent females, as well as to advanced pre-teen readers (since the plot is complicated). Order your copy of Obernewtyn today, and set some time aside!
Isobelle Carmody started writing this series when she was only fourteen and it just blows my mind away how creative it is. The story line throughout the books is so complex and mysterious that it will leave you breathless. Make sure to read the whole series, Obernewtyn, The Farseekers, Ashling, The Keeping Place, (Wavesong U.S. only) The Stone Key, The Sending (not currently available in the U.S. and the last book in the series which will be released next year, The Red Queen. This books are truly inspirational and teach young girls to be strong. Thank you Isobelle for writing and inspiring me through hard times in my life.
Good read
I have loved this series since I started reading it in High School.
Now that I am 25, and the final book is to be released this month, I have started re-reading them to catch up again for the latest installment!
Great for teens and adults :)
When the book arrived it was not at all like the picture, it was torn & very dirty. Some of the pages were stuck together & it looked disgusting. I threw it away! Will never order a book online again.
No complaints here.