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by Mike Jefferies

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ISBN: 0006173462
ISBN13: 978-0006173465
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Fantasy
Author: Mike Jefferies
Language: English
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Canada, Limited; second edition (1986)
Pages: 349 pages
ePUB size: 1849 kb
FB2 size: 1173 kb
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 838
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In my early teens I devoured the Hardy Boys series. Recently I reread one of them : how simple and predictable it was! So too with this story. Likely it will appeal to those on a seventh grade reading level, where descriptive writing, basic character development, a creative plot, and an attentive editor's red pen are secondary to simple action. The writer seems to have just plowed along with his tale, and whenever he ran into an intractable situation he'd just pull out another Deus Ex Machina to resolve matters. I mean, who put that first saddle on Esteron?

If improbable happenstance jars you, avoid this book. If you're uncritical in your reading and like your fantasies quick and easy, enjoy!
I would not call this book a work of fantasy art by any means. The storyline is rather unimaginative and follows the same paths as many fantasy stories written before. It's barely entertaining enough to compel you to read to the end. I finished it out of sheer strength of will.
What I want to know is what other works have these other reviewers been reading to find this book such a work of great fantasy fiction? And to even suggest this comes close to a league with Tolkien is blasphemy!
I think what the reviewers who rated this book poorly, calling it 'dull & uncaptivating' & 'dont waste your time' are forgetting is that this books is meant for readers U16. The hero is a child, and if you're a child who reads this book, it is simply amazing: There's pretty graphic magic & action sequences, hero's, villians, treachery & love. And a boy who, against all odds (with the aid of friends) becomes all he can be & leads the fight against evil. I read this book when I was 14. It was amazing. Much better (at that age) than Tolkien, who I thought spent too much time describing the countryside than advancing his plot. For children, this should be next in line after Harry Potter.
I should qualify my title. I liked this trilogy while in my early twenties. Over a decade later I go back to find a great concept poorly executed. There is next to no description, the character names and dialogue are infantile, and each event in the story is predictable. I think Jefferies has envisioned an interesting reality here, but he hasn't translated it very well. I really want to like this book (and the trilogy), but I can't. Just the grammar and punctuation errors make me want to scream.
Loved this book! Can't wait to read them again.
This book held me captive from the beginning. The characters came to life and the story line was great. A disadvataged youth called Thane holds the future of the world in his hands. This book has it all: treachery, heros, evil, kings, wizards etc.
an excellent fantasy novel to be placed up with the greats. Why tolkein's books with thier boring traveling scenes are more fameous then these is unbelivable. Learn It, Live It, Love It: fantasy.
I read this series about 8 years ago, and it was amazing.These books have been the only ones thus far to keep me on edge and into it. I dont care to read, but these were well worth reading twice. Would highly recomend the series to anyone.