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Download George Washington Carver (Junior World Biographies) epub

by Lois P. Nicholson

Looks at the life and achievements of the Black agriculturalist and emancipated slave who became a brilliant professor and innovative scientist
Download George Washington Carver (Junior World Biographies) epub
ISBN: 0791021149
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Author: Lois P. Nicholson
Language: English
Publisher: Chelsea House Pub (May 1, 1994)
Pages: 79 pages
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Rating: 4.7
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I absolutely loved it. I'd heard of George Washington Carver but other than the mention of a peanut, I knew absolutely nothing about him. This book really captures his personality and his spirituality. Everyone has a personality and the traditional history class often overlooks this and gives you the thumbnail, that you need to pass the test. In light of the political unrest in the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, we contrast it with Carver's basically non-confrontational approach. But spiritually, long before Dr. Martin Luther King, he was praying for his enemies. "Bless those that curse you & pray for those that despitefully use you." While Carver left the battle in God's hand, this book shows how God Blessed him for holding on (like Jacob wrestling with an angel of God). I'm curious as to if "Curious George" was in someway inspired by Carver's personality. His "Collection" is quite intriguing along with his unquenchable desire to learn. "I have to know the names of things." In this reading, we see how racism humiliates & hurts the victim. His denial of an admission to a university in Kansas (because of his race) was one of the most hurting experiences, of his life. He didn't openly talk about it, but God Blessed him despite of it. It's quite touching, when friends of his, recognize that he's simply too intelligent to not pursue higher learning. He never spoke of the discrimination, at Kansas, and without his really asking them, helped Carver pursue his dream of "knowing the names of things." That plus God's inspirations leads him to making over 300 products from a peanut. And all he was really doing was fulfilling the thirst for knowledge that God had given him. He saw the earth as a garden with their being a use for everything. The earth has certainly benefitted from his knowledge.
This enjoyable and amazing book about George Washington Carver and his early childhood, his struggles for an education, and his response to those who encouraged and aided him in his quest for a chance to explore horticulture is fascinating. All these years I had a vague knowledge of his work with peanuts - now I know what a contribution he made when given a chance - he was definitely a genius. After finally obtaining recognition and studying at Iowa State College, he did his major work with plants at Tuskegee Institute under the leadership of Booker T. Washington. The Civil war was over, but gaining recognition as an African-American in the horticultural world proved to be daunting.

Since this book covers just the basic knowledge of Carver's life and life-work, I plan to search for a more thorough book to learn of his contributions to science in more detail. Enjoy this book as a starter.
This book is really not what I was looking for. It is a really good book for younger people and tells this courageous man's story very well. But I was looking for more of a book to send to an adult who in one of her columns in our paper glossed over what Mr. Carver did with the peanut and to me intimated Kellog had done more for the peanut than had done before. I wanted a book to send her that would round out her education about this. This book, while touching on it, did not go into as much detail about this most important part of Mr. Carver's life as I would like.
This book is my daughter's required summer reading project for going into fifth grade. It's a very good book to illustrate how hard work pays off. Very few people seem to have learned that lesson these days. It's not an easy book to read though. It makes her really think about a lot of words. There are several quotes from the Old Testament, using words like "thee, thou, thyne, cometh, and exaltest" and many other difficult and very scarcely used words like "cogitated and matriculation". I really hope some of the lessons from this book are fully absorbed.
This biography is extraordinary. Sam Wellman is a super talented writer. It's unbelievable that he wrote so many great biographies. Carver used his mind in a way very few people do . This demonstrates our unlimited capacity to learn and be creative. This book should be required reading for everyone.
Lonesome Orange Kid
Great fast read about a much unappreciated American hero. Bought more copies to give to friends. Visited his Monument in Diamond Missouri some years back and would reccomend highly.
This was the first book I've read of Carver's life and was truly amazed at his life, faith and accomplishments. It was a quick read and I'm able to walk away with a pretty good idea of his struggles, his determination and grit towards what God had gifted to him. Of particular interest was his faith and how he always leaned on Scripture during the good times and the bad.
Good teen or YA book. Written in a story format. I enjoyed it and learned a lot but the book wasn't exactly what I expected (I was hoping for a more serious biography.) Still, an enjoyable read.