» » Machinery's Handbook: A Reference Book for the Mechanical Engineer, Designer, Manufacturing Engineer, Draftsman, Toolmaker, and Machinist

Download Machinery's Handbook: A Reference Book for the Mechanical Engineer, Designer, Manufacturing Engineer, Draftsman, Toolmaker, and Machinist epub

by Franklin D. Jones,Holbrook L. Horton,Erik Oberg

Book by Oberg, Erik, Jones, Franklin D.
Download Machinery's Handbook: A Reference Book for the Mechanical Engineer, Designer, Manufacturing Engineer, Draftsman, Toolmaker, and Machinist epub
ISBN: 083112492X
ISBN13: 978-0831124922
Category: Engineering
Subcategory: Engineering
Author: Franklin D. Jones,Holbrook L. Horton,Erik Oberg
Language: English
Publisher: Industrial Pr; 24th edition (April 1992)
Pages: 2543 pages
ePUB size: 1741 kb
FB2 size: 1991 kb
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 675
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Update 7/30/12
I have received my new copy with the improved paper, and have uploaded a photo of the same page as my previous book with the lesser quality paper. You can see that there is a significant improvement in the opacity of the paper and a reduction in the amount of bleed through from the following pages.

Is it as good as my 24th edition? It's close, but no.

Is it good enough for daily use? Probably.

The text has gone from unreadable in the first printing to tolerable in the second. I've spent quite a bit of time today looking at various pages, and while distracting, the text from following pages doesn't completely overwhelm what you are trying to read. We shall see over time, but for the moment the larger text wins out over the tiny text in my 24th edition. The large print book will be kept with me at work and my old book will go in my toolbox at home.

Use your own judgement before buying this book. Take a look at the photos I have uploaded and see for yourself if the bleed through is more distracting than you can accept.

I've changed the number of stars in the review from one to three. The book should still be more readable considering its use.

Original review:
Twenty years ago, I bought the 24th edition after graduating from college. It has served me well over the years but I wanted to give myself a treat this year and buy the updated version. I went with the large print since it was going to be my last one, and I wanted to make it easier on my eyes to read it later in life.

I had read that the pages were thinner in the last few editions making it more difficult to read, but I decided to buy it anyway. How bad could it be? Well, I found out how bad. With luck, Amazon will publish my photo on the product page and you can see for yourself how thin the pages are. You can see the back of the page clearly, the front and back of the next page, and sometimes even the next page! This book is vastly more difficult to read than the 24th edition I have, and despite having some additional information I would like to have at my fingertips and the larger type, I just can't keep this book.

What good is a reference book if you can't read it? What good is having super thin and super delicate pages on a book that you will use the most?

Please, do yourself a favor and find a good used book. The information hasn't changed much, and your eyes will thank you.
Content is always going to be 5 starts, no doubt about that.
It is the same darn thin pages that made me give this a 2 star.

One would think after the fiasco with thin pages in the previous version, Industrial Prints would have figured not to use the same thin paper in their latest 30th edition of the book... This isn't the case. I've attached a picture of the same page used in a review in the 29th edition of this book titled "Please see photos before buying this book" by G. James on February 22, 2012

It is evident that the pages of this 30th edition is as bad as the old version of the 29th edition.
I swear by this book. Granted I haven't had many editions in my possession but everything I have to look up on the Internet for my job as a mechanical/process engineer is 98% in this book. It takes almost all textbooks I've had for my degree specific classes and compacts the information into 2800 chock filled pages. It will soon be filled with stickies and post its for critical info areas. Equations, stress, strain, deflection, material selection, grades, fasteners, gearing, cross section analysis, conversion tables, machining processes, it's all here. It has earned a permanent spot on my desk at work. I use it every chance I get.
Shell out the extra bucks for this thicker page version as I've heard bad things about how bad the page bleed is from the original edition. Every mechanical, design, industrial or process engineer or machinist should have this book on hand!!
Bought this for a good friend who is majoring in physics at a university. At some point, I told him, he'd need this to help him interface with the physical world. (He already has the CRC Handbook of Physics and Chemistry, so that wasn't a possibility) I decided on print rather than electronic or a combination; for people like him and me this is entertaining reading and the print version leads to stumbling into new information whenever you open it. There's really no replacement for this book: If your passion or profession or just interests run into machine tools, processes, materials, etc., you owe yourself a new or used copy.
The information in this book is a must for the amateur machinist.
However, the quality of this book I received makes me think twice. My book was purchased brand new but it looks like it has been sitting for a while.

-The binding and glue is coming undone without ever having opened it (Pictured)
-Some of the pages aren't stamped with a radius correctly at the corners and some pages are stuck together. (Pictured)
-5% of the pages are creased (Pictured)
-Most of the pages have ripples from what looks like it being compressed for too long (Pictured)

I would be fine with everything if the binding wasn't coming undone. This book will not last in a shop and the pages WILL come apart. I will be getting a replacement and hopefully its better.

I will update.

UPDATE 8/11/17
Received 2nd book (Last Picture). No creasing, no mis-stamping. Same issue with binding coming undone. Really disappointing. Really wish I would have got the digital one.