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by Yoram Peri,Yitzhak Rabin

The assassination of Yitzhak Rabin in November of 1995—one year after he shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Yasir Arafat—sent shock waves around the world. Known as both a man of war and of peace, the Jerusalem-born Israeli prime minister played a key role in developing the Jewish state and was instrumental in establishing peace in the Middle East. Yitzhak Rabin's memoirs, first published in 1979 but long out of print, are now available in this expanded edition. They provide a candid appraisal of significant events in Israeli history, and passages censored when the memoirs were first published have been restored. The addition of an afterword by Rabin's political advisor, Yoram Peri, and his most important speeches given after 1979 round out Rabin's life and show the evolution of his beliefs.Rabin writes of his years in the Haganah (the independent Jewish military) and gives a controversial account of the War of Independence. He details the tactical moves that made him a hero in the Six Day War and recalls his years as ambassador to the United States. He tells of his difficult decision to authorize the 1976 rescue of hijacked hostages from the Entebbe airport. Rabin describes the conflicts that eventually led to his party's defeat after thirty years in power, and he concludes with a shrewd assessment of the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty and of prospects for peace with Israel's other neighbors, including the Palestinians.Yitzhak Rabin's memoirs are important not only for the insider's view they offer about Israel and the Middle East, but also for providing a very human portrait of a heroic world leader.From the book:"Most of you watched that ceremony on the White House lawn with mixed emotions, many of you grinding your teeth. I knew that the hand outstretched to me . . . was the same hand that held the knife, that held the gun, the hand that gave the order to shoot, to kill. Of all the hands in the world, it was not the hand that I wanted or dreamed of touching. . . . On that world stage, I stood as the representative . . . of a state that is willing to give peace a chance. As I have said, one does not make peace with one's friends. One makes peace with one's enemy."—Jerusalem, December 1993
Download The Rabin Memoirs, Expanded Edition with Recent Speeches, New Photographs, and an Afterword epub
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The best biographies are those where the author just doesn't relate his life's history, but expounds on it. We, the reader, want to know more about our chosen subject than just the superficial. We want to know "whys" and "why nots" behind their actions. I think such books are not just a catharsis for the author, but in some ways, for the reader too.

Yitzhak Rabin's "The Rabin Memoirs" is just that; perhaps more so given the reserve private man that he was. The fact Rabin was flawed in so many ways, as this book reveals, perhaps makes him all the more human and easier for us to understand. Yitzhak Rabin was in many ways typical of the early pioneers in what was then Palestine. Rabin was born in Jerusalem in 1922 of Eastern European descent. His interest was in agriculture, yet events pushed him into the military and then into close contact with the whirlwind that was David Ben Gurion, and thus, a career in politics.

Rabin details the keys events of his life, from his successes (and near failures) on the battlefield to his rise as Prime Minister, and sudden fall in national disgrace. The book is full of interesting reflections, comments, a subtle humor that only Rabin could provide.

Yet, destiny was far from being finished Rabin. Rabin, the hardnosed, no nonsense soldier and hawkish politician would become in many ways the symbol of Israel's attempt to live in peace with its neighbors. A price Rabin would eventually pay with his life, and perhaps the greatest irony was that the murderer wasn't an enemy, but one his own.

An outstanding book for anyone interested in the history of the Middle East, Israel, and peace process that continues to vex global leaders to this very day. The expanded edition contains 428 pages and lots of new photos.
Yitzhak Rabin was born as a sabra all his life he dedicated his own best to devote and preserve peace for Israel his success started in the elite Palmah and later in the Haganna in the Independence War later in the following battles,became Chief of Staff in the 6 days war 1967 and in the days of the Yom Kipur War was the Israeli Ambassador in the USA in 1973, making a great job along with Kissinger and Nixon negotiating the military jets and weapons needed to confront the Arabs. Later at Goldas Meir resignation after the Yom Kipur War become first Minister in 1974 shortly after needed to resign because of the famous USA Bank Account he held as ambassador and didnt close it before leaving the USA, that fact shows us his great integrity high moral and respect to his Country and to his own People.
He was the first of a long line of military men to become Prime Minister, unfortunatly he showed his flaws ,arrogance, contempt for democracy.
In his second term (1992-1995) he allowed Shimon Peres vice first Minister to lead him, forcing the Oslo Agreements on him against his better judgement.
Peres-Rabin led Israel into a dead-end situation,this 2 politicians would become the symbol of Israel's attempt to live in peace with its neighbors.
A price Rabin would eventually pay with his life,the greatest irony was that the murderer wasn't an enemy,but one his own.
As a Politician and Stateman he struggled all his life for a permanent peace solution just for the benefit of his people.
A great book for every Jewish to read!
The book is so interesting that it will be difficult to keep it far away from your eyes.
Unfortunately the Rabin memoirs suffers the same ills as many other memoirs in that the author uses his pen to whitewash his own history and that of some of his friends. This is, as it always is, a tragic fact, because history would be so much better served had Rabin written a truly honest account. The problem with this book is that the areas were Rabin leaves out details and distorts some facts colors this entire work, so that the reader has to question everything that is in the book.

What I don't understand is why Rabin (and other historical figures as well) whitewashes areas of history that are known or will inevitably become known. Like when Rabin calls Ben-Gurion's decision to step down from his governmental positions as inexplicable when the facts of why he did so were known even at that time. He also leaves out the fact that Nasser had offered Israel concessions over the Straits of Tiran before the Six Day War thereby rendering one of his main arguments for Israel's having to got to war null and void. He also says nothing at all of the negotiations between Israel (and its proxies) and Egypt (and some of its proxies) that were going on in secret during his term as prime minister. At the time of his writing these memoirs much of this might have been censored out, but we have no evidence that was the case. The lack of discussion of these and other topics shows himself, his friends and Israel in a much more lenient light while casting a shadow over Israel's enemies. One cannot but think this was the purpose.

With that said, I think anyone interested in Israel and the Middle East needs to read this book along with many other self-serving memoirs, biographies and histories. Even with the flaws this book gives the reader an invaluable insight into one of the leading figures of the Israeli state. You get to see the inner workings of the man, and get a chance to see his philosophies in action. It is a glimpse into his mind, and this glimpse offers the reader many insights.

Yoram Peri's afterword is essential and a very welcome addition to this book. It provides the book with a greater context, and a fine analysis of the work and the man as well. The addition of the speeches is also a welcome contribution that adds more context, and gives the reader a better understanding of Rabin's later life.

All and all Rabin is a fascinating character. He was a self made man during a harsh time in Israeli history. His life is an extraordinary journey tragically cut short. This book goes a long way in helping readers understand this important figure, and for that reason alone this book should be read.
Great! Thanks!
Rocky Basilisk
all good