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by Gerald W. Bracey

From the author of The War Against America's Public Schools, Bracey's Consumer's Guide to the War Against America's Public Schools will answer the questions you have about the how private schools, charters and vouchers are affecting the future of public education!

Written in a clear, straightforward and engaging fashion so that all consumers of public education will find answers to their questions and criticism. Written by a well-known independent researcher, educator, and writer, this text challenges public education's critics with accurate analysis derived from current data. The book looks at interesting and popular experiments in private schooling such as Nobel Learning Communities and Michael Milken's Knowledge Universe.

A must-read for people who care about public education! A Consumer's Guide to the War Against America's Public Schools provides a comprehensive analysis of public schools and forces such as charters, vouchers, Educational Management Organizations (EMO's), and private schools that are altering the future of public education. In this extraordinary book, Gerald Bracey describes why Americans are nervous about their public schools and examines whether their anxieties are justified. Bracey provides a summary of the findings from research and evaluations on charter schools and vouchers, and findings concerning Edison Schools, Inc., TesseracT and other Education Management Organizations in an easy-to-read style that is sometimes funny, challenging and insightful.

Gerald W. Bracey holds a Ph.D. in psychology from Stanford University. He has held positions at Educational Testing Service, Indiana University, the Virginia Department of Education and Cherry Creek (Colo.) Schools. Since 1991 he has been an independent educational researcher and writer who specializes in assessment and policy analysis.

Download What You Should Know About the War Against America's Public Schools epub
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Serious scholars working in the area of public education, without regard to which side of the debate they may be on, would do well to steer clear of this book. Apologetic works should be written by those with at least a minimal understanding of the current state of the discussion and what stakes are involved. The author clearly is not familiar with either.

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As a school board director in Pennsylvania, I recommended this book for purchase to the public library and for perusal by my colleagues on my board and our superintendent. Bracey names names-- telling you where all the bodies are buried. The fact that a good number of them are in Pennsylvania was a bonus to this reader. But regardless of which state you are in, this book is important to anyone who is interested in public education.

My only criticism is that the author's writing style is uneven at times. This book could have befitted by an additional sweep of copy editing especially in the more complicated passages dealing with statistics. But that being said, there is more to recommend than not.

Public education is under attack. It is a two-pronged attack from the Christian conservatives and the neocons who want to privatize everything. This I already knew. But this book made me aware of the master myth used against public education-the myth that money doesn't matter. This sounded crazy to me that anyone could actually believe this until I encountered a conservative at a party, and he boldly asserted that money doesn't matter-as thought, everyone knows this as a given fact.

Of course money matters. That was the whole point of the Brown Decision 50 Years ago. And yet, this is the starting point of all of the assumptions employed by the enemies of public education. With this premise in place, they embraced any set of numbers that supported their bias. Bracey explains in great detail how the right lies with statistics-for example, how international tests compare kids who are different ages, years of education and exclusive sampling pools when compared to our American model, which is inclusive. This is how we get headlines that we are number 19 in the world! Every reporter who covers the education beat should read this book along with taking a refresher course in statistics.

The movement to make schools accountable by using high stakes testing was an agenda pushed by the conservative right in an attempt to get vouchers with the hope of eventually totally privatizing education--anything but public education. Now that No Child Left Behind (NCLB) has put the high stakes testing model in place in all 50 states, enter the law of unintended consequences. Taking the numbers provided by NCLB, we now that we have national numbers that are falling into the pattern any reasonable person could have predicted. Rich districts succeed while poor districts struggle at best and fail at worst. In other words, money does matter.
Jerry Bracey's War Against America's Public Schools was a prophetic work in every sense. With the passion of the prophets, Bracey went after the liars and thugs who foisted corporate "school reform" on the United States, and would have been unsurprised to find a vapid basketball player (Arne Duncan) fronting for a neoliberal opportunist (Barack Obama) to push their home town version of privatization, teacher bashing and union busting on the rest of the USA through the U.S.Department of Education's Race To The Top. Bracey was writing the truth about these frauds and their junk theories long before the ideas he understood got into the mainstream. It's too bad that his premature death left us without his voice -- except in the form of the books he wrote as his great legacy.
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i have read everything that Bracey wrote.

this is pretty good
Money does matter, but it is not the cure here. In inner cities public schools can spend up to three times the amount spent by catholic schools per student. Yet catholic schools consistantly outperform public schools across the board - reading, writing, social studies, science and math. For example, 80% of NY catholic school high school students are able to pass at least one regents exam, compared to 2% of public high school students. Come on, lets stop denying the obvious and focus on fixing a sick, cruel system failing kids whose only chance is education.