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Download The Spunky Coconut Cookbook, Second Edition: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free epub

by Kelly V. Brozyna

From the hostess of the delightful cooking blog comes a book featuring 118 of her most popular gluten-free, casein-free, and sugar-free recipes, including 50 color photos. In this second edition Kelly V. Brozyna bakes with flour blends of coconut, almond, tapioca, and brown rice. Casein, dairy's problematic protein, is avoided by using coconut milk, almond milk, cashew milk, coconut oil, and ghee. Throughout the book refined white sugar is replaced by natural sweeteners like stevia, honey, agave, and coconut sugar. No one with gluten/dairy/sugar sensitivities will feel deprived with The Spunky Coconut Cookbook.
Download The Spunky Coconut Cookbook, Second Edition: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free epub
ISBN: 098278113X
ISBN13: 978-0982781135
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Author: Kelly V. Brozyna
Language: English
Publisher: Apidae Press (July 20, 2011)
Pages: 154 pages
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I like quite a few of these recipes. But I do have a few comments. If you haven't used Kelly's recipes before, keep in mind she uses a high-powered blender (expensive) and also a dehydrator. I don't have either of these. So until I do, there are quite a few recipes I cannot use.

Secondly, she uses cashews a lot. She makes her own cashew milk - that's not really something I want to do. And, I don't find it in the stores already made. So, nix on these recipes.

Thirdly, Kelly has a tendency to get side-tracked in delivery of instructions for recipes. I advise reading the recipe over first, and follow the sequence of tasks. Her side-tracks are meant to be helpful, but I find them a little frustrating. For example, telling you her dehydrator broke - so the entire recipe is given for the oven with little hints of how you'd use a dehydrator along the way. But since hers is broken, she's not sure how long to keep it inside before it's done. Stuff like that....

All in all, I've learned a lot from her, and I enjoy her website very much. And - I am thinking I might splurge on a dehydrator!!

From what I've read, Kelly's cookbooks have been picked up by a publisher now (she published her own before). It's possible some of this kind of stuff will get straightened out in the future.
People who do the gluten/casein free diet for a reason and not just cause it's the it thing right now, my hats off to u because I am exhausted! My son now three has been on the diet for a year because he was diagnosed with autism. My world as I knew it came crumbling down - I took a few days to breakdown & then I got to work researching EVERYTHING! I came across the gfcf diet & Spunky Coconut she is my hero. When u first start u are intially shot down by friends and family that just don't understand why or mostly have a problem with change and thinking outside the bread box. Even with all of my son's improvement in eye contact, he learned to sign & he can read & spell words up to 6 letters, I still have freinds & family fight me on it. But my husband, son & I are all on the diet thanks to this cookbook that has shown me how to think outside the box. I know so much about seeds, nuts, beans and put them all in my desserts, breads & everyday food! What?! I know but its good & good for you. I have every cookbook of hers & am on her blog constantly. Because of Spunky Coconut I have learned so much & started making my own recipes without being scared. My son is the smartest & best behaved child in his autism class & for that I am thankful!
My little sister got the first edition of cookbook for me as a Christmas present last year when I discovered I had an allergy to gluten. It has been a lifesaver ever since then. The recipes are delicious and healthy, and the desserts in particular are so good! I love how Kelly emphasizes the use of unprocessed sugars such as honey and stevia, and uses whole grains such as Quinoa in her recipes. I thought going gluten-free meant I had to give up many things I loved, but thanks to this book, I've been able to feel more like a normal person. I have used this book so many times, and every time have been happy with the results : My favorite recipes are the chocolate chip bars (so, so good! Seriously, they are the best ever. My family and friends have nearly formed a fan-club for those bars), the sun-butter fudge, and the pumpkin muffins. I've also made the pumpkin pie following her roasting directions & crust with rave reviews. The chocolate almond butter brownies are to die for, as well as the chocolate almond milk ice cream you can add them to :) The desserts in this book are hearty and satisfying, and I like that I don't have to feel bad for indulging in them on occasion as the ingredients are all good for me : I have also made many of the recipes in this book for family and friends, and they all loved them, even those that weren't on gluten-free diets!
This is a great compilation of recipes for people with not only gluten but also dairy allergies. I have been looking for cookbooks that meet my dietary needs and have had to rule so many others out.

Kelly's cookbook has many wonderful recipes that are great tasting and easy to make. The cashew milk is delicious. I made the Vanilla Toffee cake so I could enjoy a treat for my nephew's birthday celebration. I do not feel left out any more. My husband says the Banana Chocolate Chip Ice Cream tastes like chocolate chip cookie dough. People without gluten or dairy issues love the recipes as well.
I had been following The Spunky Coconut's blogs. I finally decided to purchase her book and I am so thrilled I got it. I could not put the book down. I read it cover to cover in about an hour. I love the wonderful photos and the unique ingredients. I have tried about a dozen recipes-- mostly the baking section, muffins, fudge, cashew nut milk, broccoli casserole, and of course the coconut pancakes, mac and chesse, to name a few. The recipes are very easy to follow and I love how the book is all interwoven. When you make that cashew nut milk it is in so many recipes you just have to pick and choose which ones you will make right away. I have even purchased some new ingredients that I have not used before., I love the Sweet Leaf vanilla stevia that Kelly refers to. I love the chia seeds, and the coconut oil is so fun to cook with. I can't wait to buy her ice cream book next. All the best! Keshet Lavoux-- mama to two darling kids and one great husband!
I was familiar with the Spunky Coconut on line so decided to try the book...I like the variety of recipes but found most of them contained a grain or nut meal that I can't /allergic to eat. I knew some of this like I said from using some of the recipes that were on the web from Spunky Coconut and so got the book more for ideas than actual recipes. For that it is wonderful! and I can adapt as needed and the flavors are great in the end product. Overall I like the book but have only done a few recipes and then adapted as I said ...The instructions are adequate and the comment with the recipes are nice.
Love this book. Sorry it seems to have disappeared rather than being reprinted. I've recommended it frequently to others.