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by Karine Eliason

More than 1 million copies sold: the classic guide to 300 tasty, satisfying, make-ahead meals that save both time and money.
Download Make-a-mix epub
ISBN: 1555610730
ISBN13: 978-1555610739
Category: Cookbooks
Subcategory: Quick & Easy
Author: Karine Eliason
Language: English
Publisher: Running Press; Revised edition (July 4, 1995)
Pages: 336 pages
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Rating: 4.2
Votes: 810
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I've worn out a couple of the first set of 2 physical Make-a-Mix cookbooks. This is a combination of those and well worth purchasing.
This is the best premise out there for make ahead cookery. You don't make entire dishes, you make basic mixes. This means endless options depending on what's on sale, who you're cooking for, whim. You also get instructions in each Master Mix recipe for how to package and store them.
This book goes further than quick (biscuit) mix into things as All Purpose Ground Beef mix, Sweet Quick Bread mix, Snack Cake mix, All Purpose Cookie mix, Cubed Pork mix, Mexican Meat mix (not what you think and superb) to name just a few. It has salad dressing mixes, spice mixes-no need to buy expensive Sloppy Joe or Spaghetti Sauce seasoning mixes...there are so many.
Then there are the very adaptable recipes listed with each mix for easy reference. Most recipes have several variations following the basic recipe.
The beginning of the book has information on equipment, ingredients, methods and how to adapt for your taste.
The ONLY, and, admittedly upsetting, downside to the Kindle version of this book is it's absolutely terrible indexing. To find recipes you have to use the "go to" or "search" features. The index doesn't have page numbers for individual recipes, just names. It's still worth the purchase.
I have the physical and Kindle versions of this book and the physical version of the original Make-a-Mix and More Make-a-Mix cookbooks.
These are simply the best out there.
The idea of having a batch of "base" always on hand to which you can easily add a few ingredients sounds great, but it has some problems. On the one hand, you want the "base" to be versatile, but that often ends up meaning it is so simple that you have to add lots of other ingredients which defeats the aim of a quick and easy recipe. On the other hand, if the "base" is too specific there are not many variations. The book does not always strike the right balance. Then there is the storage problem. This isn't a big deal for the baking, but for the cooking "bases", which usually include meat, this requires a lot of freezer space.

In general, I was happier with the baking and there was a pecan muffin recipe that I really liked. The cooking recipes tend to be old-school with lots of cans involved. If you've got a deep freeze and you really like comfort food, you might get more out of the book than I did.
I grew up with my mother using the Make-A-Mix Cookery in the 70s and 80s. When I found a copy of that book years ago at a thrift store, I didn't hesitate and we've loved all the mixes in my own family. When I discovered this book, supposedly a compilation of the original Make-A-Mix Cookery and More Make-A-Mix Cookery, I was in love. I bought it, pulled it out to look up "Peach Blossom Dessert" one of my family's favorites to discover this cookbook doesn't have the Oatmeal Mix at all. With further comparisons (so grateful I hadn't gotten rid of my original immediately!), several recipes and at least one more mix we use regularly is missing from this 'compilation'. It does have some new recipes and mixes I look forward to trying and using, but I was hoping to save a bit of space on my crowded cookbook shelf and not just add another cookbook to my collection.
Good book. I liked a lot of the recipes from this book. I even bought a copy for my sister. As I prefer to make my own mixes, I thought this would be a great book to help stock my pantry. Not so much. Actually, very few "dry mixes" are in the book. Many of the recipes focused on freezer or refrigerator mixes. That is all well and good unless you don't have the space. Also, many of the recipes, I would alter somewhat, using a different mix than it calls for. Some of the recipes are basic "starter mixes". Brown up some ground beef, add seasonings, and freeze. Same goes for chicken & pork. Then, the book deviates from the mixes a bit. Recipes using only a little bit of the "mixes" are used. Buy a 5lb brisket, onions, and mushrooms and toss in a little of the "onion seasoning". Um, no. I prefer to cook brisket my way and that is NOT it. Many of these recipes call for very high calorie and high fat ingredients.

The book does give some good ideas for basic mixes. If you are experienced in cooking at all, you will find oodles and oodles of ways to improve the recipes.
Not what I was expecting or wanted. The book description is correct, but it didn't make sense until I had the book in hand. I wanted completed mixes. This is a book of mixes and separately of the things you can make from those mixes. You need a huge amount of freezer space to implement this and freshness will be lost. I wanted a book of complete mixes or mixes that only need the addition of liquids. Hope someone else will want this.