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by Dawn Hall

It's all about easy.

"Your life is probably as hectic as mine. You want to put together an entire meal for a king (or queen), but you don't have time. I promise you that with Busy People's slow cooker recipes you can do that in 15 to 20 minutes, dash out the door, and later dine deliciously. And it will look as if you have been slaving in the kitchen all day." ?Dawn Hall

Recipes are low in fat and high in flavor. Using pocket pouches is the secret to cooking an entire meal at once.Cakes and breads as well as stews and casseroles are easy to prepare.Slow cookers are great for summer a well as winter because they make cooking cooler and they are great for camping.

Includes recipes for:

Coconut Cream Oatmeal

Chicken Cobbler

Steak & Potato Cattlemen's Soup

Black Forest Upside-Down Cake

Taco Chowder

Hot Fudge Spoon Cake

Download Busy People's Slow-Cooker Cookbook epub
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Author: Dawn Hall
Language: English
Publisher: Rutledge Hill Pr (August 1, 2003)
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I'm not a chef....I'm not a culinary expert....but I do know how to eat....

After reading the other reviews, and after having purchased four of D. Hall's cookbooks...I'm actually using them, and making monthly calendars of dinners. It is a miracle.

My husband is diabetic and with my new eating plan, we are really enjoying these recipes. So far one of the many favorites we have, is "Meatloaf Dinner" pg. 152. We portion out that nights dinner, then the rest go in the freezer for another meal during the month. I had at one time in my life tried the "Once-a-Month" cooking (have that book also) and just couldn't do it....guess what? I can with these books. I know how to cook high I'm learning to cook no-to low-fat, 7 ingredients or less. These are not just cookbooks on my shelf they are lessons for healthier eating.

I'd actually had two of the cookbooks, years before, and barely cracked them open. But, now since the first of the year, I've been on an eating plan of no- to low-fat...and Dawn's recipes are it!

I like the Slow Cooker book very much and the 7 or less ingredients are absolutely for me. Her book, Down Home Cooking is just as wondeful. The library of her books that are now in my home will NOT be sold on eBay!!! A lot of my other cookbooks have been!

If you are a busy person or not, I'd encourage you to purchase these books as they are a great testimony for low-fat cooking and EATING, and a grand testimony of her faith in the LORD. And, who knows, this type of cooking may even get you to write your own cookbook! Dawn did it because of the great need in her life for the love of her husband....what a challenge! What a testimony....thank you Dawn.
I bought this book looking for a quick and easy crock pot cookbook. And it is! All of the ingredients are very easy to find at your local supermarket. The recipes have virtually no prep time because a lot of the ingredients are pre-packaged, pre-cut, etc. So, if you enjoy "true" cooking, i.e. preparation and "from scratch" ingredients, this may not be the book for you. It is the book for busy people who want to enjoy the smells and flavors that a crock pot dish can create. I've tried several recipes in this book and have been satisfied with about half. Some are excellent (Beef Roast Excellente and Chunky Chili come to mind) and some are not good. The "not goods" don't taste bad, per se, but they are very bland (Chicken and Dumpling Casserole). Perhaps they could be made better with some experiments with different spices. Being a beginning chef, I did find this book pretty useful.
used for a bit and then after that don't really use it
I like it
This is an amazing cookbook. It was a gift several years ago and sat in my cookbook cabinet without ever being opened. Now that I'm retired I decided to try some new meal choices. Cracked out several unused cookbooks and wow, this cookbook is my favorite. We have not had any meal that weren't terrific. It's hard to decide what is my favorite. AND, you can make cakes in you crockpot. How cool is that. I bought 4 copies so I can give as gifts. Ordered personalized aprons from another site and "viola!" instant perfect gift. Several other people commented that the ingredients were similar on several recipes, and that cream of mushroom soup was used too much. Well, a real "cook" knows how to substitute other ingredients. I have made some changes to the receipts I've made and the outcome was still wonderful. The only negative thing I can say is about the company I bought the book took almost a month to be delivered and the tracking number they provided was useless. Be careful to check how the book will be shipped to you. Slow snail mail through Richmond California is to be avoided at any cost. Richmond USPS is the blackhole of the postal system.
This book does live up to its name. If you are truly busy and want recipes that you can just throw into your slow-cooker, this cookbook does provide that. After my daughter was born, I wanted main dish recipes that would allow me to spend a minimum of time in the kitchen but still have something good for dinner.

I ordered this book but was surprised by some of the ingredients. While most of the recipes are quite low in fat, they're not very healthy, at least not by my standards. Several recipes call for "fat-free non-dairy refrigerated creamer" as a thickener. The very idea of putting non-dairy creamer into a main dish repulsed me. Condensed soups, the juice from a pickle jar, and bottled salad dressings are other ingredients used for flavor. The recipe using pickle juice was also just too much for me! I passed that one up.

The author seemed to work hard to make recipes that were low in fat but ended up with a lot of processed ingredients. Personally, I'd rather have more natural ingredients, even if they add some fat. Some of the recipes didn't taste homemade--they tasted like they came from a box--hamburger helper style--because of all the processed ingredients. I was really disappointed to serve a home-cooked meal that tasted like it came out of a box. Some recipes weren't really recipes, in my opinion. Chicken cooked in salad dressing, pork cooked in bottled BBQ sauce--you get the idea. If you're new to cooking, however, these ideas may be new to you and you may find them helpful. The author also has a fabulous way to cook vegetables at the same time as your main dish--so you can truly have your whole meal finished in the slow cooker.

I give the book 4 stars because it lives up to its name--it is great for busy people--and it doesn't claim to be healthy. If you don't mind processed ingredients, you may love this book. If you want more of a natural, whole-foods approach, this isn't the book for you.
Love this book, I have a copy of this cookbook already, I am relocating and wanted another copy at my new house, not a bad recipe in the book.
LOVE this book! Full of healthy, yummy recipes!! If you love to use your slowcooker/crock pot, buy this book!!!