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Download The Voluptuous Vegan: More Than 200 Sinfully Delicious Recipes for Meatless, Eggless, and Dairy-Free Meals epub

by George Minot,Sheila Hamanaka,Myra Kornfeld

There are many great reasons to eat vegetarian meals --  they're low in saturated fat, high in fiber, and chock-full of nutrients. But the considerable health benefits aside, gourmets often scoff at the likes of seitan and tofu, while vegans despair of dull, uninspired offerings. Until now. In The Voluptuous Vegan, Myra Kornfeld introduces creative, mouthwatering, truly voluptuous recipes that inject this incredibly healthy cuisine with a much-needed dose of culinary mastery, including:* full, balanced menus with appetizer, main course, and side dishes * a luscious array of soups and an ingenious selection of desserts * invaluable information on terms, ingredients, and techniques* a culinary world tour including Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle Fast, as well as Europe and the United States
Download The Voluptuous Vegan: More Than 200 Sinfully Delicious Recipes for Meatless, Eggless, and Dairy-Free Meals epub
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Author: George Minot,Sheila Hamanaka,Myra Kornfeld
Language: English
Publisher: Clarkson Potter; First Edition (later printing) edition (October 24, 2000)
Pages: 320 pages
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As the title says, this is my go-to book for gourmet vegan meals, especially for entertaining. It never disappoints, but it is not an everyday cookbook either. I cannot stress that enough--this is not an everyday cookbook.

What I like:
This book clumps together most of the recipes into menus so flavors and textures blend well together and you have a cohesiveness that's pleasant to enjoy. The exceptions are soups and desserts.

Kornfeld does not have pages and pages of preaching to the choir about veganism, which seems to be in vogue nowadays (probably because she's not vegan, but it's appreciated here).

Menu recipes run the gamut to decently-easy gourmet to spending all day in the kitchen, which I enjoy on occasion. Gourmet meals do tend to be more labor intensive, so when I say decently-easy gourmet I mean you are still going to spend a likely couple of hours in the kitchen.

I can reach for this book for a dinner party and have the food be a hit every single time--the food is thoughtful and delicious.

If one wants to serve a soup with the menu meals, it's easy to pick out one that will work by the flavor profiles. And in the same vein, once you have figured out the flavor profiles of each recipe, it becomes easier to mix and match to create your own meals.

Living in an area with mostly carnivores and being frequent entertainers, my husband and I can say this food is pleasing to even the most staunch meat-and-potato eater.

Kornfeld makes suggestions at the beginning of each menu on the plan to get the meal cooked (timing is a most crucial, and often overlooked, in having the food turn out properly) and presented in a beautiful manner.

What I don't like:
The Table of Contents just gives a general outline, not specific recipe pages (i.e. Main-Course Menus are on page 51, but the courses don't have a page number listing). I know that I can always look in the index, but sometimes I have a brain-dead moment and can't remember exactly what I'm trying to look up whereas once I see the title I have the "aha" moment.

While I find the purpose of the book to be elevated (read: gourmet) vegan cuisine, I do wish for a few of the menus to have a more everyday cooking feel. I love the food in this book, but because of the intensive nature, I don't use it as often as I would like to.

***Worth noting:
What can be considered inconvenient to some is some ingredients might be hard for people to obtain outside ordering online. I'm lucky to live in a place with "ethnic" grocers so there is relatively few items I have had to purchase online, but I know that won't be the case for everyone so that's worth mentioning.

The serving sizes are mostly spot on, but I've found that some things are slightly off depending on how one likes their food. For example, the Millet-Sunflower Croquette menu has a side of roasted asparagus in which one pound, roasted, is supposed to serve six. I found one pound to be too little to serve six, but it could be because everyone really loved roasted asparagus. :)

Overall, I give this book 4 stars because the quality of the food is top notch. While there are a few issues I have with this book, overall it's a great guide to gourmet food, the vegan is just the cherry on top.
I bought this cookbook to help myself expand the variety of vegan foods I can prepare for meals. As a vegan, I find myself falling into a pattern of cooking the same foods week after week. It gets boring for myself and my family. This cookbook is the single best cure for my dinner time blues.

The cookbook is organized by meals. Each meal contains multiple courses and the respective recipes for each course. Mealtime has been transformed into a fun family activity! Not only do we get to sit down as a family and choose the meals we'd like for the next week, but we also get to spend time cooking together! With multiple recipes per meal, my family can divide the recipes up and each participate in an otherwise mundane evening activity.

My top pick out of the cookbook is the Apple Crisp recipe. I have prepared this for multiple potlucks and gatherings. Each time the praise is overwhelming. Vegans and non-vegans alike will love the recipes without ever noticing the absence of meat, dairy, and eggs.
I am writing this because of the person who said the recipes were bland -- i couldn't believe it! So far I am not only impressed with this book, but genuinely thrilled to have found a really gourmet cookbook for balanced, healthy vegan meals. If I'm having people over they don't even notice there's no meat. It's so elegant, and the ingredients come from across the globe (you do have to carry a lot of groceries for some of them!). The issue I think someone would have is, one must have access to good health food and specialty stores and special produce. You have to have a food processor, blender, spice grinder etc. and the recipes have many elements so it takes a while to complete. But the results for me, so far, are wonderful. I wonder if the person who found it bland was using old spices and substituting ingredients? I am a trained chef, and I think the recipes are somewhat complicated, so can imagine that the average cook might find some of them time-consuming to reproduce adequately. If that is the case, my advice is, make sure you've got the necessary equipment, get fresh organic produce, grind your own spices (or use brand-new ones) and leave yourself an entire afternoon to do it right.
Still In Mind
Most people can't picture a vegan or vegetarian meal in their minds, isn't that the number 1 question that we get, "what do you eat?". Even for the most seasoned of us, it can be hard trying to pull together something new and exciting.

I love this cookbook because instead of simply, "soup" or "side dish", she gives you a complete menu. This takes the hard work out of what tastes great together. Also, she's a restaurant chef, so you know you're getting the best tasting meals. Usually when I flip through a cookbook, I go past most meals listed and only find a few that I'm even willing to try, but I think I'll try everything listed!

A note though, these aren't your 20 minute prep meals. Be prepared to invest a little time in a great sunday dinner, if you're willing.
This book is fantastic, and Myra is a leader. First of all, the recipes are organized in menus. I don't think I've ever cooked all the dishes in a given cluster at the same time, but it gets you thinking about what else to make. Plus, she's been an influence on many other chefs - among them Bryant Terry and Colleen Guillebeau. You can't go wrong with the recipes- they're well tested and tasty. My husband loved the Moussaka, and he hates eggplant. And the tempeh. What's most noticeable about the recipes are that they're tasty. Omnivore worthy. This is not my weeknight go to book because the recipes are multi step and require prep. For weekend dinner parties, it's amazing.