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Download The Olives Table: Over 160 Recipes from the Critically Acclaimed Restaurant and Home Kitchen of Todd English epub

by Carl Tremblay,Todd English

In The Olives Table, the artistry of one of America's top chefs is on display, with more than 160 dazzling recipes from Olives and from Todd's home kitchen, illustrated with beautiful photographs by Carl Tremblay.In 1989, Todd English and his wife Olivia opened the original Olives; since then the restaurant has moved to larger quarters, and Todd and his bold, inventive Mediterranean-inspired cooking have earned an international reputation. Voted one of the Top Ten Restaurants by Esquire magazine and the Best New Restaurant by Boston magazine, it has also been voted Favorite Restaurant in the Zagat Guide to Boston and Vicinity. Todd's robust, intensely flavored food begs to be savored and shared with others. And since the complexity of English's cooking comes from the layering of tastes and textures—not exotic equipment or techniques—by following the careful, step-by-step instructions, even the timid cook can recreate the dishes that the patrons of English's hugely popular Boston restaurant enjoy at the Olives table. Pull out the stops and begin a meal with Todd's signature Olives Tart, baked in a crisp crust and rich with olives and creamy goat cheese, pair Gingered Slow-Braised Lamb Shanks with Apple-Fennel Mashed Potatoes for your main course, and finish with Falling Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Sauce. Or for a lighter repast, try Pan-Fried Cornmeal-and-Cumin-Rubbed Cornish Game Hens served with Arugula Salad with Tomato and Cucumber Juice; finish with Mango-Raspberry Granita. Plan a simple but deeply satisfying supper of Roasted Clams with Chicken, Tomatoes, Artichokes, and Bacon served with roasted new potatoes and end with Gingersnap Risotto Pudding. Whatever meal you decide to create from these recipes, you won't be disappointed.
Download The Olives Table: Over 160 Recipes from the Critically Acclaimed Restaurant and Home Kitchen of Todd English epub
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Wonderful Recipes
Zeus Wooden
Love it.
One of my all-time favorite cookbooks! Try the asparagus soup with feta cheese. It is more asparagus-flavored than asparagus is. Try the fool-proof and incredibly simple individual falling chocolate cakes. They are simultaneously gooey and luxurious. His olive paste is simple and wonderful, standing on its own as well as integrating beautifully into the Olive's tart. His recipe for simple Roast chicken stuffed with garlic and rosemary is one of the best I've found.
A few of his detractors have complained of missing ingredients and even untested recipes. While I have heard of these things happening, I have yet to experience this first hand.
Kind of hard recipes, not for the novice!!
the name says it all Todd English is an excellent chef and he shares his secrets
Todds recipes are awesome, but I really wish this book had at least some pictures of the finished product. Pictures seem to help me get an idea if I have completed the recipe successfully.
`The Olives Table' by the dashingly handsome celebrity chef Todd English and professional culinary writer, Sally Sampson is in every way a typical celebrity chef / restaurant cookbook. It has good, interesting recipes, some insights into what makes a good professional chef, and a slant which distinguishes it from most other celebrity chef / restaurant cookbooks.

The special twist is obvious from the title of the book, as English really likes the cooking of the Mediterranean, especially the role olives plays in Mediterranean dishes. In fact, English agrees with virtually all other writers on this subject when he states that you simply cannot cook Mediterranean without olive oil. And, this means olives and olive oil in virtually all its different applications, from marinaded olive appetizers to aioli in place of mayonnaise and practically all other egg sauces.

The insight into professional cooking comes in the interview of English by Sally Sampson which opens the book. When asked to explain how chefs can keep up their interest and dedication through the long hours required by a high end restaurant, English says that (and I'm paraphrasing here) once a chef gets into the groove and the adrenalin kicks in, you get the kind of endomorphin rush which comes from long, hard exercize. And, if you don't put in the kind of effort needed to reach that experience at least some of the time, you will not succeed as a chef recognized for doing quality work.

One of the more important considerations in deciding whether to buy this book is the fact that while English has included a lot of recipes with his own special twists, there are also a lot of recipes here which simply are not too different from what you will find in other cookbooks which specialize in Mediterranean cuisine. The question is more difficult in that while this is a good book, it is not a major effort with an important extra dimension which makes it an important book for any foodie to own. Example of such books are `Bouchon' by Thomas Keller and Tony Bourdain's `Le Halle Cookbook'. Both are important because they offer a pretty complete picture of bistro / brasserie cooking from two very different perspectives. Keller adds his unique insights into brasserie cooking and Bourdain is about the most entertaining cooking writer this side of Alton Brown.

Since this is not a distinctively great restaurant cookbook and it does include a lot of typical recipes, although each with English's own little twist, do you still want to buy it. There are a few very good reasons to say yes. First, if you make a point of only buying restaurant cookbooks, you will have less overlap than if you also happen to own the classics of Mediterranean cooking by Paula Wolfert, Joyce Goldstein, Clifford Wright, Claudia Roden, and Nancy Harmon Jenkins. Also, if you happen to be simply nuts about olives, aioli, figs, and rice dishes, then you will find much to enthrall you in this book.

The recipes include the usual entertaining headnotes regarding ingredients, recipe inspiration, and notes about preparation. I am really both surprised and pleased by the fact that English cites canned artichokes as an ingredient in almost all his artichoke dishes. On the other hand, I was just a little disappointed by the fact that the tart crust recipe printed in the book was NOT the same as the much more complicated recipe he does at the restaurant. Well, if I wanted this dumbed down, I would go to any one of a half dozen books I have for a simple pastry recipe. I buy books by accomplished chefs to see exactly how they do things.

I have a suspicion that there are a few instructions in a few recipes where some small detail about the cooking method is being assumed and therefore is left out. My best example is where we are instructed to `pan grill' squid rings by placing them on a hot pan with no oil and leave them cook for 2 to 3 minutes. While the recipe does specify a cast iron pan which one may or may not know will be seasoned to a non-stick finish, this is not universally known, and it is easy for someone to substitute a pain aluminum or steel coated pan. Another question raised by this instruction is the heating for more than a minute. Conventional wisdom on squid is that it is cooked for a minute or an hour, never in between. Three minutes is three times this lower time. So, although I'm sure the Olives chefs make this to perfection, there seems to be too much room for something to go wrong. Something, I suspect, will either stick or be entirely too tough.

Since this book has very good recipes where even the standards such as paella, mashed potatoes, and roasted chicken all are done with enough difference from the standard that you will not feel cheated, I recommend this to any good amateur cook who likes famous restaurant cookbooks.