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by Mike Lininger

Wine 101: The Best Wine Book for Beginners

What is the secret to learning about wine? Buy a straightforward reference, use it, and go to a restaurant to apply your newly acquired knowledge. Organized in six easy, enjoyable lessons, the Food Scholar Wine Selection & Etiquette CD includes all the practical information you need, including information on wine terms, pairing wine with food, tasting, and ordering wine in a restaurant. Filled with information on wine making, grape varieties, and regions, the Food Scholar Wine Selection & Etiquette CD is the ultimate reference tool for anyone eager to learn more about wine. It is simply the best wine reference available for beginners.

What makes this reference special? It quickly and effectively teaches you how to select and order wines. It does not waste your time with flowery descriptions or irrelevant musings.

Why an audio book? Convenience and practical learning. In audio format you benefit from an exceptional narrator teaching you how to correctly pronounce grape varieties and important wine terms. The lessons are easily listened to on a CD or MP3 player at the gym, on the plane, or in the car.

The Food Scholar Wine Selection & Etiquette lesson includes the following units:

Unit One: The Basics (including basic wine descriptions and characteristics, a brief introduction to winemaking, and the basics of red, white, rosé, sparkling, and fortified wines)

Unit Two: Grapes and Regions (including basic guides to the most commonly encountered white wine and red wine grapes)

Unit Three: Wine Tasting (including proper glassware, the tasting process, and detecting wine flaws)

Unit Four: Food and Wine Pairings (covering perfect pairings for various types of foods, as well as foods to avoid when drinking wine)

Unit Five: Enjoying Wine in Restaurants (including wine lists and prices, selecting wine, interacting with the sommelier, and general wine etiquette)

Unit Six: Sparkling and Fortified Wines (covering sparkling wines, port, and sherry)

Download Essential Etiquette Fundamentals, Vol. 2: Wine Selection & Etiquette epub
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Author: Mike Lininger
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Publisher: Yellowstone Publishing (October 31, 2007)
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Although drinking good wine isn't difficult, learning about wine can be. Once on a winery tour a vintner explained that there are 15,000 different choices that can be made from grape to bottle. Sometimes picking out a wine can seem daunting. Food Scholar's Wine Selection & Etiquette does a superior job of teaching those of us who would like to learn more without the information being overkill.

While there are more comprehensive books out there on Wine, I really like this book because it excels at being written for the average person. The book is divided into logical sections. I also like that the effect of climates in a region on the grape are covered. This is an easy way to tell what kind of wine you are getting just by looking at where the grape was grown.

This book will enhance your knowledge as well as your ability to pick out wines that you and your guests may enjoy. I would highly recommend this book to those who want to learn about wine, as this book does an excellent job of giving a basic education about many of the wines of the world.
The last book on CD my wife and I bought was average at best: mens' voices for female characters, etc. And what's the alternative on the radio? Pop music or Howard Stern? I spend twenty percent of my waking life in my car. I might as well spend it wisely. The Food Scholar is easy listening and presented in a way that makes the information easy to learn and remember. And the next time you go out to a nice restaurant, some Myles from Sideways type guy won't make you feel like an idiot.
Very clear and professional. I was impressed with the knowledge of the Food Scholar and how easy it was to remember the main points. I have listened to the CD multiple times. Each time I add to what I learned the prior time. I think it would make a great gift for college students. But, personally, I just enjoyed learning all the details about wine etiquette and the factors in selecting the best wine for the situaiton. Enjoy!
Rolling Flipper
I purchased this CD last year and have listened to it many times. I just bought another one and the Food Scholar Dining Etiqutte CD Dining Etiquette (Food Scholar Series Volume I)for my nephew who is a senior in college and will be interviewing for jobs soon. These are great tapes for anyone who finds themselves dining with work superiors or clients - times when making your best impression is most important.
This CD provides invaluable information on the main varieties of wine and walks one through the proper etiquette of ordering wine for a group in a restaurant. Also includes helpful wine tasting and food pairing tips and information on specialty wines like ports. A wonderful resource for those who want or need to learn quickly about wine!
These CDs are a must have for every busy professional or recent college graduate. Whether you're interested in getting a solid background on the key rules of dining etiquette etiquette and wine selection or just a refresher on the must-have rules on the way to the restaurant, these CDs are for you.