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Download Read Or The Owl Will Eat You (El Goonish Shive) epub

by Dan Shive

Download Read Or The Owl Will Eat You (El Goonish Shive) epub
ISBN: 1932775102
ISBN13: 978-1932775105
Category: Comics
Subcategory: Manga
Author: Dan Shive
Language: English
Publisher: Keenspot Entertainment (September 30, 2005)
Pages: 190 pages
ePUB size: 1673 kb
FB2 size: 1387 kb
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 429
Other Formats: rtf docx doc mobi

felt boot
A rare find, not much different then what is available online with just a few extras. If you can find a copy for under $30 it is definitely worth it but given how short this volume is, it isn’t worth paying the hundred some dollar price tag that stands as I’m writing this review. The way things are looking, it seems Dan Shive isn’t going to do any further prints of El Goonish Shive which is a real shame. The first 5 or so years of this comic were masterfully done.

I can’t say much beyond that as the story starts to take a back seat to somewhat uncalled-for rants that begin occurring and an ever-slowing pace that seems to come to a boil during a never ending card tournament. I loved that the story always had a message of accepting people as they are but when your characters start aggressively yelling it at the audience and the story starts taking a back seat, I lose interest.

Volume 1 and 2 are great reads. I bought them some years ago for around $25 each and ever since the price has slowly increased. If you feel you absolutely need a physical copy, try ebay first. Failing that, keep in mind that the price won’t be going down unless the unlikely happens and they go back into print.
I have been reading EGS since 2003, it is absolutely my favorite webcomic, and with a few exceptions, the only one I have read since then, and the only one I can't help but check even when too busy to be into a bunch of webcomics. Please, don't be turned off by the first comics, (he drew like a newt), before long the art gets a bit better, and you won't care anyway, because the story, after it gets it's feet off the ground, is amazingly intrigueing(sp?). By the end of this volume the art is...better, and by the end of the second it is much better. (Though you must suffer through the horror of the thick lined phase). After that (which by the way there has yet to be a volume 3, dammit), the art only goes uphill, until we hit where we are today, and Dan has become an amazing cartoonist, and realist in terms of body mechanics, and spacial consistancy as well! READ READ READ OR THE OWL WILL EAT YOU!

As far as the books go, they are pretty much fantastic. Only gripe is that comics that were originally in color are now monochrome, though a he points out, Dan worked his butt off to make adjustments for better viewing pleasure (though Sarah's blonde hair looks light gray in formerly colored comics in contrast to being left white in comics never colored) Also, the binding isn't great, so take care of your books. My second volume has some very loose pages, but the first is kind of better.

Now, PLEASE DAN!!! RELEASE MORE VOLUMES!!! AND SCREW WOWIO, I WANT THE REAL THING, EVEN IF IT HAS TO BE IN BLACK AND WHITE. Though, hopefully you'll spring for colored glossy paper on normal dementioned paper once you get to August 07, and especially dec 07.
Fantastic book. I love supporting the author so that he can write more books!
El Goonish Shive (EGS) is a tough comic to classify. It has aliens, government conspiracies, mad scientists and parallel dimensions, but it isn't exactly Sci-Fi. It has martial artists with a taste for drama and special "trademark moves" that can do the impossible, but it isn't a kung-fu action series. It has even shapeshifters, magic users, and faerie-like immortals, but it isn't really Fantasy, either ... at least not in any traditional sense.

At its heart, EGS is the story of a group of teenagers caught up in the middle of a bizarre set of circumstances. These characters face all the normal trials of growing up -- overbearing school officials, relationship troubles, unrequited love, struggles with sexual identity -- as well as some very abnormal ones, like self-proclaimed demigods and evil twins bent on world domination. Along the way they grow and change, both in themselves and in their relationships with each other.

The bulk of this book reprints comics from the first eight months of EGS. By Dan's own admission, his artistic skills were pretty crude when he started, and while he improved markedly even over this brief interval, none of these reprinted comics match the clean, attractive style of EGS today (which can be seen in the short bonus story at the end of the book). Dan's strong talents for plot, humor and characterization, however, are clearly in evidence even at this early stage, and the events of this book built an important foundation for following the later stories.

At $9.95 for more than 200 comics, this book is a bargain -- it's well worth the price for the portability and convenience of having the comics in book format. Dedicated "bunnies" (Dan's name for EGS fans) will also appreciate the 4-page bonus story, as well as Dan's commentary on some of the early comics.

I recommend EGS to anyone who enjoys character-driven stories with a touch of the fantastic. Whether you're a fan of sci-fi, fantasy, chop-socky action or teenage drama, you'll find something to love in the pages of El Goonish Shive.
I've been reading El Goonish Shive online for over three years, so I feel safe in calling myself a bunny, the official name for EGS fans. Dan Shive is an incredibly talented artist and writer, with carefully constructed comics, detailed and in depth plots, and a wonderful sense of humor. Dan is especially talented in creating real life concerns and situations and fully developed characters in a world where science class experiments come to life and people regularly switch gender or species.

The comic translates well to book form- the complex stories and on-going jokes seem to work better when the comics are side-by-side. Anyone who loves El Goonish Shive would be happy to have this book on their shelves, and anyone who is new to Dan Shive's world will soon be proud to call themselves a bunny.